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Best Photography Backdrops in 2023 (Top 5 Picks)

If your studio is lacking in style and personality, it’s time to invest in a few photography backdrops. A photography backdrop is essential whether you’re a professional photographer or just setting up a home studio.

By presenting some of the best photography backgrounds on the market, I am able to address a variety of questions on what makes the ideal backdrop.

A Quick Look at My Favorite Backdrops

Best Seamless Paper Backdrop
Savage Seamless Paper

Savage Seamless Paper

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Best Muslin Backdrop
Impact Crushed Muslin Background

Impact Crushed Muslin Background

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Best Canvas Backdrop
Westcott X-Drop

Westcott X-Drop

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Best Microfiber Backdrop
Kate Backdrop

Kate Backdrop

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Best Vinyl Backdrop
Savage Vinyl Backdrop

Savage Vinyl Backdrop

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Key Takeaways

  • Photography backgrounds are crucial when it comes to adding flair and individuality to your studio.
  • The Savage Vinyl Backdrop is the most significant photographic backdrop you can get since it offers so much and gives your studio a ton of flair.
  • The best canvas backdrop, the Westcott X-Drop, is seen here.
  • There are many different types of backgrounds, so pick the one that best suits the requirements of your studio.

Top 5 Best Photography Backdrops

5. Savage Seamless Paper – Best Seamless Paper Backdrop

Savage Seamless Paper

What I Like

  • High quality
  • Non-reflective
  • It has a plastic sleeve
  • Comes in a variety of colors

What I Don’t Like

  • Nothing at all

With this roll of Savage Super White Widetone Seamless Background Paper, you can photograph people and products against a smooth, uncluttered background.

For nearly 80 years, Savage Universal has been a global leader in photography backdrops and photography supplies.

This is a high-quality, non-reflective surface with a beautiful, fine-tooth feel, perfect for creating smooth and even backgrounds for fashion photography, portrait photography, YouTube videos, interviews, and more. It’s simple to use; you just simply unroll the amount you need.

It has a plastic sleeve that covers the roll while in transit and can be stored to keep the paper safe while not in use.

To minimize the risk of damaging the paper, store the paper vertically.

What I mostly like about this paper from Savage, it must be the variety of colors it has to offer, you can pretty much pick any color you can think off, be it a black one or even a green one, for green screen purposes. Definitely one of the best photography backdrops out there.

This can be used for product photography, portrait photography, and any other photography type you can think of.

Why should you buy it?

It checks all the requirements for a seamless paper; there’s nothing groundbreaking here, but then again, there’s nothing at fault either.

It’s large, white, and made of paper. Seriously, what more could one ask for?

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4. Impact Crushed Muslin Background – Best Muslin Backdrop

Impact Crushed Muslin Background

What I Like

  • High quality
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Easy to clean
  • Very Durable

What I Don’t Like

  • Nothing at all

I’ve got just the thing for photographers who prefer a muslin background.

Impact’s gray mist Crushed Muslin Background is crafted out of high-quality 100 percent cotton cloth and measures 10 x 12′.

The cloth is one-piece, so you won’t have to be concerned about a seam showing up in the shot. The crushed cloth has a rough, crinkled appearance that adds to the image’s overall vibe.

It is quite simple to clean; simply wash it separately in cold water with a moderate detergent.

To make hanging easier, it has a 3″ rod pocket and five eyelets. Additionally, a bag is included for easy storage and transportation.

It is also one of the most durable photography backdrops, if you take care of it, it might even last you a lifetime; you know of the saying that goes “If you take care of things, they last”.

Why should you buy it?

I feel bad that this is such an underappreciated photography backdrop; it doesn’t seem to get the recognition it deserves. It is a low-cost rug that is also quite well-made and of high quality.

Yes, it will allow light to pass through if hung in front of a window, but you can simply cover the window. If you’re looking for a muslin background, this one is worth considering.

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3. Westcott X-Drop – Best Canvas Backdrop

Westcott X Drop

What I Like

  • Very flexible
  • Can be rolled and stowed easily
  • It owns five built-in garments

What I Don’t Like

  • It could be more durable

The flexible 5×7′ Westcott X-Drop Canvas Backdrop by Glyn Dewis includes a vintage gray design and may be used as a background or a floordrop.

What I admire about this backdrop is how light it is. It is composed of a soft canvas that is free of reflections and can be rolled and stowed easily.

It promises to work well for headshots and video conferences, and, as previously stated, it can also be used as a floordrop.

As far as mounting goes, it has five built-in garments that make mounting on the wall quite easily.

The colors are bright and vibrant, giving it a high-end appearance, and on top of it all, it is quite durable, with no doubt that it is made to last.

Why should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a canvas backdrop, Westcott is a company that makes some of the best.

If you’re primarily a portrait photographer then it is sealed, waste no time and grab it.

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2. Kate Backdrop – Best Microfiber Backdrop

Kate Backdrop

What I Like

  • Made of microfiber
  • Very sturdy built
  • Comes in a variety of colors

What I Don’t Like

  • Nothing at all

Second, on the list, we have a really interesting pick made up of Kate.

