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The Best LED Lights For Film Production in 2023 (Reviewed & Compared)

Light emitting diode (LED) is a device that provides lights that are used by photographers, videographers, and all graphers in this aspect.

Whether you already are in the film production business or just starting off, you have come to the right place, to learn more about Best LED Lights For Film Production.

This article will be all about finding the best LED lights for film production.

A Quick Look At My Favorite Led Lights For Film Production.

Most Feature-Packed
GVM 2 Pack LED Video Light

GVM 2 Pack LED Video Light

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Best Compact
Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Video Light

Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Video Light

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Most Versatile


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Best Battery-Life
RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel

RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel

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Best Value
Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light

Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light

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Key Takeaways

  • If you want to establish a film production business or are currently in such an industry, you must realize that you require excellent LED lights.
  • Everyone has various demands, so it depends on you; however, if I had to buy an LED light, I’d go with the EMART 60 LED.
  • There are many more excellent LED lights available as well, and one LED light, in particular, the RELLENO LED Soft Light Panel, has an improbable battery life.
  • An excellent LED light is a fantastic investment for your video production company.
    Check to see whether the LED light you’re using makes any noise.

Let’s take a look at what I feel are the best LED lights for whatever film project you are planning.

The Top 5 Best LED Lights For Film Production

5. GVM 2 Pack LED Video Light – Most Feature-Packed

What I Like

  • Very Durable
  • Stable
  • 480pcs pf durable LED Bubs

What I Don’t Like

  • The brightness could be better

Let’s start the list with a whole kit that is designed for various video making photography, advertising, photo shooting, and home film production, that’s the GVM Led Bi-Color Video Lights.

The light board is adjustable and light is distributed through the soft board, it is helpful on video and portrait aspects.

It is featured with a durable aerospace aluminum alloy shell and the video lights provide a splendid heat dissipation effect. It weighs 16.07 pounds and has a non-slip design for better stability.

Its adjustable U-shaped bracket can be put on the light stand or on the ground for more versatility.

It contains 480pcs of durable LED Bubs and it adopts the American Chip, which rewards them with more than 70, 000 hours of longevity.

The LED video light can reach up to 15 000 Lux at 20 inches and 5500 Lux at 40 inches. It has a brightness level of 10% and 100%, while the color temperatures adjust from 2300k to 6800k. The GVM app is also there to offer you easy and more adjustment on the LED.

The whole kit will include, 2 LED video lights, 2 Light stands for each LED, 2 power adapters, 2 Barn door , 2 Diffusers, and 1 Handbag, quite generous I must say.

Wrap Up:

Overall they are a pair of great LEDs, super bright, the CRI is high and with the company being generous to provide even diffusers, there’s nothing to complain about.

Why should you buy it?

Its adjustable U-shaped bracket can be put on the light stand or on the ground for more versatility.

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4. Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Video Light – Best Compact

What I Like

  • Comes with 2 LED lights
  • Very durable
  • Lightweight

What I Don’t Like

  • Battery connection issues

Moving forward with a great versatile option from Neewer, the Neewer Dimmable LED is a valuable device from the huge portfolio of the industry-leading brand Neewer.

The versatility I mentioned earlier comes from its wide compatibility, it is LED light that can be used on many different DSLR cameras, camcorders, and tripod lights, so in return, you can get rewarded with great filming content, fashion, wedding and more.

Really lightweight yet durable, It weighs only 1.12 pounds and is built with 176 energy saving LED bulbs, can be used for a long time without bothering on taking many batteries with you, ideal for you to focus more on the work itself than the battery life.

It comes with a cold shoe adapter so it connects the light panel to the above, tight and firm. The light can be installed on the light stand without a problem and it can be adjusted towards different angles for achieving the best shooting possible.

It includes two color filters, 1 orange and 1 transparent so you can play more around with shooting effects. The color temperature sits at 5600k, but it directly changes to 3200k with the orange filter.

The color rendering index takes on 85+ with a dimming range of 10% – 100% and its luminous flux 1320lux/0.5m.

