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The Best 3D Cameras Of 2022 (Buying Guide)

best 3d cameras

3D cameras are enormously increasing their popularity nowadays, and this is pushing every brand to more mass production. I mean I can’t blame them since every detail in the picture looks deep and almost real to the human eyesight.

The 3D cameras aim to make it possible to see the depth of the picture, and then replicate it in three dimensions. In the human eye, 3D is another dimension that creates a binocular effect on sight.

The best part above all is 3D cameras’ usage. Every individual can use it for different purposes. Feel free to use 3D cameras either for business or simply just for fun. The beginners in filmmaking will fall for it, as well as architects, and designers, so basically the vast majority of people will get the needed work done.

Assumedly 3D will surpass the two dimensional and will become a major part of the technology in a long run.

Let’s not waste any more time and see which are the best 3d cameras you can get your hands on.

Best Compact 
Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Camera
Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Camera
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Best For Live Streaming
Vuze XR Camera
Vuze XR Camera
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Best For Content Creators
KanDao QooCam 4K
KanDao QooCam 4K
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Best Budget
Lenovo Mirage Camera
Lenovo Mirage Camera
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Best Overall
Matterport Pro2
Matterport Pro2
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Introducing The Top 5 Best 3D Cameras


5. Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Camera– Best Compact 

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Camera

Fujifilm FinePix camera Real 3D W3 comes in slim jet black color. It has a sleek and textured overall design. The compactness and comfortable grip is followed by a 3.5 inches LCD screen. The slim fixed screen shows 3D vision without requiring any type of glasses.

Fujifilm FinePix camera Real 3D W3 has two lens sets. It included the Parallax feature which represents an effect in the photography world. That means the picture in the viewfinder is not going to look the same as you see through the lens.

Fujifilm FinePix camera Real 3D W3 supports MP and AVI format for 3D image and video recording. The camera can simultaneously record images in both MP format (3D) and JPEG (2D).

The 10 MP camera captures really good and clear pictures with good image quality. When you set the FinePix 3D camera in Luminosity Mode, the taken pictures look brighter and deeper by reproducing amazing 3D visuals.

Considering its price, this 3d camera does not have image stabilization capabilities. If you have shaky hands, then a 3d camera with image stabilization is a must.

Fujifilm FinePix camera Real 3D W3 has many shooting modes like program, scene, aperture priority, automatic as well as many white balanced settings. New REAL PHOTO Processor 3DHD technology joins together the left and right images into a single image.

If binge-watching is your thing to go, then the Fujifilm FinePix camera Real 3D W3 can be connected to a TV with an HDMI cable. This will help you watch your videos and share them with your beloved ones.

As for the video part, the Fujifilm FinePix camera record HD 3D movies at 720 pixels video resolution. It may not be super high quality, but thankfully the colors are vivid and enough detailed.

The battery life in the Fujifilm FinePix camera is rated at about 150 shots according to CIPA. If you are looking at this 3D camera more for videography, then it is not made for you.

4. Vuze XR Camera- Best For Live Streaming

Vuze XR Camera

At a first sight, you can liken the Vuze XR to a mini robot because of the looks. It is made of a clear polycarbonate material where it protects itself from scratches and makes it durable underwater.

Vuze XR is an extremely lightweight 3D camera that weighs only half a pound. While using this camera, your arm won’t strain after a long time of holding.

The Vuze XR 3D camera enables your videos not only to be watched but also to be lived with it. Live streaming and sharing in this 3D camera is super quick. If you want to grow or attract the attention of your audience, you can straight away share the video on social media like Facebook and YouTube via a mobile app.

The Vuze XR has a 360° camera view and the VR with a 180° view, will push you to explore more and more because the bigger the vision is, the better the story becomes.

Super high-quality camera catches 5.7K at 30 fps. If you want to drop to 4K, this 3D camera captures 60 frames per second. The video recording is also a great experience in MP4 with H.264 encoder to intensify and increase the image quality.

Amazing video quality is not the only strong point of this camera. It’s also capable of shooting very high quality images. Image quality is a strong point of this camera, and Vuze definitely did the best it could in this field.

To shoot with full confidence, you better use the dedicated in-App for stabilizing the video and preventing blur or shaking while shooting.

Vuze XR uses an 18 MP camera for picture taking and gives you the opportunity to post edit because you can control the camera with WI-FI. This allows you to reframe the video, add effects, and presets by using Directors Cut tools.

If you want to take the best underwater shot, the Vuze XR is made of poly-carbonate up to 100 feet in depth. So, in case you want to vlog or live stream in 3D under the water, you found the camera you are looking for.

The battery life in Vuze XR is mediocre and will last you about an hour.

3. KanDao QooCam 4K– Best For Content Creators

KanDao QooCam 4K

KanDao QooCam 3D camera has a full metal body with a sleek and intriguing design. The super-compact premium look allows you to use the camera with a single hand or place it in the helping equipment for a more stable view. You can either shoot in a selfie mode or in a landscape mode, it is up to your choice.

KanDao QooCam 4K is the best 3D camera for content creators for many reasons. First, the panorama view, second, the time-lapse features make your work easier to shoot action scenes. Shake-Free stabilization is available to make your videos flow super smooth.

As a bonus point, KanDao QooCam 4K features a Smart Clip 10+ templates for editing (dolly zoom, beyond the horizon, super stomp, rabbit hole, surround, inception, kaleidoscope, and drone shot) automatically in wonderful effects.

