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Best Cameras For Architecture Photography (Buildings, Bridges, Fountains & More)

Don’t you just hate it when you go travel and see beautiful architecture, but you aren’t able to capture the shots you want? Well, i was in your shoes, so i decided to do what i always do, and test which camera performs the best in that field. After going to a trip in Italy with my colleagues, we tested more than 15 different camera models, and out of those 15, the Canon EOS 80D seemed to be the best overall.

Architecture photography is artistic if you know how to do it right. You need to capture buildings and structures and bridges and fountains in architecture photography. In this type of photography, one needs to focus on quality more than camera speed. A perfect camera can help you click amazing pictures provided you know about the technical tips and tricks. For example, how to take advantage of natural light, exploring various angles, using the tripod and more.

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Best For Travel
Sony Alpha a6000
Sony Alpha a6000
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Easiest To Use
Fujifilm X-T20
Fujifilm X-T20
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Best Price/Performance
Canon EOS 1300D/T6
Canon EOS 1300D/T6
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Best Focus
Nikon D7500
Nikon D7500
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Best All-Around
Canon EOS 80D
Canon EOS 80D
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Whether you are into commercial architecture photography or public architecture photography, you must check out the top 5 cameras for architecture photography discussed here. All of these have been chosen based on superior performance and great features. Here you can also get some useful buying tips. However, let’s begin with the best 5 cameras for architecture photography.

The Top 5 Best Cameras For Architecture

5. Canon EOS 80D

Are you looking for a perfect camera for architecture photography? The Canon EOS 80D is one of the top-notch cameras if you are hunting for something that can execute a bit of everything. This is the best-in-class camera for architectural photography and the superior backup camera for a full-frame camera.

If you are passionate about architecture photography and budget is the leading concern for you, then you should definitely count on this top-notch model of Canon. This EOS 80D is the successor of the very famous Canon EOS 70D, and it has undergone various improvements in diverse aspects.

This model features a brand new and improved metering sensor, which is known as Canon’s latest CMOS sensor. It also possesses superior inbuilt features such as the dual-pixel autofocus system for architecture photography. The impressive onboard sensor of this camera enables consecutive shooting AF even while shooting skills.

Even if you want to shoot for long hours, then this camera is perfect for you. Its light in weight, and at the same time, its sturdier construct makes it suitable for all weather conditions. Moreover, it has ample battery back up to provide long-duration shots. Apart from that, the ISO range has significantly improved to 16000 over the 70D.

This camera has certain features apt for architectural photographers. It has 45 all cross-type point AF system, which provides you with the acute freedom to opt for an AF point to match your composition. It also offers significant precision and control over broader focusing zones for outstanding results irrespective of where your subject is in the frame.

Another top-notch feature is the 7fps continuous shooting. It gives you a stunning chance to capture the fleeting jiffy. All thanks to this premium feature at full resolution. It is also perfect for wildlife shots along with spontaneous sports.

So, if you are looking for the best quality camera for architecture photography, then you must consider buying this camera.

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4. Nikon D7500

Looking for the best budget-friendly architecture camera? Then Nikon D7500 would be the top-notch choice! Its sensor is similar to 20.9MP, and Expeed 5 180K-pixel RGB metering sensor can provide you the superior image quality. Hence capture accurate dynamic exposures and compositions with these features.

Its low light performance possesses a color depth of 24.8 bits and a superior dynamic range of 14.5 EVs. Therefore, you can get a fantastic shooting experience. This powerful model possesses immense expertise in low light. D7500 is not horror-struck of the dark due to its ISO 100-51200, which is expandable up to ISO 1640000.

The leading differences between the two come in the design of the body. Moreover, D7500 is made out of carbon fiber reinforced monocoque construction, which demonstrates its sturdy appearance.
Your desire to get a perfect picture will be fulfilled with this. Go there with this robust, fleeting, and completely connected D7500. Capture the top-most beauty with flagship DX image quality of D7500.

Whatever you are going to capture, the 51-point AF system will track your object, lock onto it, and maintain it in focus. Get a perfect snap in the moonlight too! Apart from that, you can find the climax shot even if it is concealed inside a blur of motion. This superior architecture camera can perfectly click 50 NEF (RAW) or 100 JPEG in one top-notch speed burst.

With the help of SnapBridge, you can easily connect this camera to your smart device. Your photos will be synced when you shoot, and you can also shoot remotely with the help of your smart device. Get the highest quality image with 0% distractions. Remain true to your vision is Nikon’s motto and hence high-res optical viewfinder vision offers a complete frame coverage. Why are you awe-struck? It is possible!

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3. Canon EOS Rebel T6 

The Canon EOS Rebel T6/1300D is a robust DSLR camera for architectural photography. It is considered a top-notch entry-level DSLR. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use DSLR model that provides the best-in-class photography experience with a broad horizon of lenses to choose from also.

In terms of specifications, it is the most average type of DSLR. It possesses an ISO range camera. This camera features ISO 100-6400, which can be expandable up to 12800 and along with an 18 MP CMOS sensor. This model’s kit lens is nothing groundbreaking to talk about as it consists of Canon’s unfathomable 18-55mm EFS kit lens.

