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Best Lens For Panasonic Lumix G7 in 2022 (Top 5 Picks)

best lens for panasonic lumix g7

Having a great camera lens will surely lead to nicely taken pictures. Did you know that actually, the lens of the camera is way more significant than the body?- If you didn’t, now you know.

If your camera is mediocre, the lens can make it go a few steps further in your photography game.

Attaching a lens to your camera is always opening the door for more choices, letting you shoot the eye-catching stunning images in return.

All the needed key features are determined by the lens, not the camera body, starting from the aperture, focal length, and sharpness, to many other features.

Using the right lens and the right settings for the Panasonic Lumix G7 camera, you will achieve the phenomenal shot you’ve been yearning for.

In this article, I will be telling the key things before buying a lens and what are the best lenses for Panasonic Lumix G7. Stay tuned.

Best Compact
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Best Telephoto
OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 to 300mm Lens
OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 to 300mm Lens
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Best Wide Angle 
Panasonic LUMIX Professional 12-35mm Camera Lens
Panasonic LUMIX Professional 12-35mm Camera Lens
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Best Budget
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Best Overall
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The Top 5 Best Lenses For Panasonic Lumix G7

5.PANASONIC LUMIX G II Lens- Best Compact


Lumix G2 from Panasonic comes in black and silver colors. The compact and lightweight design make this camera lens the most useful and portable piece of technology.

Besides being at an affordable price, the value of the lens is not going to fail you whatsoever. The amount of money you pay and the value you get somehow don’t add up. Now is the time to go a little bit deeper.

Panasonic LUMIX G II Lens has a versatile focal distance of 20mm which is corresponding to either a 35mm or 40mm film camera.

Autofocus in Panasonic LUMIX G II Lens is at another level of precision. You can rely upon it all day long with soft accurate focusing features. To create super cool bokeh photography, this lens is going to be your best friend and fit in with your required aesthetic.

Panasonic LUMIX G II Lens with its fisheye doesn’t give you zoom control over the picture, so you have to be aware of that before buying. The lens uses the multi-coating system to protect the lens from any caused harm as well as minimize ghosting and flare.

The aperture in Panasonic LUMIX G II has 7 rounded blades to make sure it puts together smooth effects even in blunt zones when you are shooting at large aperture settings.


4.OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 to 300mm Lens- Best Telephoto

OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 to 300mm Lens

OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED Lens has all three in one option. First of all is lightweight, compact, and most importantly the price point is very affordable for every entry-level photographer.

This telephoto lens helps you zoom in and out from a distance and bring to life the aesthetic part of your photography skills.

The advanced Zero Coating Feature works with low reflection. In brief, the picture or the movie you are shooting is still clear even in high contrast lighting too.

OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED Lens’ focal length starts from 75mm and reaches a maximum of 300mm. The effect of the lens will create stunning visuals from very distant objects in the most enlarged form.

The circular aperture diaphragm of 22mm smooths the image and creates mild natural-looking pictures. Supported by 7 blade diaphragm hand outs soft bokeh in picture aesthetics.

OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED Lens supports MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) autofocus system. The linear motor and almost silent focusing are fairly fast and precise. The autofocus manages to catch amazing bokeh images. The background of your subject or a movie will be not only high quality but the nearly silent mode will be activated too.

There is an important note that you should know about. The edges of the OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED Lens will be cut off if you use more than one thick filter at once. While using a flashlight, it may be blocked by the lens body and lens hood.


3. Panasonic LUMIX Professional 12-35mm Camera Lens- Best Wide Angle 

Panasonic LUMIX Professional 12 35mm Camera Lens

With a single touch, you can notice that Panasonic LUMIX Professional Camera Lens has a rugged design. It is made of a durable metal body that handles every weather condition.

The lens is splashproof, dustproof, and freezeproof, so it can handle sand, rainy days, and any other harsh conditions you can encounter. The lens is brave enough to shoot in these conditions, but are you?

Panasonic LUMIX Professional Camera Lens presents a focal length from 12 to 35mm. The lens will cover a wide-angle to standard landscapes or portraits while outdoor shootings.
With the help of Panasonic’s Nano Surface Coating, no more ghosting, flaring, or shaking in the pictures.

Panasonic LUMIX Professional Camera Lens supports a maximum aperture of f/2.8 with a rounded seven-blade diaphragm.

The lens is super fast and it catches 4K videos on accuracy. The high-quality resolution creates a pleasure to shoot and watch afterward. To create even more sharpness and clarity, the Panasonic LUMIX Professional Camera Lens has 4 aspherical elements.

The autofocus in Panasonic LUMIX Professional Lens is moving at high speed. Updated faster focusing and tracking technology at 240 fps linear motor, doesn’t let the imbalanced exposure ruin the picture or video.



A matte black finished Panasonic Lumix G Vario lens is housing a budget-priced compact camera. The durability is a real deal in this lens. Any weather conditions are ok to shoot because it is dust resistant, splash resistant, and frost resistant. Another fact to be grateful for is almost unbelievable that the lens comes at this price point.