The Dual-lens (F/202 fisheye lens, and field of view 216°) is the primary advantage of the KanDao QooCam 4K camera. It is supporting both 3D at 180° and 2D 360° VR modes, which means that you can also shoot virtual tours with it.

This 3D camera fully supports 3D images on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can also create artistic-style photos. Hyperlapse is very stabilized at 360° which automatically will make your moves flow smooth. In the 3D mode at 180°, the camera will enable you to catch every detail in the clear vision as possible.

Even the audio quality in KanDao QooCam 4K is extra. You can reduce the unnecessary background noises and auto-level these voices.

KanDao QooCam 4K works with 3 hours of battery life which is a really satisfying amount for social media content creation. It won’t let you shoot all day long it is a great amount to complete your desired content.

If you are looking for a 3d camera that you can use to shoot high quality images and videos, then this 3d camera is a great one.

2. Lenovo Mirage Camera – Best Budget

Lenovo Mirage Camera

Lenovo Mirage Camera Daydream comes in matte white color and a compact way. With the minimalist design and simplicity in use, now creating VR content is piece of cake. So easy to figure out how it works because has just three buttons. Even your parents won’t call you and ask for help.

The jewel in the crown is that Lenovo Mirage Camera comes at an affordable price point. It may not possess all the features that other 3D cameras have, but surely cover the main ones.

The processor is equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 mobile processor. Lenovo Mirage Camera Daydream contains a dual-lens that shoots the whole field in one lens, and on the other lens is a fisheye.

Lenovo Mirage Camera Daydream features stereoscopic 3D at a 180-degree field of view. The fisheye camera captures videos at 4K video resolution with 1440P, and at Full HD1080P at 30 FPS.

The quality follows you everywhere with Lenovo Mirage Camera Daydream. It creates almost true-to-life vision with its only 13MP camera. Plus, VR content (sold separately) now is easy to create and share. There are only three modes; photo, video, and live broadcasting.

The camera’s integration with YouTube and Google Photos will let you download the file you want to your smartphone. Your friend can watch directly from the browser. No more missing in any content. The live streaming capability is pretty useful too. Concerts, weddings, and YouTube vlogging are way easier to make.

The battery life in Lenovo Mirage Camera Daydream stands for 2 hours on a single charge. Recording at 4K video resolution will consume more battery power. Just by capturing a couple of minute videos, the battery drops drastically.

1. Matterport Pro2- Best Overall

Matterport Pro2

Matterport Pro2 has a matte and stylish outer appearance. It is quite heavy to be carried around, sadly traveling with this buddy will be a little harder because it weighs 7.6 pounds. Pro2 is intended for more professional use. The 3D camera doesn’t have any age range, so whether you are a millennial or gen z, use it without worries. Plus you may need a tripod to support the camera.

The high-end look is equal to the high-end price points. It really costs an arm and a leg but at the end of the day, it’s all going to be worth it. When you will be familiar with key features, the price point will the least of your concerns.

The extremely high-quality 4K video resolution or 134 MP camera has literally the most precise and detailed visual view. The 3D camera is clear enough that you can print brochures, signs, or anything for websites.

Matterport Pro2 has a 3D image capturing where it reaches 99% of the accuracy of each square of the picture. It also features the 3D virtual experience that allows you to combine previous 3D images and convert them for business purposes.

Matterport Pro2 has a great feature of scanning different size pages. This makes it suitable for ambient like apartments, commercials buildings, houses, studios, or hotels. Engineering, architecture, and designers will highly appreciate this 3D camera.

Matterportt Pro2 is flexible and packs every key feature you need, like automatic shooting modes, and white balance settings. It creates automatically generated video tours in a smart way. Plus, it adds a particular location, object, or feature into your created virtual video or picture content.

The battery life in the Matterport Pro2 lasts for about 8 to 10 hours which is more than enough to get the job done. The charging time takes straight 4 hours.

Considering its image quality, video resolution, battery life and its other camera features, i can confidently say that this is definitely the best 3d camera out there.


What Do 3D Cameras bring To The Table?

3D cameras don’t bring anything to the table, they are the table. This means that diagnosing a problem through a three-dimensional system will make the mistakes more visible and easily fixable.

Being able to see the taken images as same as a human being sees, is showing how strong the effect of a 3D technology can be.

What Is The Purpose of Using The 3D Camera?

3D technology can be used for many purposes. Imagine having a VR or you are in an XR environment. The 3D images will just be as real as life itself. The aim is to be more realistic and capture anything in detail with a clear vision.

The 3D technology is mostly used in the design. By using a 3D system, you can preview how you imagined the model will pretty much look like in the real world. Seeing everything in detail will bring more success to sales and marketing workers because the customer already knows what to look for.

Architecture is another great job to use the 3D technology where the photos of houses or real estate agents. They can stand in the designed house and pre see what it is going to look like when it’s done.

Lastly, the most important use of 3D technology is for medical purposes. It will help health care providers a lot by allowing them to see the depth of the wound if the place is hard to reach for a patient.

Final Words

In this article, we talked about the 3D cameras together with similarities and differences they possess. Looking at each product’s key features will be helpful to find out what are you looking for.

The 3D system in the near future will become one of the most used technologies of the era. It will be so powerful that only business people, but e regular people will use it every day.

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