Kate is a backdrop manufacturer that is seeking to establish a name for themselves.

They’re doing it somehow, and it’s not because I’m a “paid reviewer”, but because of what people are saying on popular websites like Amazon.

Anyway, this Kate background is constructed of microfiber, which is soft, sturdy, and easy to clean when compared to other materials.

It is anti-reflective and wrinkle-free, and it folds and transports easily.

It comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, and many others.

Also available in a variety of sizes, such as 5×7, 6×9, 8×10, and 10×12.

Why should you buy it?

It’s a really versatile backdrop that may be used for a variety of photographs.

It can be used for children, newborns, portraits, weddings, holiday parties, birthday parties, family decorations, businesses, and photography studios.

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1.Savage Vinyl Backdrop – Best Vinyl Backdrop

Savage Vinyl Backdrop

What I Like

  • Robust built
  • Easy cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting

What I Don’t Like

  • Nothing at all

Last but not least, we’ve got a vinyl backdrop. Yes, it’s another Savage masterpiece.

If you see a Savage backdrop, you can be sure that it’s good. This company excels at making them.

The pure white Savage 5 x 12′ Infinity Vinyl Background has a 507 gsm thickness and is robust and wrinkle-resistant. What I like about it is the 10 x 20 size format that it comes with, it pretty much can fit the whole family.

What’s more, is that it can be easily cleaned with a sponge and mild household cleaner. A lot of vinyl backdrops tend to struggle with the cleaning process.

You might be misled into buying a cheap imitation that only uses the vinyl part as a gimmick when buying a vinyl backdrop. That’s not the case with this one here

It’s extremely well-made and long-lasting.

Why should you buy it?

It’s Vinyl, bet that’s enough to push you on buying it. Oh, I almost forgot it is also from Savage.

Jokes aside, if you are in need of a vinyl backdrop, you can get this one since it proved to work wonders in many situations and mostly it comes from a trusted source.

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General Overview of Photography Backdrops

Photographers use backdrops to capture images of people, objects, or products. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs and can be manufactured with various materials.

Solid color backdrops, patterned backdrops, and chromakey backdrops are some particular and notable sorts of backgrounds that I will include.

Solid Color Backdrop

A single-color backdrop known as a “solid color” backdrop can be used to make a simple and easy background for a photograph. A solid black backgground can be used to create a dramatic impact, while a solid white backdrop can be used to highlight a product.

Patterned Backdrop

A “patterned” backdrop is a different kind of backdrop that has designs or patterns on it. These backdrops can be used to set a particular tone or theme as well as to add interest and texture to a photograph.

For example, a background with a brick wall design may be used to give a shot a vintage or industrial touch, while a backdrop with a floral pattern could be used to provide a romantic or childlike feel to a picture.

Chromakey Backdrop

A “chromakey” backdrop is a unique kind of backdrop used for special effects in both photography and film and it is another kind of background. This type of backdrop is typically bright blue or green, and after a subject is photographed in front of it, it can be edited in post-production using a method called compositing to remove them from the background and place them in another scene.

Since you now know that photography backdrops come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials and can be used for a wide range of photography needs, from simple and direct product shots to special effects in video production, you can see how important a tool they are for photographers to accomplish the desired look and feel for their photos.

The correct backdrop can help a photographer create a polished, professional-looking image and can also help establish the tone or themed of the image.

Using Photography Backdrops as a Beginner – When and Where to Use Them?

Any photographer can benefit from using photography backdrops, but beginning photographers especially enjoy them. Portraiture, product photography, event photography, and other types of photography can all benefit from the usage of backdrops.

The use of backdrops in portrait photography is one of the most popular. A backdrop can help in producing a clear and well-polished final image, whether you’re taking family pictures, headshots, or even senior portraits which all relate to portraitures.

Backdrops can be used to create a particular atmosphere or theme, such as an urban or natural location, or they can be used to create a neutral background that makes the subject stand out and serve as the focal point of the photograph.

Backdrops are often used in product photography. A backdrop can make the item stand out and appear more professional whether you are photographing products for an online store or a magazine. Backdrops can be used to provide a basic background or a customized environment that enhances the product.

Photography of events can also make use of backdrops. At a wedding, celebration, or other special occasion, backdrops might be used to create a memorable photo opportunity for the guests. Backdrops can be utilized to set up a particular theme or to highlight the branding of the event.

It’s important to think about the kind of photography you’ll be shooting while selecting a backdrop, as well as the overall look you want to achieve. For example, if you’re taking portrait photos, you might want to pick a background that matches the skin tone and attire of your subject. If you’re photographing products, you might want to use a background that matches the color and design of the items.

In conclusion, backgrounds are a flexible tool that may be applied to a range of photography settings, such as portrait, productt, and event photography. It can help in creating a polished, finished image that highlights the topic or item. Think about the kind of photography you’ll be shooting while selecting a backdrop, as well as the overall look you want to create.

Ideas with Which You Can Get Creative with Backdrops

Using photography backdrops is a wonderful way to add some fun and creativity into your pictures. You can use them in the following ways to brighten up your photos:

Make your subject shine with a colorful background. Use a bright blue or green background, for instance, if you’re photographing a friend wearing a white shirt to make the shirt stand out.

