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Best Ghost Hunting Cameras in 2022 [TOP 5]

If you believe in ghosts, or any other paranormal activity, to tell people facts or anything else, you will definitely need a camera to record the whole activity! Ghost hunting has really become a show on its own! They are very popular and you can find them on TV as well as on Youtube!

In this article, you will find the top pick cameras that are used by people who do documentaries or want to record ghosts on any place just for fun as a hobby! You will find both camcorders and action cameras, which are the best ones when it comes to ghost hunting recordings!

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The 5 Best Cameras For Ghost Hunting

1. GoPro HERO 9 – Best High-End

Everyone knows GoPro as it brings the best action cameras all around the world! GoPro is a very famous brand of cameras and in this case GoPro Hero 9 is one of the most used cameras by 90% of people around!

Design-wise this camera is small and it is considered pocket-friendly. The measurements of the camera are 9.08 x 5.42 x 3.25 inches, and it weighs 11.2 ounces. You may already know that GoPro cameras have in a way the same built, but, when launching Hero 9, GoPro decided to do some changes while making this one the most durable GoPro camera since it is made of very durable materials and is fully covered in very strong plastic. It is very toughly built as said, and it also is fully weather-sealed, and can easily withstand any weather condition.

The video recording on this camera comes in three modes. You can choose HD recording on 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4K on 3840 x 2160 pixels, and this camera also has the capability of recording 5K, which comes on a very high resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels.

GoPro Hero 9 brings to you very clear images, and while ghost hunting you definitely need a clear vision and a clear video! If you want to record your ghost hunting in slow motion, this camera is a great one since its slow-motion works in 8x at 240fps.

With a great capability in low light and amazing stabilization, this camera stands as the great one with its Hyper Smooth 3.0 stabilizer. Besides all of them, the camera allows you to Live Stream on any occasion, so that while ghost hunting you can also out the recording directly on any social media! The battery life on this camera depends on what mode you use it to record videos, but, all in all, it can hold up to 100 minutes.

2. GhostPro – Best Overall

As you can already see, this camera just by its name tells us that it is made for ghost hunting! It is also an action camera, and in this case, this camera is fully used for ghost hunting documentaries and also for anyone that likes to keep their ghost hunting experience for themselves.

Based on its design, it is in a way compared to the first camera that is mentioned in this article which is GoPro. So, this one too has a very strong built and is made of very durable materials. The measurements of GhostPro are 20 x 10 x 10 inches and it weighs two pounds. The camera is fully waterproof and it is also weather-sealed that can stand both low and high temperatures and can stand on any place!

When you search for this camera you will encounter the term “full-spectrum”. That means that this camera has an amazing ability and an amazing sensor, that allows you to see the entire range of wavelengths of the light that any video is recorded, or any picture is being taken.

The camera is also more than perfect during nighttime! That is because it is a full night vision camera so that while recording, the camera uses IR, which is also known as infrared light, and that fully illuminates everything while in dark places. With this camera, the video quality will be brought to you in Full HD which means that it comes with a resolution of 1080 pixels, and the images come on 12 MP.

Besides all of the things mentioned, this camera owns an impressive audio capability. Ghost hunters that use this camera say that they even can hear anything that has to do with ghosts! The battery life of the GhostPro camera can hold up to 100 minutes once it is fully charged.

3. Zohulu 4K Camcorder – Best Camcorder

Differing from any camcorder, this one comes with a full kit of what you need while ghost hunting! It includes two batteries and also it comes with a 32GB SD card. This camcorder is one of the best choices that many people use along with the other camcorder that will be mentioned at the end of this article! This one is definitely made for ghost hunters based on the features that it owns!

Starting with this camcorder’s design it measures 7.9 x 6.6 x 4.1 inches, so it is considered a small one that is fully portable. Its weight on the other hand is 15 ounces. It is a very steady strong camera and it is made of durable materials. Taking into consideration that ghost hunting happens in what may be called “dangerous areas” the durability of this camera is the key to using it wherever you want.

The video quality of this camera is better than ever! It has an amazing 4K resolution but it is also adjustable so you can choose to record on 2K as well as on Full HD. All these resolutions are very clear and your videos will come with amazing clarity. The camcorder owns an optical zoom of 0.1x and its image capture speed works at 120fps.

