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Best Camera Backpack Under $100 (Top 6 Picks For DSLR & Mirrorless)

best camera backpack under 100

As a photographer myself, whenever I have to go somewhere, I want to make sure to have all the things, that I need with me! Those things are basically the camera and any other accessory that I use with it.

Lenses, flashes, lens filters, tripods/monopods, extra batteries, SD cards, and microphones are all camera accessories, that are needed, and any photographer wants to take them with them wherever they go.

How do we gather all these things and don’t fear anything while traveling? In a bag, of course, because no one can hold them in their hands, right?

Did you know that there are specific bags in which, you can put all your camera accessories? If you are searching for any of them, but you don’t want to spend more than $100, I am here for you!

In this article, you will find some of the best backpacks under $100 that are one the nowadays market. I have chosen the top six backpacks that I found, and there are included at different prices, all under $100, so that means they are all very affordable.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the main choices!

Amazon BasicsAmazon Basics
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The best hiking video creator
MOSISO Camera Backpack
MOSISO Camera Backpack
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Vanguard Havana 48Vanguard Havana 48
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Neewer ProNeewer Pro
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The Top 6 Camera Backpacks Under $100

6. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics Backpack

I would like to start this list with one of the cheapest options, that you can find in the market nowadays. It is a backpack that comes from Amazon Basics, a private label that includes anything, that you may need.

I would like to mention that this backpack weighs about 1.96 pounds, and its dimensions measure 11.75 x 8.75 x 14.5 inches. The material that this one is made of includes polyester and nylon.

On this backpack, you can add almost everything that you need. It will definitely fit on itself your cameras, any type that you own, and most importantly it will fit your camera gear without any problem. There is plenty of place for your lenses, chargers, batteries, and anything else that may pop your mind.

5. MOSISO Camera Backpack

MOSISO Camera Backpack

Here goes the second backpack that I chose for you, and it is also one of the greatest depending on the budget side. Just as the one mentioned above, it is very affordable as well and it is one of the first choices by photographers.

This backpack measures 17.32 x 11.8 x 7.5 inches while it weighs 0.23 ounces which is quite lightweight. The Mosiso backpack comes in many color choices, meaning that you can choose between, and those colors include black, green, gray, pink, blue, and dark red.

The Mosiso backpack has a specialty as well! It is made of PU leather, and it is fully waterproof. It also owns a padded layer which leaves you with no worries about shocks or drops.

It has a great capacity too, since in this backpack you can add any camera that you need, plus, on it, you can find a tripod holder, meaning that you can easily take your tripod with you. You can also put on it your laptop and tablet. I was able to fit my tripod, my gloves for photography, camera, lens and a few extra batteries without a problem.



Next on, we have the coolest backpack that we can ever find! If you are a photographer and you are more into looks, especially retro ones, I would definitely advise you to go for this one since it has a super retro design.

The weight of this backpack is 3.15 pounds. Isn’t it a bit heavy, you may ask! Well, yes it definitely is, but still, you have to consider the fact that it measures 11.42 x 6.3 x 17.91 inches, and a big backpack like this one cannot weigh any less.

The waterproofness of this backpack is fully certified! It has an IPX5 rating that makes it usable in any weather condition so you don’t have to care at all if there is heavy rain or snow. Besides that, this backpack is shockproof as well based on the EPE protective padding.

Being a super big backpack, you can use it to put anything that you may need while photographing: Cameras, a tripod, a monopod, batteries, chargers, cables, and a laptop, of course, if you need a laptop for editing.

3. Vanguard Havana 48

Vanguard Havana 48

Vanguard is a well-known name in the world of tripods because it brings to the market some of the greatest and the strongest ones. Apparently, this brand brings us backpacks as well and Vanguard Havana 48 is one of them!

This backpack measures 18.88 x 9.5 x 12 inches, and it weighs about 2.73 pounds. It also includes an interesting retro design that is very catchy and will definitely make the retro lovers fall in love with this one too.

On Vanguard Havana 48, you can fully walk in the rain because it owns a rain cover that keeps your bag dry and also protects the things that you put inside of it.

It accepts lenses, cameras of any kind, DSLR or mirrorless, and also, what deserves to be mentioned is that this backpack also accepts laptops that measure around 15 inches. You can put the laptop in the outer part.

