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The Best Accessories For Canon M50 Every Photographer Should Have

The Canon M50 is one of the best and most popular entry-level mirrorless cameras.

Since its debut back in 2018, it became a favorite among photographers, videographers, social media influencers, and mostly vloggers.

It is a camera that value is unbeatable for the price it comes with. It provides splendid performance and functionality while offering great image quality and on top of all that is quite small and lightweight.

If you decide to take photography to the next levels as a career or even a hobby, you will need some extra accessories for your prominent Canon EOS M50.

To ease your “hunt”, I have compiled a list of what I think are the best accessories for Canon M50.

Probably you won’t need everything that will be mentioned below, but this article will reward you with an overall insight.

Top 10 Most Important Accessories for Canon M50:

Camera Bag:

Being mostly a vlogging camera implies that you will travel around, and you don’t want to carry your camera in your bare hands all the time, that’s when camera bags come in.

Even the smallest and lightest drop on the ground can cause some serious damage to your care. A good camera bag with some nice supportive walls and spots will eliminate the damage that your camera can occur.

When buying a bag for your camera, always make sure to see its design, how big it is, is there enough space for the rest of you’re equipment, and is it easy to carry and take your camera out fast.

Below you will find 3 camera bags you can buy for your Canon M50:

If these are too expensive for your needs, you can get a camera backpack for less than $100 instead.


Extra Batteries:

If the M50 had a weakness, it must be its battery life, which it is understandable at a point since it is a mirrorless camera, and we know well that their battery life doesn’t compare or come close to the DLSR standards.

It is quite frustrating when the camera dies in the middle of a photo or video shoot, so to avoid that make sure to get extra batteries. 

And no, this is not the case only with the M50 even if you have a DSLR like the Nikon D3S that is known for its CIPA Standard battery life of approximately 4200 shots. 

You always want to take extra batteries with you because you never know what might happen.

Also don’t forget, to make sure that the battery type is LP-12 in order to connect with your camera.

Here are 3 batteries you can buy for your M50:


SD Card:

Yet another important thing, getting a memory card for your camera is a no-brainer, you won’t be able to save your content without an SD card.

An SD card follows the “the more the merrier” rule. As for the speed, it mostly depends on what you shoot for. If you mostly record 4k content you will need a faster card to load the data faster.

Here’s an example of how the storage and the amount of photography you can take work.

256GB - 8528 pictures before it gets full.

128GB - 4264 pictures before it gets full.

64GB - 2132 pictures before it gets full.

32GB - 1066 pictures before it gets full. (30MB Each)
Below you will be greeted by 3 SD Cards that you can buy for your Canon EOS M50:


If you want to upgrade your photography skills, then a lest is something you need to consider.

Lucky for us the market is crowded with lenses and there are many varieties to choose from.

Of course, it all depends on the type of photography you.

The most common types of photography that you can perform with the M50, would be portraiture photography and travel.

For portrait, you want to get a low aperture lens like f/1.4, to get that good-looking bokeh effect.

And for traveling you want to opt for a larger aperture like f/2.8.

3 Different Lenses that I feel would be great for your Canon M50:


Lens Cleaner:

If you ever bought a lens before, you know well the painful price they come with.

That’s why you need to take care of it, it’s not something you can buy every day; things like fingerprints, dust, dirt particles, in general, will seriously decrease the quality of your images.

Sadly, a lens cleaner is quite underrated while being one of the most essential accessories you need to carry around.

A simple lens cleaner that doesn’t break the bank, will keep your lens functional and clean for years.

Below you will see 2 Lens Cleaners that will be a great cleaning companion for your Canon M50:



While most cameras, including the Canon M50, have a built-in flash, the level is nowhere close to a dedicated speedlight flash.

If you shoot in places where there’s not much light, or you want to emit more light in general, a speedlight or say flash is an essential tool.

3 Great Flashes for your Canon M50:


If you are on the move all the time, you don’t put your camera on your bag every time you are not using it, because most likely you might miss some great shots.

That’s when a strap comes to mind to make things easier.

As the name says it is basically a strap to carry your camera, oh, worth saying – at the same time you will look like a real pro.

Here are 2 straps I can recommend for your Canon M50:



We mentioned that the Canon M50 was a favorite among videographers and vloggers and that’s what makes the Microphone an important tool.

Although the M50 has a built-in mic, the difference between an external microphone is almost unbelievable.

I would advise getting one of the 3 following microphones for your Canon M50:


Screen Protector:

While it was quite important to protect and clean your lens, the same goes for your camera screen.

To make your camera screen longer, using some protection is a must.

You probably are familiar with these protections we put on smartphones and tablets, the cameras have their own too, to protect the screen.

The following 2, will protect your Canon M50, from scratches and breakage:


Last but at the same time one of the most important equipments a photographer can own, is the tripod.

Tripod is something that you should never compromise on.

They are widely used by all photographers around the world, for the best shots from the best locations. Besides that, they are highly used to record videos for hours.

Even professionals struggle with stability, so don’t worry if you struggling with shaky hands.

Tripod is the best tool to prevent that and make you appear more professional

Below you will be introduced to the best 3 tripods for your Canon M50:

Frequently Asked Questions

– Which from the above are the ones, you must have?

+ I tried to conclude all the important ones since when we talk about camera equipment there are tons more tools you can get. But Yeah, a lens and an sd would be the two main things I would recommend getting first and then later on a tripod.

– Is the Canon M50 Weather-Sealed?

+ Sadly it isn’t, it can’t even survive splashes of rain, so be careful when taking it on in the rain, the water might percolate inside the camera and seriously damage it. Consider a rain cover.

– Should I get a Memory card reader?

+ Well a memory card reader indeed is an important tool for a photographer. But I didn’t include it due to the Canon M50 having Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Get one only if you need to upload your content quickly, otherwise, you will be fine with cameras connectivity.

Final Words:

I don’t doubt that the Canon M50 is a wonderful camera, you simply can’t go wrong with it especially if you are a vlogger.

I tried my best to include the most important accessories, If I missed some essential tools for Canon EOS M50, I apologize in advance.

However, the above equipments are important for any type of camera and not just for the Canon M50.

Hopefully, you found something useful from this article or even added one of the above to your camera arsenal.