In a nutshell, 1300D is superior at one thing, which is indoctrinating. If you are a beginner and want to do some basic levels of architectural photography, start your journey as a photographer with this one. Moreover, its intuitive interface, a vast collection of lenses in the market, and service backup add more value.

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2. Fujifilm X-T20

Are you looking for other brands for architectural photography rather than Canon, Sony, and Nikons? You should consider Fujifilm, and this X-T20 model of Fujifilm is an absolute recommendation for architectural photography.

Fujifilm’s mirrorless camera is an amalgamation of superior features compared to its leading competitors. Apart from that, a significant part of this camera is it provides a genuine compact mirrorless camera experience to its users. It comes with an auto-mode feature that makes it easy to capture images as desired. Moreover, it comes with 4 lens system that helps in better capturing of the light, thus enabling better picture quality.

This robust model provides various control modes, auto mode, versatile AF modes, AF-C custom settings, to finally high precision EVF, tilting LCD monitor, and many more top-notch features. Fujifilm has diligently incorporated this panorama feature. Here you can pan the camera using the on-screen feature to capture innumerable frames. This Fujifilm X-T20 will integrate them into the fascinating panoramic image.

There are a plethora of additional features that Fujifilm can provide to its users. Here you can get interval timer shooting experience with this one. Capture a similar object from a stable point with user-friendly settings, including self-timer, the total number of frames, and shooting interval. Lastly, you can definitely purchase this camera if you are passionate about architectural photography.

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1. Sony Alpha A6000

Sony has always been a well-recognized brand to create fantastic low-light cameras for its users. If architectural photography is your passion, then you can purchase this mirrorless camera. It will cost half of the price of the most captivating DSLR amid the list, Canon EOS 80D.

This model has a superior CMOS sensor, which consists of Sony’s leading ‘Area definite Noise Reduction’ technology. This premium technology permits the photographer to enhance the ISO by quite little stops while having significantly less noise in the picture. Most importantly, Sony’s a6000 model possesses an ISO range of an enormous 25600.

All these captivating features make Sony Alpha a6000 a brilliant camera for shooting outdoor architecture along with indoor architecture under pale light or at night time.

As far as its top-notch features are concerned, the a6000 has many features which makes it a popular choice; it offers better light capturing feature, it comes with a 3-inch tilting LCD screen, 11 fps frame, and autofocus mode. You can grab various apps and Wi-Fi connectivity here. A superfast USB charging function permits you to charge the DSLR’s battery sans having to plug out and plug it in through a discrete charger. The definite level of charging will be showing in percentage, which will permit you to check how long it will run precisely.

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Things To Look For Before Buying A Camera For Architecture Photography

When you are out there to purchase the best camera for photography, it is important that you must know about certain factors that will help you make the right decision. Here is a list of things you must consider to help you make the right buying decision.

Sensor Size

The image sensor is that apprehends the light from the substance you are shooting. The two leading sensor sizes for hybrids are APS-C and Micro Four Thirds. If portability is your primary concern, the tinier Micro Four Thirds sensor would be appropriate. However, you have to sacrifice some picture quality here. Whereas, the APS-C sensor is comparatively bulkier but can give you the top-notch picture quality along with low-lighting shooting experience.

Apart from size, you should consider the megapixel of your architectural camera. Not for the architectural camera only, it is mandated to check the megapixels for every camera out there. Hybrids typically possess a 14-24MP camera. Whereas, for standard-size photos, any type of resolution will work.


One of the top-notch selling points of hybrids is replaceable lenses. You can choose any type of lenses for distance, close, wide-angle, and other various captures. Please ensure that at least you possess the knowledge of what lenses are consistent with your camera before you purchase.

The optics are generally houses in plastic to curtail the weight. You can choose either between a zoom lens or a prime lens. The zoom lens helps you capture a wide range, whereas the prime lenses are considered to be good for capturing sharp images. The prime lens is also good for capturing perfect images in low light conditions.

If you plan to take interior photos of the buildings, then i recommend you take a look at our ranking of lenses for real estate photography.

Shooting Speed

A camera with a top-notch shooting speed can provide you an excellent experience of architectural photography. You need to capture indoor as well as outdoor architecture, and that is why you have to keep changing your place. Therefore, it would be better to invest your money in such a camera that can provide you a good shooting speed.

This is the era of frames per second (FPS). Here if a camera can capture 8 frames per second, it will be considered as more than enough for maximum scenarios.


Hybrids mainly use various electronic viewfinders to demonstrate to you what you are capturing. Most of the hybrids use OLED screens or LCD screens, which are comparatively slender and beaming outdoor.

Brand Loyalty

Architectural photographers who already own a suite of replaceable lenses will be easily allured towards cameras from similar manufactures. It makes sense to purchase a body that will count on the lenses you have.


If you are into architectural photography, then a good camera is going to make a lot of difference. We have listed the best 5 cameras for architectural photography above after weighing all the pros and cons. You can pick your favorite from them after comparing all the features, their working and price.

A good camera is not just about the brand; it is also about the right features that will help you get the best pictures. The buying tips will further help you take an informed decision. So, consider all the important aspects before buying.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera for architectural photography and start clicking pictures with an artistic touch.

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