Battery lifespan is rated more than 50,000 hours and the package includes the video light, orange filter, transparent filter, Li-ion battery for Sony NP-F550, and a battery charger.

Wrap Up:

Great cost-effective equipment that is small yet super bright, compact, its ability to adjust brightness on your likings and on top of all that great versatility. You will be hard-pressed to find another choice of this caliber.

Why should you buy it?

Great cost-effective equipment that is small yet super bright, compact, its ability to adjust brightness on your likings and on top of all that great versatility.

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3. EMART 60 LED – Most Versatile

What I Like

  • 15W continuous lighting that delivers natural colors
  • Versatile design
  • 160-led lights that offer optimum illumination and diffuser

What I Don’t Like

  • Metal feet may not be scratch-proof

EMART is a small company that is heavily focused on bringing great illumination equipment for professionals or aspiring pros.

The LED light I picked from them is ideal for continuous lightning photography and it provides multiple shooting solutions.

It is a kit that comes with Two LED lights, the stand is really robust and nice and adjustable at a maximum height of 11 inches and the angle rotates at 180 degrees.

As for the lights they are small yet so bright, It is an adapter version LED light that increases the brightness of the light by more than 50% compared to the USB-powered models.

It has a quadrilateral heat dispassion meaning it is surrounded by four sides and it effectively dissipates the heat.

The LEDs feature low heat output and energy usage while its double color temperature which is 3300k and 5500k allows for quick and professional images. The LED quantity that is included is 60 for each LED, it has a lumen capacity of 1400 and CRI sits at 90+.

Even though they come at an affordable price, EMART decided to be generous on the including too. It Contents: 2 x15w LED Photography Light with Stand, 2 x Red Color Gel Filter, 2 x Blue Color Filter 2 x Orange Color Filter, 2 x White Color Filter.

Wrap Up:

At first sight and on paper they might not be so impressive, but once you get your hands on them you will be pleasantly surprised with them. Since the set includes two LEDs it is perfect for filming and when you think of it at a friendly price with a nice adjustable stand, this is a great option.

Why should you buy it?

Relying on its name, this one is a very compact tripod with excellent ergonomics; at the same time, it is packable.

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2. RELENO LED Video Soft Light Panel – Best Battery-Life

What I Like

  • 180 front and rear angle that prevents shaking
  • Equipped with 192 SMD lamp beads
  • Rotating switch

What I Don’t Like

  • Mount may be short

RaLeno is a company that focuses heavily on light equipments for photographers also in the audio field (microphones). Their RaLeno PLV-S192 camera light was deeply welcomed by photography/videography enthusiasts, filmmakers, and conference customers.

It is simple yet stylish, ultra thin, and portable for easy operation in any environment, it weighs only 2.4 pounds. Its wide panel design increase the brightness and irradiation range of the light, at the same time it makes the light softer making it ideal for indoor and outdoor multi-scene shooting.

It has a strong heat dissipation, you will find heat holes around its body which quickly dissipate heat at 360 degrees making it really safe to use. Its hot shoe mount makes it quite versatile and sturdy to prevent shaking when shooting. Its 1/4 hole is compatible with all DSLRs, camcorders, tripods, and stands.

It sports 192 lamp beads that make the light really bright and it also contains light technology to make the light soft, without shadows, and not hurt the eyes at the same time.

The temperature is adjustable from 3200k to 5600k, the brightness is also from 0 to 100$.

The package will contain the 192 RALENO video light, hot shoe head, charger, and an instruction manual.

Wrap Up:

A small, good looking and portable LED that offers tons of light.

The battery life is also on the bright side, but it may take a bit to charge.

A great LED light that will offer a lot of value in return. Definitely, something you should put on your wish list.

Why should you buy it?

 Its hot shoe mount makes it quite versatile and sturdy to prevent shaking when shooting.

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1. Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-color 660 LED Video Light – Best Value

What I Like

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wireless control
  • Runs on Ac power

What I Don’t Like

  • Not very stable

Neewer makes it once again in the list, but this time it is a whole kit with 2 LED lights. Making it on the same article two times proves enough that Neewer doesn’t need an introduction.

