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Akaso V50 Pro vs Akaso V50 Elite: Which Is Better?


Action lovers, buckle because I’m coming at you at full speed with Akaso V50 Pro vs Akaso V50 Elite.

Do you think making your memories of superior quality? Then owning an action camera is a must on this occasion. Please eliminate the thought of using your smartphone, not only the quality can’t even come close to these two action cameras, but you will lose or tear the phone apart.

Capture every moment without missing a single detail and take stunning pictures while doing sports.

Action cameras like Akaso V50 Pro vs Akaso V50 Elite are widely used for water sports like surfing, swimming, kayaking, wakeboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, flyboarding, freediving, jet surfing and so many more.

Action cameras aren’t limited, you can use them while driving any type of vehicle motorbikes, cars, bikes as well as air sports like paragliding, parachuting, and sky diving.

Since both Akaso V50 Pro vs Akaso V50 Elite is alike, let’s pick between these 2 much alike camera action models.

AKASO V50 Pro & AKASO V50 Elite: Which One is Better?

At the end of the review, the winner ladies and gentlemen is the AKASO V50 ELITE action camera. Let’s elaborate on both of them in detail.

AKASO V50 Pro is better at: 

  • The delay timer in V50 ELITE is way higher at 20s max while this number in PRO is 5s max. 
  • The colors are way more natural in AKASO V50 Pro than in the Elite version. Elite shows very saturated colors especially in green.
  • The microphone in V50 PRO shows clearer and crisp sounds, while you can’t achieve that in V50 ELITE.



AKASO V50 Elite is better at:

AKASO V50 Elite

  • You cannot zoom in the AKASO V50 Pro and in the V50 Elite you can (8x digital zoom).
  • There is no night mode in AKASO V50 Pro, but there is in the Elite version.
  • AKASO V50 Pro is NOT Apple compatible, whereas Elite has an app for IOS and Android for file transferring.
  • AKASO V50 Pro has 4K at 30fps while Elite also has 4K at 60fps which doubles the data underlying and better slow-motion quality.
  • You won’t have a problem with SD card capacity because you have the double capacity option at 128GB in the Elite.
  • AKASO V50 Pro doesn’t support the RAW file format, only JPEG.



Table of Comparison: Differences/Similarities

The Key Specifications AKASO V50 Elite AKASO V50 Pro
Video Resolution & Frame Rate 4K /60 fps,       1080p/120 fps, 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps,
Video Quality  Saturated Natural
Photo Resolution 20 MP 20 MP
Zoom  8x digital zoom X
Memory 128GB 64GB
Night Mode X
Video/Time Lapse
File Format RAW & JPEG JPEG
Operation Delay 3/20s 2/5s
Waterproof 40m/131ft 30m/ 100ft
Video Codec H.265 H.265
Adjustable View Angle
Remote ✓ Waterproof ✓ Not Waterproof
Voice control X


AKASO V50 Pro vs AKASO V50 Elite

AKASO V50 Pro 1

Design & Build Quality

AKASO V50 Pro was released earlier and then a couple of months later AKASO V50 Elite was represented.

The external surface goes through some slight differences. The brand tried to employ approximately the same structure and spice it up a little bit with the newer version Elite.

AKASO V50 Pro has a minimalist and simple construction from the outside. The action camera weighs ‎2.9 oz and as for the dimensions, the Pro measures ‎2.36 x 0.94 x 1.57 inches covered in gray color.

The shape of the V50 Pro is way more rounded in the corners and only the brand logo is printed

AKASO V50 Elite also has a minimalist design fully covered in gray, but the look is slightly different. It is lighter than V50 Pro weighing only ‎1.27 pounds. The camera’s dimensions are approximately the same at ‎2.36 x 1.57 x 1.18 inches.

V50 Elite is different from V50 Pro and has sharper edges. Plus, there is a circular red line across the camera with an on/off button, and 4K resolution printed on the front.

Frame Rate

fps1 1

AKASO V50 Pro contains MOV video format with the impressive video quality. Pro action camera shoots at 4K resolution at 30fps creating pure clearness to help you catch the fast-paced action.

AKASO V50 Elite employs the same 4K resolution but this time the frame rate is 60. The double the frame is, the twice the data capturing can be taken.

Video Quality

The video quality is a surprising fact about these two cameras. As a normal person, you would think the newer model to be way better than the old one, right? 

Actually, this is the reason why many brands release better products every year. This time AKASO V50 Elite breaks the rule, and even though is released later, it has lower video quality.

The colors in the Elite version are way more saturated, specifically the green color. If you’re taking a video in green grass, it’s going to be way distracting for the audience. 

The Pro version has a way more natural color that doesn’t blind your eyes.

Related Questions

Did the Brand Use Anti-Damage Glass?

Unfortunately, neither of these action cameras has damage-resistant glass. Be more careful.

Do AKASO V50 Pro and AKASO V50 Elite Action Cameras Have Dedicated Bike Mount?

YES, Akaso V50 Elite has, and the answer for Pro is a NO.

What is the Maximum Working Temperature?

Both AKASO V50 Pro and AKASO V50 Elite work at 23°F/113°F (-5°C/45°C) temperature.

Final Thoughts

These 2 action cameras are doing an amazing job by taking fast-paced actions and both of them are great cameras for skateboarding. If you get to choose from, go with the Elite version. It contains way more features and capacity. If you want the colors to appear more natural, go with the Pro version.

It is an interesting fact that video quality and colors in Pro seem better than in Elite, even though Elite was released a couple of months later.

Pro lacks some needed features like zoom, night mode, voice control, and adding more capacity options. If you value these features, then you may want to avoid V50 Pro. If you plan to use video shooting under the water, V50 Elite is your first choice camera

Hope this comparison article helped you pick between AKASO V50 Pro and AKASO V50 Elite.