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6 Month Birthday Photo Ideas & Tips

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Before planning anything, think about how much the baby can handle the pressure of constantly changing poses.

Just know that a baby can’t stand in the same few positions for too long, so you can take the perfect shot.

Ask yourself, what do I want to see in my baby’s facial expressions? Create a concept that will best suit your baby’s personality.

Think about the outfit that you want your baby to shine in. Pick a special or matching parent-child outfit or regarding a planned concept.

Here I will bring some ideas on how to make your child appear more adorable. Eliciting the cutest reaction out of your baby is going to be worth it in the end.

Ideas for Capturing the 6 Months Old Birthday Baby Photos

Indoor Photo Shooting

6-month old babies will be more comfortable and safe with indoor photo shootings rather than getting surrounded by many strangers. In the worst-case scenario, they can start crying and the whole photo shooting session can be easily ruined.

You can capture the perfect shots just by helping the photographer decorate the background. Alternatively, you can leave it to the staff crew to do it, or you can do it yourself.

Outdoor Photo Shooting

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Outdoor photo shooting will always be my first choice. There are many reasons for that. First of all, is the natural lighting, the picture depends on good lighting. However, take care if the weather is not playing along, so your little one won’t catch a cold.

Another reason why outdoor shootings are preferable is that post-editing is not required so much. If you suck at editing and don’t want to pay a photographer, you can take amazing pictures in your backyard.

You can catch a golden hour shooting to make your shooting absolutely stunning.

Pick a Concept for Photo Shooting

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The concept is the key that opens the door through a kid’s heart. Picking their favorite cartoon character as a concept will be the most adorable decision for your 6-month-old baby.

Spicing up the background by turning the environment into the place where the fictional characters live, or some specific object they use in the cartoon. These photos will turn out to be your baby’s unforgettable birthday shooting.

There are lots of cute fictional characters to create a concept about, for example, Bugs Bunny, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, Wile E. Coyote, She-Ra, Moana, and so many more.

Photo Shoot with DIY Decoration

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for decoration when you can do it yourself. Watch some videos on the internet, or try to figure out how it is done through a picture.

If you want to be extra I mean go for it, but you can use autofocus in the shooting and everything will go blurry. I assume the baby is the focus, not the background.

If you want to save up, try decorating the background on your own or ask for help from friends or family members.

Picking a Piece of Clothing

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Fictional Characters

Picking clothes is the most challenging part of the photo shooting session. A piece of clothing will determine the adorableness of your baby.

Dressing like a fictional cartoon character that she loves to watch will make a great memory for her entire life. Plus, maybe your grandkids can manifest the same chosen character where you can compare who did it better.

Naked Photo Shooting

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Another option to consider is taking naked photos. However, try hiding the private parts by putting your angel into different positions. Believe me, it will be easier, just try to make it as quick as possible, so no coughing or sore throat afterward.

Adding Accessories

The cutest part that makes babies adorable is their accessories. Doesn’t matter where they place it, the look always shines through.

The head is the most preferable place for parents to put accessories on. You can put some flowers, jewelry or headbands if it’s a girl. For boys, you can use hats, cowboy hats, ties, bow ties, scarves, or watches.

Buying toys and including them in the picture will definitely help to complete the aesthetic part of the photoshoot. You can even buy a cartoon version of your baby’s most-watched cartoon character.

Photograph with Older Siblings

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Kids are in love with their older siblings. If your angel has one or many, feel free to join them. Do this to create more memorable times, so you can go back and remember how fast the days are gone.

Babies can sometimes feel more comfortable while shooting together with their siblings instead of their parents. Adding quotes in the description will inspire great affection.

Photograph with Parents

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Going on a photoshoot with your significant one and angels is a great feeling. Family photos are never going out of date, on contrary, they become more and more popular these times.

Sometimes things cannot go as planned and the baby starts crying, that is where the parents, especially moms come in.

You can dress according to the dress code (same as your baby) and join the photoshoot. 

Tips for a 6 Months Old Birthday Baby Photos

Don’t Capture Food and Sweets in the Shot

On many birthdays, parents prepare food and sweets but most importantly cake. You can make a cake for photo shooting, but the entire table? Come on, it’s going out of style nowadays. Focusing on the food and sweets can be another photo shooting session.

However, if you insist on it, get the perfect lens for food photography and shoot the perfect images!

Be Aware of the Weather

You don’t want your little one to catch a cold during shooting, especially if you planned outdoor shooting. Check the weather from a week before.

Write On The Photos

Writing the date, or other important things from that day directly on the photo will give you that nostalgic feeling when you take a look at the photos in 10 years. I recommend you read our article on the best pens for writing on photos and grab yourself a few of them!

Keep It Shorter

Don’t exhaust the baby to catch the shot on your mind. The baby needs to rest, not be put into 7 positions for 15 minutes. Keep the shooting shorter because nobody sees a baby and goes like ” This baby looks awful”. Every baby is charming.

Final Thoughts

Photo shooting is the best way to create memories with your kids because those memories never die.

Ensure there is natural lighting or good studio lighting if you are photo shooting yourself. The clothes and concept you are choosing also will highly affect how the pictures will come out.

Besides, the older siblings and parents can join the photoshoot by going along well with the chosen dress code.