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Best Lenses For Sony A7C in 2022

So, you own the Sony Alpha 7C and you are looking for a lens that will help you get the image quality that you deserve.

Picking the right lens is not as easy as we think it is quite the opposite. Especially, when you consider the huge offering in the market. Then you have to decide on a zoom lens or a prime one, etc.

Although Sony A7C is a great compact camera, that is known for being a splendid low-light performer, it still needs a lens to push the boundaries.

That’s why in today’s article I have rounded up what I think are the best lenses for Sony A7C. Not only that, by the end of the article you will be greeted by some advice when shopping for a lens.

Without wasting time further, let’s get started!

The Top Five Best Lenses For Sony A7C

5. Sony SEL90M28G FE 90mm f/2.8-22 G OSS – Best for Macro Photography

What says best for macro photography than a macro lens? Nothing! Well, this Sony FE lens, is one of the greatest. That’s totally based on the focal length of this macro lens. We deal with 90mm of focal length and based on that it is a fixed lens.

There’s the aperture too, and it works at f/2.8. The f/2.8 aperture is super sharp and brings to you pictures with amazing clarity. The diaphragm is a nine-blade one, and it does a good job if you want to shoot using the bokeh effect.

The focus of this Sony FE lens is driven by the DDSSM which means Direct Drive Super Sonic Motor; it is quick, quiet, and super accurate.

On the optical construction of this Sony FE lens are added aspherical elements, ED elements, and Super ED elements, and the coating that is added is the Nano AR.

The OSS on its name stands for Optical SteadyShot. It is an amazing optical image stabilization that does the job quite properly, even if you have shaky hands. It fully reduces blur.

The Sony FE lens fully measures 5.16 x 3.11 inches and it weighs about 1.33 pounds.

The image quality of this lens is perfect, and i am a huge fan of it.


4. Sony E-mount FE 24mm F1.4 GM – Best for Astrophotography

Let’s easily capture pictures of the amazing sky with this wide-angle lens that works perfectly with your Sony a7c camera. Being wide-angle with a focal length of 24mm, it is the finest lens that you can find around, for this particular type of photography.

When it comes to the aperture, this Sony FE lens works at f/1.4 and this aperture is the best one if you need more light to enter into your camera. The diaphragm of the aperture owns full 11 blades, and its job is to defocus the background, in case you want to.

The focus works via the DDSSM, just like the one mentioned above. As already mentioned, this system brings the focus, with a perfect performance.

The elements that are included in this Sony FE lens are two XA elements and three ED elements. When it comes to the coating, it is the same as the other lens mentioned above and it is the Nano AR.

The GM on this lens’ name means that it works with the full-frame cameras, just as the Sony A7C, and it means G Master.

There’s also a thing that shouldn’t be left unmentioned. This Sony FE lens has a full weather-sealed body, and it means that you can use it wherever and whenever you want. As a whole, the measurements of this Sony FE lens are 3 x 3.75 inches and its weight is about 1 pound.

If you’re an astrophotographer, then you will love this lens. The image quality that comes out of this lens is stunning.


3. Sony – FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM – Best for Landscape Photography

Based on the focal length of this Sony FE lens, you can already get that it is also a wide-angle lens. Now, it differs a lot from the other one since it has a fixed focal length while on this one we deal with a range of it. It owns a focal length that works from 16mm to 35mm. That also makes this lens a zoom one.

As long as the aperture diaphragm is concerned, this Sony FE lens owns an eleven-blade diaphragm that provides you with great blurry effects. There’s also the aperture in general that works at f/2.8. It is amazing when it comes to landscape and architecture photography in general.

Now, don’t hate me, but this Sony FE lens also works with the same system that the ones above used. It works with the Direct Drive Super Sonic Wave AF Motor. As you already know, the focus is super precise and very accurate.

The elements that Sony added to this Sony FE lens are two Extra-Low Dispersion elements, three aspherical elements, and two XA elements. The coating is the Nano AR. There is no reflection or any chromatic aberration.

This lens is also a G Master one. What is important to mention is that you should remember that GM lenses always come with higher prices.

The lens owns a Fluorine coating, and it makes the lens easier to be cleaned. The lens is also resistant to dust and moisture. When it comes to the lens’ size, it measures 4.88 x 3.5 x 10 inches, and it weighs 1.5 pounds.


2. Sony SEL85F18 85mm F/1.8-22 – Best for Portrait Photography

Everybody knows that the focal length of 85mm stands among the best ones when it comes to portrait photography in general. That’s why I listed this lens as the best for portrait photography.

The aperture of this portrait lens is f/1.8. In order to bring the best of the pictures that you are taking, the Sony SEL85F18 has a circular diaphragm of nine blades. It brings the most amazing bokeh effect that you have ever seen. It fully blurs the background while the subject of the picture is clearly focused.

