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Best Camera Straps For Heavy Lenses (Reviewed)

best camera straps for heavy lenses

I’ve carried a lot of different lenses with me during my 20+ year photography career. I’ve used more than 15 different camera straps during those years, and i can confidently say that the Coiro ProInStyle is the best when it comes to heavy lenses.

Clicking pictures is a blend of technical and creative talent. However, just having a good camera is not enough; you must also have useful camera accessories.

Camera accessories, no matter how small they are, can impact your photography. One such accessory that we often overlook are the camera straps. These let you easily carry the camera without any discomfort; and at the same time, keeps it safe.

In this buying guide, we have got in some of the best camera straps for cameras with heavy lenses.

Besides, we have also discussed some useful tips that will help you make the best buying decision. But before that, let’s discuss the top 5 camera straps for heavy lenses.

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Best For Dual Cameras
C Coiro Camera Strap
C Coiro Camera Strap
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Best For Wrist
Altura Camera Hand Strap
Altura Camera Hand Strap
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The Most Comfortable
waka Camera Neck Strap
waka Camera Neck Strap
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The Most Versatile
BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe Camera Sling
BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe Camera Sling
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Best Budget Pick
Art Tribute Blue Woven Vintage Camera Strap
Art Tribute Blue Woven Vintage Camera Strap
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The Top 5 Best Camera Straps For Heavy Lenses

5. Blue Colored Vintage Styled Woven Camera Strap

Are you looking for an attractive and long-lasting camera strap for heavy lenses? Then this is the product that you should consider. This camera strap is woven in floral design.

It is made from long-lasting material; this camera strap not only looks beautiful but at the same time, it’s highly durable.

Blue Woven Vintage Camera Strap for All DSLR Camera will effectively carry your lenses without any stress on wrists.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about bearing heavy lenses cameras. If you are so passionate about photography and habituated to using top-notch cameras, this strap will help you to carry your lens in many places easily.

As a result, you feel comfortable taking the snaps with ease by making a good purchase of this camera strap.

This strap is very strong and is 33″ in length. It can also expand up to 61″ so you can adjust it as required. This camera strap is available in different color options and based on your preferences; you can buy it in different colors as per your choices.

Therefore, there lie many options based on color, the size of this camera strap. This collection will significantly make you highly delighted.

This strap is adjustable, made from good quality material, is highly fashionable. Hence, if you are looking for good quality and durable camera strap, you must consider buying it.

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4. Black Rapid 20674 Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap

Are you looking for the world’s best heavy lens strap for the expedition? This camera strap is something that you should be looking at; it gives you the liberty to carry two cameras at a time.

You can hang one camera on one side, leaving the other one for the second camera. It comes with a spring load bumper lock that keeps the camera in its place. This lens strap will not only be effective for supporting your wrist, but also you can use this strap for hanging your camera on the back. Thus, it will reduce the scopes of strain on wrists.

The CR-3 ConnectR Locking Carabiner can easily connect with the camera, and then you can secure it with the strap. It gives your camera stability and makes it easy for you to secure the camera in a particular position. The zip lock on the strap allows you to secure the camera and keep it at its place easily.

Moreover, the padding at the neck allows you to easily carry this camera without putting much pressure on your shoulder. At the same time, you can use one of the straps as cross-body, while keeping the other camera hung on one side. This way, you don’t feel much pressure on your shoulder.

You can be satisfied by having a rapid Brad Breathe stabilizing strap, which may secure the Hybrid Breathe under the user’s shoulder.

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3. Waka Adjustable Neck Strap

Are you searching for an ultramodern camera strap that can be adjusted easily with all types of DSLR cameras?

Then go for Waka Camera Neck Strap with Quick Release and Safety Tether. These straps are made from high-quality neoprene, which provides extra stability and durability.

The adjustable length of this camera strap makes it easy to carry the camera along with you. The padding on the strap lets you feel comfortable while carrying it along with you. This strap is good enough to carry two cameras at a time. This is an adjustable camera strap that can be adjusted between 20.8” to 31.5”.

This camera strap is made from neoprene, thus making it durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the strap’s padding is anti-slip, so you don’t have to spend time adjusting the strap. The neck-straps have release clips that may effectively remove the strap when you don’t want to use it.

If you want to shoot for a longer period of time with a heavy lens, this strap will comfort and reduce muscle fatigue on the neck and shoulder. The anti-slip design will help you take spontaneous shots of a bird’s movement during wildlife photography as the strap will not go around when shooting.

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2. Altura Photo Store Strap

If you are willing to invest in a good quality camera strap, but you don’t want to buy the conventional neck strap, then this hand strap by Altura Photo Store is something that you should be considered.

This camera strap is made from premium quality PU Leather. Moreover, it is adjustable so that it can fit in the hand of any size. The secured locking of this camera makes it easy for you to carry your camera easily, and it also gives you a firm grip while shooting.