To give your images more depth, use a textured background. To further improve the reality of a photograph of a tree, for example, you might use a background with a natural wood pattern.

For a playful touch, use a backdrop with a cute pattern or design. To make a photo of your cat even cuter, for example, you can use a background with polka dots!

Make your subject appear to be outside by using a backdrop that features a natural landscape. For instance, you could usee a forest as the background of a photograph of your family to make them appear to be hiking.

Backdrops can also be used to recreate a scene from a cartoon or book. It might be a fortress or a forest. This is a fantastic method to add interest to your images for young viewers.

In order to establish a different setting or period, you might also use a backdrop. To create the illusion that you are in a different time period, you might use the backdrop of a historic street.

These are just a handful of the numerous clever ways that backdrops for photography can be used. The possibilities are endless with just a little imagination! Try using a backdrop the next time you take a photo to add even more interesting effects.

Buying Guide: Know Your Photography Backdrops

It’s crucial to inspect the material when looking for a photography backdrop. Most professional backgrounds are composed of vinyl or fabric, and each material has its own storage and care needs, as well as visual benefits for your photography.

Types of Photography Backdrops

Backdrops come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be used in a variety of ways. Let me introduce the most common one and throw in a few words regarding their usage.

Vinyl Backdrops

Starting with the most prominent, vinyl backdrops are utilized for high-key filming, imitation walls, and floors.

Canvas Backdrops

Canvas ones are employed for professional studio portraiture and low-key photography, however, they are also more expensive.

Muslin Backdrops

Muslin backdrops can be used for off-site shooting, casual portrait photographs, and standard photography; the cost varies depending on the size and material.

Seamless Paper Backdrops

Those are used for fashion photography and professional photography. Additionally, it is a lightweight material that’s easy to work with.

Fabrics Backdrops

Fabric ones like fantasy Cloth, velour, and velvet are utilized for artistic effects, creative lighting, and other purposes. The material of the background may vary depending on its intended use.

Digital backdrops

These are fantastic and more common nowadays; you can modify the display based on your interests by employing digital photography backdrops. Digital backgrounds are utilized at parties, corporate meetings, and other occasions. The main selling point of digital backgrounds is their portability and the ability to customize the patterns in the display.

Green Screen Backdrops

Green screen backdrops are some of the most popular and widely used backdrops out there. Green screen backdrops can be very versatile. A green screen can be used for live streaming or using them to replace the background with whatever you like.

Most professional photographers don’t prefer them though.

Sizes of Backdrops

If you’re not sure how big your backdrop should be, check out the great examples below.

Please keep in mind that all photography backdrop sizes are presented as “width x height.” You may also encounter different sizes, not all backdrops come in certain sizes, and the ones I mentioned are the most common ones.

3 x 5 / 5 x 3

Starting with the smallest size.

Being small suggests that it is designed for fairly small subjects.

You should use this one if you are photographing babies, products that you are attempting to sell online, or even pets.

5 x 5

This one is a little larger than the previous one.

I would recommend the 5 x 5 size, especially if you are working on a small a home studio with limited space

It can be used for headshots or half-body portraits, as well as for toddlers and other objects that might be a bit bigger than the small ones.

5 x 7 / 7 x 5


This one is great for portraits in general, but there won’t be enough room for a full-body shot.

You can use it to capture images of couples and groups of three people or less, more space if you take it horizontally.

6.5 x 10 / 10 x 6.5

This one would be ideal for a single full-length body portrait, such as a model’s photo session or anything similar.
You may also capture family portraits of up to 3-5 people if you use the 10ft x 6.5 methods.

8 x 10 / 10 x 8

If you were to ask me, I believe this is the perfect size for any photographer if they have the space.

It can capture anything from full-body portraits to family/group photos, and it can hold up to 6 people.

10 x 20 / 20 x 10

This is something that most professional studios have. It’s a size that can accommodate almost anything.

It’s quite adaptable because it can accomplish anything a smaller size can, but the same doesn’t go for the small size ones.

You can pretty much gather the whole family and it will be sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions


What material is best for backdrops?

It mostly boils down to preferences and the type of photography, the most used and favored ones would be the vinyl, canvas, and muslin. 

Is it possible to use fabric as a backdrop?

Yes, you can, I mentioned above that fabrics like cloth, velour, and velvet work decently.

What can I use as a backdrop for my home photography?

With a little bit of creativity, you can create your own paper plate backdrops, however, I would recommend buying one that is fabricated already.

Are all backdrops collapsible?

Collapsible backdrops are a must if you have a smaller studio. Collapsible backdrops are easier to carry around and you can fit more photography backdrops in your photo studio environment that way. Most high-end ones are collapsible backdrops, so that won’t be a problem.

Final Words

If you’re serious about photography or it’s your major source of income, don’t hesitate to invest in a backdrop. Even if my offer doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll need one sooner or later.

Before you go out and buy a backdrop, make sure you read through my guide first.

You can test out numerous options; you won’t have to worry about the price much because most of them are inexpensive and won’t break the bank.

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