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The Best Monopods For 360 Cameras (Reviewed & Compared)

Just as the name supplies, a 360 camera is a type of camera that can capture everything that surrounds it! These cameras are those ones that we know as action cameras. They are very famous all around the world and some of the best known are Go Pro (with many versions), DJI Osmo Action, Insta 360, Akaso, and many others.

In general, these types of cameras are very well built, as well as some of them are even waterproof; making them usable underwater without any problem. A problem would be how to hold these cameras, they are very small in size and in my opinion, you definitely need something to use them with! What you can use them with is clearly monopod!

That’s why I have prepared this article, it includes the top five picks of the best monopod for 360 camera, and they can be easily used with any type of action camera, including the ones that are mentioned above!

Best Affordable Pick
Smatree Monopod
Smatree Monopod
Check Price On Amazon
Best Multi-Purpose
Altura Photo Monopod
Altura Photo Monopod
Check Price On Amazon
Best Carbon Fiber
AFAITH Monopod
AFAITH Monopod
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Best Portable
SOONSUN 3-in-1 Monopod
SOONSUN 3-in-1 Monopod
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Best High-End
Vidpro MP-66
Vidpro MP-66
Check Price On Amazon

Without further ado, I would like to go directly at the picks!

The Top Five Best Monopods For 360 Cameras

5. Smatree Monopod – Best Affordable Pick

Smatree offers everything when it comes to action cameras in general, or in this case as I chose to mention them, 360 cameras. This Smatree monopod that I chose, is also named a selfie stick, a telescoping pole, and a tripod because of its usage.

This monopod is a stable one or a strong one because of the material that it is made of. It includes aluminium and as already mentioned in some articles, it is one of the strongest and most used in the making of monopods and also tripods. The measurements of this monopod are 13.43 x 2.52 x 2.28 inches when collapsed, and if you want to extend it can go up to 36.6 inches. The weight is 1.04 pounds. Portability is more than clear based on its size and weight.

At the top part of the monopod, you will notice a ball head that provides and can be rotated up to 360 degrees so that you can capture at any angle. You can put your camera in it while using the locking system in case you don’t want any movement. Going down at the bottom part of the monopod, you will find a slip-resistant rubber piece so that when held on your hands it doesn’t move. Also at that part, you will find a wrist strap that helps you clearly if it is falling off accidentally.

In order to convert this monopod into a tripod, what you should do, is just use the three pieces of legs that come with the monopod, and attach them at the bottom of it.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Comfortable with the Rubber


  • Wobbly when extended on 36.6 inches

4. Altura Photo Monopod – Best Multi-Purpose

Since Altura means height, this monopod tells us that it can be tall enough to capture anything that you want with your 360 camera! It is a monopod for almost everything because it is compatible with different types of devices, the DSLR cameras that are used with WiFi, those great cheap mirrorless cameras, or while recording a podcast with a camcorder!

As for the size of this monopod, it measures 11.69 x 4.61 x 2.52 inches and the 11.69 inch tells what its size is when it is folded, however, it can also be extended on up to 55 inches so that you can easily use it however you want. During the process of folding and extending it, you can also choose any other height in between those that I mentioned. The weight on the other hand is 1.39 pounds, and it can easily accompany you because it is a fully portable monopod. As long as the material is concerned, it is also a monopod which is made of aluminium.

What is special about this product is that it comes with three types of mountings. You can choose to use the smartphone holder, the action camera holder, or the ball head for whatever you need it for. When we move down, you will deal with a strong foot when used as a monopod and it has rubber attached to it for better handling and not falling off.

However, as mentioned, this one also has many usages, so in order to turn it into a tripod, you attach again the three sections of legs, which can be fully adjusted.


  • Compatible with many Cameras
  • Three types of Mountings
  • Portable


  • Indeed at its price tag, there are no cons found

3. AFAITH Monopod – Best Carbon Fiber

Let’s have faith in Afaith because this monopod works amazingly with 360 cameras and some of these types of cameras that can be used are GoPro, Akaso, Dji Osmo Action, and some others. But, keep in mind that you cannot use it with other types of bigger cameras.

Differing from the two choices above, the Afaith monopod can be listed as the tallest monopod that you have ever seen! Firstly when collapsed, the measurements are 22.8 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches and when you want to extend it to the highest height possible it allows adjustments on up to 106 inches! The weight, in general, is 10.6 ounces, but still, it can handle weight up to 3.3 pounds. Well, besides the differences in height and weight it also has another huge difference; this monopod is made of carbon fibre which is even stronger than aluminium. It is a quite resistant monopod based on the material that it is made of when it comes to corrosion. When used with underwater 360 cameras, it can come with you underwater as well!