Panasonic Lumix G Vario Lens has a 45-200mm focal length. It supports a wide range of shooting capabilities with its super zooming effect. When you zoom to the fullest, the sharpness becomes weaker. However, fixing this issue with post-editing software will take no more than two minutes.

Built-in with Optical Image Stabilization that drops the blurriness in the picture due to hand movement. This is a very useful tool for long focal length.
The maximum aperture range in the Panasonic Lumix G Vario lens is F4.0 – F5.6. The 7 blades are in a circular form, so if your pictures appear rounder in the corner is because of the aperture.

The autofocus in the Panasonic Lumix G Vario lens is amazingly sharp and clear. The problem here arises when you are shooting at 4K resolution. The autofocus is slowing down and a 4K quality requires a more powerful processor. DFD autofocus is sacrificed for it. In Full HD 1080p mode, there is no such issue. A focus tracking works with a 240 fps linear motor.

If  budget is your biggest concern, this lens brings all the necessary features for you to reach that pro level.




Panasonic Lumix G Leica DG Vario-Elmar lens looks and feels premium with built quality. This reasonably priced lens even though it looks slightly bigger, there is a Micro Four Thirds format that drops the size and weight of the lens.

Every weather condition makes this lens the best technology piece to use without caring if it’s raining, snowing, freezing cold, or the shining sun.
Leica DG Vario-Elmar has a 100 to 400-millimeter maximum focal length. This wide range telephoto lens helps to come closer to nature by zooming.

Leica DG Vario-Elmar lens is suitable for every photography type, especially for those moving subjects you can’t even come close to. It lets you shoot wildlife animals, pets, insects, birds, up-close objects, and subjects.

Leica DG Vario-Elmar owns a Power Optical Image Stabilization to prevent that shaking, so your pictures will end up with clear and blur-free contour without the need of a tripod. The lens itself features a tripod foot at the bottom in order to move it horizontally and vertically while shooting.

The maximum aperture range in the Panasonic Lumix G Leica DG Vario-Elmar lens is F/4.0-6.3. The round-shaped 9 blades diaphragm works excellently for bokeh photography when you know how the selective focus works and how the shallow depth of field techniques work. Sadly, it requires a professional level of photography skills, if you’re a newbie, I suggest you skip it for a short period of time.

The focusing distance stands at 4.3′, and the magnification of 0.5x for close shots. The fast autofocus motor shoots at 240fps in silence. Definitely the best lens for Panasonic Lumix G7.



Guidance Before Buying a Perfect Lens

When you buy a camera, you have to know what kind of lenses you are allowed to use. You cannot make it rain if you are not sure whether it is going to work or not. As you may already know, lenses are expensive as heck for a reason. 

As a result, before purchasing a camera, better take into consideration these key points

The Focal Length

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The key to taking amazing pictures is Focal Length. You must know the distance from the center to your chosen subject. 

If your aim or desired shot is to capture many objects in a single photo, then 14mm and 35mm in focal length will be the most suitable for you. Choosing the 75mm focal length (long-distance) for Panasonic Lumix G7 will be the best choice for you.


adjusting aperture camera lens 2021 08 29 08 17 07 utc

Be mindful that the aperture should work well in every weather condition. Plus, it should work in nighttime and daylight.

The light that passes through the lens is highly influenced by the aperture. The larger aperture in low lighting works better.

Decide on the shooting location before buying any lens.


vintage cameras and lenses on wooden background 2021 08 26 16 19 15 utc

Lenses mostly are used with Full Frame Cameras and APS-C sensors. You can mix the use of them and vice versa if you want to, but you will probably have a different effect in focal length of combining every lens. Every lens performs the best when the brand itself announces that these few lenses for example will give you the best shooting experience.

Since Panasonic Lumix G7 is a Mirrorless Camera, it uses Micro Four Thirds size lenses. The 14mm-42mm zooming is quite famous for the Lumix camera body. Also, Olympus cameras use the same system, so it means they are compatible too.

Try The Lens Yourself (If It’s Possible)

The best thing to do if you are still indecisive about which lens to choose, why not to try out the lens yourself.

Visiting a local electronic store and asking them a couple of questions won’t hurt. Once, you try them out, you will see how the lens functions in the body. By doing that, you are narrowing down your options and eliminating the other lenses that don’t meet your expectations. 

Read Reviews

Check the lens’ reviews from many sources. Customer reviews are very important because they are the ones who have tried the lens before and can give an honest opinion. Do not read reviews from anywhere, read the reviews from reliable sources.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right lens that is compatible with Panasonic Lumix G7 can be challenging. Before going deeper into the specification, determine the location and time of your shooting. It is a very important note.

All these lenses above are doing an incredible job in their own way, but the fact stands whether it is suitable for your requirements.

Keep those tips that is mentioned above in guidance before buying a perfect lens.

Panasonic G7 is a super-compact mirrorless camera and has very useful key specifications. To make it even more practical, break down some above-mentioned lenses and try to find the one.     

Most of the lenses are well-suited for professional skilled photographers. If you are a beginner in this world, you may have some troubles in the beginning stages until you figure out how it works.

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