While we are at the focus, this lens works with a Double Linear AF Motor, and when in auto mode it works precisely. I said in auto mode because this Sony FE lens also allows you to switch to manual when it comes to the focus so that you can use the selective focus feature.

We deal with only one Extra-Low Dispersion element and don’t worry because it does the job perfectly fine. Sony says that this Sony FE lens is a multi-coated one and when in use, you will notice that the pictures come very sharp and with amazing accurate colors.

As a whole, the lens measures 4.49 x 3.82 x 4.69 inches and weighs 13 ounces. A perfect lightweight lens that can accompany you wherever you go. If we add the fact that this lens is dust and moisture resistant, it is the perfect travel lens.

It has a fair price, but if you can’t afford it and you are looking for a budget telephoto lens, then i recommend you choose another product.

1. Sony SEL2470GM FE 24-70 mm F2.8 G – Best Overall

Why did I choose this Sony FE lens as the best overall? Well, I can only say one thing! Just take a look at the focal length; from 24mm to70mm. It basically covers everything and it is the greatest standard Sony FE lens that you could find.

The aperture works at f/2.8 and it is the most common aperture used in standard lenses in general. The aperture diaphragm on the other hand owns nine blades and it means that the lens can be used during taking portrait photography while using the bokeh effect.

Sony added the Direct Drive Super Sonic Wave Motor, which drives the focus. The automatic focus, in general, works in the most perfect way possible. Also, you can use the switch that is placed on the lens, in order to change the focus to manual.

This Sony FE lens has the highest number of elements. It includes One XA element, two aspherical elements, one ED element, and one Super ED element. There’s the Nano AR coating too, that when combined with the elements does a perfect job. They fully keep the aberration out of your picture.

This Sony FE lens is also resistant to dust and moisture and can be easily used in any weather condition. The whole body measures 5.3 x 3.4 inches and the weight is 3 pounds.


Thing You Need To Consider When Buying a Lens for Your Sony A7C

Before choosing to buy anything, of course, you will need to pay attention to some parts so you can get the best image quality. You shouldn’t hurry up and just grab the first lens you spot.

First of all, you have to decide what type of photography you are planning to shoot with a lens (just as listed above), and then you figure out the rest by considering what I am about to list.

Focal Length

As it somehow is known, the focal length is the most important part that needs to be known when it comes to lenses in general. In a simpler sentence, the focal length tells us the angle of view of the lens, and based on that we find the types of lenses that we deal with.


Along with the focal length, the aperture is also an important thing that should definitely be considered. The aperture is the opening of the lens through which the light directly passes and goes into the camera, or better to say to the sensor of the camera. It tells the depth of field on the pictures that are taken.


As you can see, on the lenses that I mentioned above I explained the focus that it works with. That can only mean one thing; the focus, or the focus system in general, is quite important, and it is one of the things that you should look at before buying a lens, in this case, for your Sony A7C.

FAQ About Sony A7C and Lenses In General

What type of camera is Sony A7C?

The Sony A7C camera comes from the alpha series of cameras from the famous Sony brand. It is a launch of 2020 and it includes some great features within, that can be used for different types of photography.

It is a full-frame mirrorless camera that s packed with a 24.2 P Back-Illuminated full-frame sensor and the famous BIONZ X image processor. The pictures come with amazing quality and also, you can record 4K videos.

Is Sony A7C worth it?

Being a new launch of the brand, and owning some great features fully built-in, you may consider that its price is a bit high. Therefore, because of the high price, many people seem to not choose this one, but if you are a professional photographer I would definitely say that it is worth it, because the image quality definitely makes up for it.

What lenses are used in cameras?

As some of you may already know there are two types of lenses in general: Convex and Concave. The lenses that are used in cameras are convex lenses. They are better when you need to focus better on anything but at the same time, you want to magnify it. Convex lenses help you bring the best in photography.

What are the main types of lenses?

There are two types of lenses: Prime and Zoom lenses. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length while zoom lenses, just as the name already tells, allow you to zoom in or out. Both have a great image quality.

Final Words

In this section, I would like to tell you which one is the best lens for Sony A7C! However, don’t get too excited because there is not only one particular. As you can notice above, I listed every lens for what is it best for and it was quite easy for me because just by having a look at the focal length you can get what the lens is best for.

That’s why there is not only one lens that can be considered as the best lens for Sony A7C. All of the lenses mentioned are the best for different things, the important thing is to bring the best of it while in use!

I really hope that this article will help you choose the best one for your needs.

Further Reading

You may know that there is a lot of Sony alpha series of cameras. That’s why, if the one you own isn’t a Sony A7C, I would recommend you to take a look at some amazing landscape lenses for Sony A7 III, or if you are a traveler and you would love to use a Sony A7 III then there are some great travel lenses for Sony A7 III to check out!

Here we came at the end of this article, there’s nothing left to say besides enjoy!