This LED is designed for various video making photography lighting and location shooting, meaning that the kit is made to follow you where ever you go.
It is made out of really durable construction and at the same time is lightweight. Yes, lifting heavyweights in the gym is enough, you won’t have to worry about that with this fella.

Its metal light housing is as rugged as they come and it hugely helps in dissipating the heat well.

It comes with a light stand that has an aluminum alloy construction and great locking capabilities. It is sure to be adjustable with a height from 26 inches to 75 inches (66-190 centimeters).

Another thing that is adjustable would be its U mount, so you can put it in the best angles for a better shooting experience.

It packs 330 White and 330 Yellow LED bulbs, a whole amount of 660 pieces in total. It is capable of providing a lumen of 7300Lux/m and also illuminates a variable white balance from Tungsten-daylight with a temperature of 3200k to 5600k.

As for the Color Rendering Index (CRI), it sits at 96+, I mentioned this term even at the above options for you guys that don’t know, it is a way to measure a light source’s distinctive attributes, how well can the light source show objects colors naturally.

The package includes, 2 Bi-color LED videos, 2 White diffusers, 2 Power Adapters, 2 Cables, 2 carrying cases, and 2 light stands, pretty much everything you need to hit it off for filmmaking.

Don’t let the price worry you, It is really nice and well made you will not find any other light kit that is this bright and well constructed in this price range. It promises to light the whole scene and to be honest, I feel like it is unbeatable at this price range.

Let me know if you guys can find a better alternative.

Why should you buy it?

It is made out of really durable construction and at the same time is lightweight.

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5 Reasons why you should buy an LED Light For Film Production:

– Very low generated heat, meaning they are cool to touch and not prone to destroying the property or burning someone from the staff.
– They have a high Color rendering index ( CRI )
– Can easily adapt to multi-voltage power supplies
– They have passive cooling and the low heat means no cooldown, so you are faster on the go.
– Really comfortable since the room stays cool and nice.

What you should consider:

Color Temperature

Always make sure to have the ambiance of your content in mind, as that really helps when you decide on the right color temperature.
For example, the lower light ranges of temperatures give off a warm,orange hue and the higher ones produce a sharper blue hue. That’s what decides the color of your lighting, the average range they vare are from 1000k to 10. 000k.

Beam Angle:

Before buying a LED always calculate how much area you want to cover with the light, if you want to illuminate the whole scene or just create a spotlight effect.

Wider beam angles produce light that covers a wide area, while the lower ones create a concentrated beam light.

Light Output:

If you plan on filming in a home studio, there’s no need for lights with a very high lux. The huge lights you see behind the scenes on professional movies tend to have a very high light output, but they sure come at a high price too and at the same time they generate a lot of heat.


Noise is also a key factor when buying a LED. Bigger is not always better since they make more noise due to the cooling fans and the background noise is a huge distraction when filming.


Another crucial part would be portability. If you start wondering who is going to carry all those heavy LEDS and equipments before you even started filming, make sure to check the weight and the portability of the light you are buying.

Why are LED lights used in film production?

I bet you are familiar with most lights that are used in film production, but still, LED lights to stay on top of the list. That’s because LED lights bring instant lighting, and you don’t have to wait not even a minute.

What is the best color of LED lights to use during film production?

It all depends on what you are recording. Still, the most used colors of LED lights in film production are cooler lights like blue and white. You will also find yellow, but yellow tends to be slightly harsher than the others.

How many lights do you need for film production?

People use three lights in film production, but if you choose the best LED light for film production that suits you, you will notice that you need only one, which will be mentioned as the main light. It will provide you with everything without the need to add more.

Final Word:

Good quality light is a once in a lifetime investment, they tend to last way longer than the regular bulbs. Do not jump directly on the market and grab the first LED you see, even though it might look wonderful in the paper when it arrives is totally the opposite.

Sometimes a cheap option will cost you more in the long run, so if you have the money to burn do not hesitate on the well-known providers.

Hopefully, this article gave you a good insight and you can manage to pick the best LED lights for your film production journey.