This hand strap has padding and is lined by soft microfiber, which is breathable and makes you feel comfortable even while you are shooting for long hours.

You need not worry regarding the durability of this camera strap. It is compatible with almost all the camera types, thus making it perfect for taking pictures for a certain period of time with endurance and comfort.

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1. Coiro ProInStyle

Shooting for long hours can sometimes be tiring, and you would need to carry your cameras along with you. While it may not be troublesome initially, but carrying your cameras in hand, then there is a probability that you may lose the camera or damage it.

Hence, you must invest in a good quality camera strap. This dual camera strap is something that you should consider buying.

Are you looking for a long-lasting and durable lens strap that will be attractive and, at the same time, will be durable?

Then go and grab the Coiro ProInStyle. It is 100% leather made that is a premium type of Italian leather in quality. This Italian camera strap will help you in maintaining the heavy lens cameras for a more extended period.

The X pattern cross back wear ensures even weight distribution on your shoulder, making it easy for you to carry it along with you.

The finish is very attractive so that it will lead you to buy the product and recommend it to others. One of the attractive features is a cushion in straps, which may provide extra comfort to you while roaming with a heavy lens.

The texture is completely lead-free, and it has followed proper manufacturing norms related to dying and designing the pattern.

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Things To Look For Before Buying a Camera Strap For Heavy Lenses

Before buying a camera strap, customers must consider some features of the product to achieve the best product in the market. They are discussed below:

Padding Quality

If you are buying a neck camera strap, then one of the key factors that you need to consider is the passing quality of the strap. The padding quality of a camera strap needs to be superior as the comfortable usage of the camera depends on it highly. Full leather padding camera strap provides immense support to hold the camera in the back.

Padding in the camera strap consists of closed-cell memory foam, which provides maximum comfort and adaptability to the users. High-quality padding in the camera strap absorbs the humidity, which is important for leather. When it comes to usage of the products, then customers must consider the comfort level. Considering this, it can be mentioned that you should always consider the high quality of padding in the camera strap.

Length And Width

When it comes to choosing the best camera strap, then you must consider the length and width of the product. The length and width of the camera strap must be convenient for you. Otherwise, you can face difficulty while using the camera. If you are a tall guy then, the camera strap has to be longer than other people. Along with this, the width of the strap needs to be considered according to the body feature and weight of the camera. If your camera is lightweight, then a 1-inch width strap will be perfect. On the contrary, for the heavy camera, 1.5 inches to 2-inch camera strap may feel better.

Unique Features

What is that specific feature in your camera strap that makes your product different from others? Therefore, you must figure out what is unique in your chosen camera strap that can easily grab the attention of other people. Some of the features that you can look for are the shape of the strap, color, pockets, and many others. While you can certainly go ahead with a simple camera strap, but at the same time, you can also look for other features.

On the basis of the feature, the pricing of the camera strap may vary. Some strap folding features are available through which you can fold and shorten the camera strap. Along with this, the attachment of a band is a handy feature that allows you incredible resistance to wear your camera.


The superior tripods often do not fall on the budget. Price is the inevitable factors to consider while buying tripods for astrophotography. Here in this guide, we illustrated the best 5 tripods along with the purchase links. Pick one of them that suits your budgets and meet all your requirements.

If you wish to buy some other brand, you must consider the factors mentioned here, compare their features and price, and then make a purchase.


In the market, there are different straps available in terms of styles. A neck-strap enables the camera to be held around the neck. On the other hand, with the help of a wrist strap, you can connect the camera with your wrist through a cord. Crossbody helps to hang cameras on one shoulder running across the body. So, based on your convenience and requirement, you can choose the one.


One decision that you must take before buying a camera strap is about the materials. The material of the strap will decide its longevity. In the market space, a number of materials are available for camera straps like webbing, leather, Neoprene, cotton, paracord, and others. Every material has its own pros and cons. Generally, nylon, webling and other materials are the cheapest and can be found in any market space. Therefore, you can easily go for this type of material in a camera strap. On the other hand, leather material camera straps are highly comfortable and look classy at the same time, but not budget-friendly.


If you are fond of the camera and love to carry it with you on your sojourn, then you must choose the best camera strap. While buying a camera strap, you must emphasize on choosing the one which is of the best quality. You can also make a price comparison by shortlisting a few options and then decide the best one for your need.

There are several options out there, but when it comes to choosing the best one, then you can consider buying any of the above-mentioned camera straps that we have listed after careful consideration.

So, what are you waiting for? Do some research work yourself before deciding the best one. Our list of camera straps will be helpful for you when shopping for the best. The are also ideal to use with cameras that have heavy lenses. They will keep you comfortable while carrying the cameras for a longer period. We can assure you that if you choose any camera strap from our listed camera straps, you will be highly satisfied.

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