The monopod comes with only one way of mounting; one that can be used with 360 cameras. You can easily put your 360 camera and the only thing that you should do is to tighten the screw that is located on the side part. At the bottom is attached an anti-slip soft holder so that it doesn’t move or even fall off when you are holding it in your hand.


  • Perfect compatibility with Action Cameras
  • 106 inches when extended
  • Made of Carbon Fibre
  • Resistant to Corrosion


  • Should be Cleaned after used Underwater

2. SOONSUN 3-in-1 Monopod – Best Portable

Here we are moving on to another monopod and that cannot be other than the 3-in-1 monopod from Soonsun! With 3-in-1 I mean that it has multifunctional usage! It can work as a monopod firstly, a selfie stick, and also you can use it as a tripod when needed!

When it comes to the height adjustments while fully collapsed it measures 8.5 x 1.37 x 1.37 inches, however, it can also be extended on up to 28 inches. As for the weight, this monopod is 7.8 ounces; making it the best lightweight monopod that you can use. It is again a monopod made of aluminium, and it is steady enough to be used whenever you want during outdoor photography in general and also underwater and I think that it is the best thing that this monopod delivers.

The monopod comes with a 1/4 mount adapter in which you can easily attach or put your 360 camera by rotating the round screw. That screw also allows adjustments when it comes to tightening the camera onto the monopod. You can also use it as a handgrip, based on the folding ability that it owns. It is comfortable when used because it has a very soft silicone.


  • 3-in-1 Functions
  • Small when Collapsed
  • Can be Used with Smartphones plus Underwater
  • Lightweight


  • Only 28 inches when extended

1. Vidpro MP-66 – Best High-End

Differing from the other products that I already mentioned above, the Vidpro MP-66 is considered a super professional monopod, that indeed is used by many professional photographers. It is a great one, plus even though monopods don’t bring any technology, this one has some build features!

On the build quality of this monopod is also included aluminium as the material that it is made of. It is a quite strong and steady monopod, which can be used whenever and wherever you want because it is considered a robust monopod that is resistant to scratches. The measurements on this one are 25.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches when folded, while if you want to extend it, its highest height possible is 70 inches. When it comes to the general weight, it is a monopod that weighs 2.85 pounds.

The mounting on this monopod is possible when used the quick-release disc plate which is detachable and it also owns a bubble level with which you can adjust while taking a picture. It helps you balance and have in a way control over the monopod and the camera itself. That mounting can be tilted and rotated in order to achieve or follow the subject that is taken a picture of. When setting up this monopod you can use the “Air Lock” system which keeps the monopod and the camera super steady. At the bottom part, you can also use the three plastic legs, that in a way convert this monopod into a tripod.


  • Great Build Quality
  • Resistant + Can be used Underwater
  • Quick Mounting
  • Air Lock System


  • A bit Heavy
  • Pricey for Some


FAQ About Monopods

What catches my eye while researching for the best monopod for 360 cameras I notice that there is a misunderstanding when people talk about monopods in general. I can see that there are some questions that people ask for monopods, and that’s because they are quite unsure about the usage.

That’s why in this section I chose to add some of them!

What is a Monopod?

As a simple answer, a monopod is a camera accessory. It is single-legged support for different types of cameras and can be used in many ways. It is a very versatile accessory because it can be used not only with a camera but with binoculars, telescopes, and many other things that you don’t want to hold in your hands.

Why should I use a Monopod?

A monopod is a very flexible tool it can be easily put in your bag since they are small in size, when collapsed, and can be easily carried around. They are more lightweight, plus they don’t occupy too much place when put on anywhere for example you can even put it on your camera case.

When should I use a Monopod?

A monopod is a great accessory that can be used wherever and whenever you want! If you are interested in travel photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography, and for example using an action camera for motovlogging. It is your moment to choose and to use one. Since those types of photography are more captured outdoors, it is important to mention that a monopod can be used indoors as well, for example, you can use a monopod while taking your own boudoir photography as long as you chose some of the best lenses for boudoir photography.

How does a Monopod work?

There doesn’t exist a special, or proper way how to use a monopod. You can use it however you want! They can be held in your hands as well as they can be put on the ground. As you can notice, above I mentioned some monopods that can be used as a handgrip when in collapsed mode. The only thing that is the most important one is to be stable.

Final Thoughts

Well, that is it! I really hope you enjoyed reading the article that I wrote for you regarding the best monopods. I would like to mention that there are many different monopods that you can find in the market nowadays, but still, you should be careful and research and find more information if they work with a 360 camera. That can be only possible if you consider reading more about the mounting type.

The important thing is to choose one based on the type of camera that you are using, and why not based on your personal preferences!

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