This camcorder is a full spectrum one too which as already mentioned above means that it is perfect during low light and dark places, it has also a built-in IR LED. The camcorder also has an anti-shake technology that works perfectly even if you are running! Imagine encountering a ghost and your hands start to shake, well with this camcorder you won’t notice the shake at all! The battery life that this camcorder can hold up to is 45 minutes when it is fully charged and works with a 18650 battery.

4. GhostStop – Best Compact

Fully stop the ghosts with this amazing camera that is perfect while ghost hunting! The camera in general is can be called an action camera as well as a camcorder, and it owns lots of features and all of them have to do with ghost hunting, just as it tells us from its name. Let’s dive deeper into its details and features so that you can understand it better.

This camera is a very compact one and it comes in very small dimensions. It measures only 10.5 x 6.25 x 2.4 inches and has a weight of only 1.1 pounds! Based on both size and weight it is a fully portable camera that can accompany you wherever you go and a plus for its design goes because it can also fit on your pocket perfectly well! The camera can be easily mounted on any accessory that you want and it fits with any GoPro type of mount.

Being small doesn’t mean that it cannot bring great quality!

This camera is a fact, that even though small, the job it does is big since it brings to you 4K Ultra HD video quality which means that it is very clear and has an astonishing video quality. The optical zoom of this camera works at 1.00x. This camera is also a night vision one that while ghost hunting shows anything that you want from it, it uses an IR light that makes the scene pretty clear for you or anyone that you want to show the video to!

The battery life of the camera can hold up many hours! For the users of this camera, the battery life is considered a special feature on its own, so that you don’t have to change the battery when you are recording!

5. ORDRO 2K Camcorder – Best Value

Here, as the last product in this article, is chosen another camcorder for you! It is a new launch and it is used by many ghost hunters all around the globe. The camcorder has lots of features and it works pretty well at nighttime since it is a night vision camcorder! Let’s take a closer look at it!

Very well and strongly built this camcorder measures 8.43 x 6.02 x 5.2 inches which means that it is slightly bigger than the other one mentioned and this one weighs 2.2 pounds. Based on the size and weight also it is a portable camcorder if you go hunting in another place than your home. Durability is also a part of this camcorder since it is strong enough to withstand any shock.

Just by reading the name of this product already tells us that its video quality comes in 2K which works at a high definition of 2560 x 1440 pixels of resolution.

It may sound not very clear, but still, this camera is a full night vision camera, it is perfect in darkness and it works along with the IR Night Vision function and the IR light that it comes with. The sensor that this camcorder works with is the Sony 8 MP CMOS sensor and it has a digital zoom that works on 16x. The image capture speed works at 30fps and the lens type is wide-angle.

The camcorder comes with a handler that fully supports it so there’s more stability even if you are in a movement while recording. Another important piece of information about this camera is that it also can work as a webcam! When using this camcorder, you might consider that its battery life doesn’t hold up very much but if you bring extra batteries, then you are ready to go!


What should you know about ghost hunting?

You definitely have to be prepared for any activity that includes ghosts! But while recording you need a great camera and great equipment too! Many people that record ghost hunting say that you also need to be dressed properly! You should be more comfortable while recording these types of hunts.

Another important thing during these types of hunting is that you should do your research. If you are investigating in your home, then it is not very important, but, if you are an adventurer, and want to record in different places, then researching will help you in many different ways. There are many places that are considered haunted history, so before recording, it is important to know where you will do that!

Remember that you shouldn’t ever be left alone! Safety is one of the most important things while ghost hunting so that you will remember it as the best adventure that you ever lived! Bring anything you need or anyone you need with you in order to be safe!

What are the features of the cameras for ghost hunting?

There are some features that your camera should own before going ghost hunting!

Paranormal activities or ghost huntings are usually recorded during nighttime! Basically, Night Mode included on the camera is very important! You definitely need a camera that works perfectly even in the darkest places so that it can bring to you better footage?! Video Quality is also an important feature!

The conditions while ghost hunting are more than extreme and full of uncertainty you will need a camera that besides working great in light mode, brings to you a great quality so you can see clearly!

Moving along to another feature is the Infrared Recording! Infrared as a term means beyond red and while recording it means that it is capable of recording objects or subjects that cannot be seen in visible light and it is very much needed while ghost hunting recordings! Battery Life also stands as an important feature during these recordings since while ghost hunting you definitely don’t have the time to sit and charge your camera! It is important for the camera to own an impressive battery life!