2. Neewer Pro

Neewer Pro

Now, I know everybody once in a lifetime has heard about Neewer, especially if you are a professional photographer. It is a professional brand that brings some of the most amazing camera accessories that you would ever need. Well, here they brought a great backpack.

This backpack comes in black color and as for its size, it measures 14.2 x 12.2 x 9.4 inches. When it comes to the weight part, this backpack weighs 4.93 pounds, which is definitely heavy but still it is forgiven considering the material that this backpack is made of.

It includes waterproof polyester and very durable nylon material. Many photographers that use this backpack say that it is one of those backpacks that can walk with you under a waterfall!

The Neewer Pro can hold whatever you may think of! Any type of camera will fit perfectly because it has an impressive interior part and a lot of space. What is special about holding the cameras is that on this backpack you can also put drones, especially the DJI ones.

For your camera’s security, the Neewer Pro owns an anti-theft lock that you can attach your camera with and it is one of the most secure that you can ever find.

1. Endurax

Endurax 1

The last but not least, an Endurax camera backpack under $100 can be considered the best overall. It is definitely one of the most used backpacks by photographers that can handle everything on itself and won’t bother you in any way!

This backpack measures 12.2 x 7.09 x 16.14 inches and it weighs about 0.46 ounces. It comes in two colors which are dark gray and light gray. The material that Endurax used to make this brand is a water-resistant polyester material and it also includes PU leather. Even though it says water-resistant, this backpack is fully waterproof and can be used whenever and wherever you want. It is a backpack that lives with you forever!

Based on a great design, this backpack is one of the most practical ones that you can find. It is also a convertible backpack because it also owns a drawer-like piece and this divided part can be used separately, whenever you want.

You can put on this backpack the camera obviously, and it also has particular places or sections for lenses, batteries, camera chargers, flashes, and also, you can attach tripods super easily.


Buying Guide

Buying a backpack for general use is the easiest thing in the world, but when this backpack is for a camera, things become a bit harder since there are some things that need to be considered and I assure you that those things are super important and need to be considered in many ways. Those important things include:


Always, but always, you should have a budget in mind! For example, just as in this article, you can set a particular price tag, for example under $100. That is how you can find the best ones and nothing can confuse you regarding the price that anything that you need to buy. Also, you can find the best ones without having to look further and get angry because you can not find one.


The capacity is one of the most important things that everyone needs to consider while trying to find a backpack for his or her camera. However, since we all know what capacity means another thing that should be explained is how much can that particular backpack handle. You cannot only put your camera in a backpack and think you are ready! Camera accessories should fit as well, without them, the job can never be done completely.

Durability and Resistance

As you can notice, on the products above, I mentioned the materials that these backpacks are made from, and it is definitely a thing that should definitely be considered! When searching for a camera backpack what is in a photographer’s mind is traveling, and while traveling you can never know what weather conditions you will encounter. That’s why you should check out the materials that it is made of and how much can that particular material handle or resit.

If you are in a place in which there is raining heavily, you wouldn’t want your camera or your camera equipment totally destroyed, or am I wrong? I don’t really think so!


Even though in the article and in the product reviews I didn’t mention particularly the comfort of the bag is one of the most important things as well, I left to talk about it here.

Straps, shoulder pads, and configurations are present in all of the backpacks, that I mentioned. They are all super comfortable, and even if you have a lot of things on them, you shouldn’t worry in any way about this and you should be more than sure that it isn’t an issue.

Final Words

Any photographer all around the world needs a backpack. In fact, I would highly recommend a backpack for you. Especially if you are a photographer that loves to travel.

Anyways, there are things that should be considered, and you should carefully find the one that is the best for you.

The backpacks I listed and mentioned in this article are some of the best, and they all come from trusted and well-known manufacturers. You should be more than sure when it comes to protecting your camera and holding whatever that you may need.

I really hope that this article will be a big help for your searcing, and I hope that based on this article, you will find the best camera backpack under $100!

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There’s nothing left to say besides I really hope you will be having fun with the backpacks and I hope the one that you choose accepts and holds whatever that you may need with you while you are photographing!