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The Best Gloves For Photography (6 Picks Reviewed)

When you are a professional photographer, you deal with many different things, and one of them is the winter as a season. I’ve dealt with lots of difficulties during winter when I had to shoot outdoors, and I tried different kinds of gloves but still, I felt like they blocked my hands and I couldn’t do the job properly.

Searching around, I noticed that there were gloves that were particularly designed and made to help you take pictures even in the harshest weather condition. In this article, I will show you which are the best photography gloves, that can be used wherever and whenever you want.

Best Fingerless
Palmyth Ice

Palmyth Ice

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Best Multi-Purpose


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Best Water-Resistant
Vallerret Markhof Pro V3

Vallerret Markhof Pro V3

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Best Weatherproof
Heat Company Durable Liner Pro

Heat Company Durable Liner Pro

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Best Runner-Up


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Best Overall
SIMARI Winter Gloves

SIMARI Winter Gloves

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Without losing too much time, let’s take a closer look at the best photography gloves that I chose!

Top Six Best Photography Gloves

6. EnergeticSky – Best Multi-Purpose

The Energetic Sky gloves are one of the greatest winter gloves that you can find. They are used for almost everything that you need. Ski, snowboard, fishing, hunting, and more importantly these gloves are used during photography!

The material that these gloves are made of include mostly polyester, which is fully breathable. They are non-slip so you shouldn’t worry about your camera falling off.

What is special about the design of the gloves is that they are also water-resistant. In order to make them fully waterproof, you should use a 3M Thinsulate cotton above, and you are more than free, plus it keeps your hands super warm.

Your thumb and your index finger will be fully free since these gloves have a cut on those two parts. Therefore you are more than free to take pictures with them. Also, if your camera owns a touchscreen, you don’t have to open the cuts since both the index finger and the thumb own a touchscreen material.

The sizes that these gloves come in are small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. You can also choose from three colors, black, red, and yellow.

If you are someone that likes to do winter photography, then these winter photography gloves will serve you well, because they are waterproof gloves that can survive rough & mild winter easily.

5. Palmyth Ice – Best Fingerless

You can definitely work with ice if you have these gloves on your hands! The Palmyth Ice gloves are amazingly used for every type of outdoor activity during the winter season.

These gloves are made of a combination of some materials. On them is added leather, silicone, faux leather, and thermoplastic polyurethane. Also, on them is inserted a TPU membrane and by that, your hands won’t get sweaty.

The gloves are water-repellent and also they have a windproof shield so that you can freely use them whenever and wherever you want. In order to keep your hands warm, these gloves use the Thinsulate 3M too just as in the ones above.

Now, on these ones, you have a fully freehand. The gloves can be converted from mittens into fingerless gloves in just a second. The mittens own magnet so that you don’t even have to tighten them anywhere.

The sizes that you can choose on these gloves start from small to 3x large and the color that they come in is only grey.

I’ve used these gloves for landscape photography during cold weather and i’ve had a really good time with them. Definitely one of the best gloves for photographers.

4. Vallerret Markhof Pro V3 – Best Water-Resistant

Valleret is a brand that deals with photography gloves in the best way possible. As professionals in this field, they are very keen and they bring amazing gloves to the market. The ones that I chose are great ones, designed especially for photographers.

The material that is used in the making of these gloves is suede and twill. The twill owns a laminated membrane which is an amazing one when it comes to cold weather protection in general.

These gloves are durable as well. Based on the materials that they are made of, the gloves are water-resistant.

Just as the first gloves that I mentioned, the Valleret Markhof Pro V3 gloves also have a cut on the index finger and the thumb so that you can easily use your camera. The finger caps that can be moved own small magnets within and you can adjust them in the easiest way possible.

There are many sizes that you can choose between on these gloves, and they include extra small, slim, small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. However, the color that these gloves come in is black.

3. Heat Company Durable Liner Pro – Best Weatherproof

The Heat Company is a brand that as the name suggests deals with your hands and feet as well. They launch their products to keep your hands and feet fully warm. However, in this article I am writing about the best photography gloves; Let’s see what the Heat Company did with these ones!

The material that these gloves are made of is Polartec; a soft synthetic material or fabric that is made of polyester fibers. It brings great warmth to your hands even in the harshest weather condition.

These gloves are amazingly water repellent and also wind-resistant! So that means that you can use these gloves whenever you see that the weather is not great, rain, snow, or only just wind.

Three fingertips of these gloves all have a touch ability when it comes to touchscreens use. These gloves are not only used when you are using a camera, but also you can use them easily with your phone.

There are again different sizes that you can choose from. From small to xx-large, but keep in mind that you should always choose a smaller size than the ones you always use.

2. Jeniulet – Best Runner-Up

A fancy name can only bring fancy amazing gloves! The Jeniulet gloves are 100% winter gloves and are used by many photographers all around the world. Seems like photographers are in love with Jeniulet.

The Jeniulet gloves are made of Dacron. It is a material, that is used to wrap cushions in order to create a sharper and fulfilled appearance. This material is fully anti-wrinkles and it fits amazingly anywhere.

Based on Dacron, the photography gloves are windproof and they protect your hands from the subzero temperatures of the cold weather. The gloves are fully water repellent as well, and they are usable in any type of weather condition.

Differing from the other gloves, that I already mentioned above, on the Jeniulet ones you have five fingers that can be used with any type of touchscreen. They all work more than great.

The sizes that the gloves come in are from medium to xx-large; so there is no small size. The color that the Jeniulet gloves come in is black.

1. SIMARI Winter Gloves – Best Overall

Simari is also a brand that deals with handwear and footwear. It is a quite well-known brand and it brings some of the most amazing photography gloves. I would like to mention here that the gloves that I chose from Simari, are not only used for photography. You can use them for whatever you need; construction, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and most importantly while shooting outdoor photography.

On the making of these photography gloves, is included a totally windproof material, and also a little bit of silicone. With the silicone, you will notice that while having the camera in your hands it won’t fall off in any way. There are also added reflection patterns.

The gloves own a touch screen design, meaning that you can easily use any device without having to take the gloves off of your hands. They work properly in any type of touchscreen that the camera has.

The Simari photography gloves come in with a variety of choices according to the colors. You can choose between black, grey, green, dark green, pink, blue, and purple. The sizes come from small to x-large. 

Buying Guide

In case you are in doubt about what you need to know, when it comes to the best gloves, I chose to tell you what should you consider before choosing them. The list is not quite large, but still, the things that you should consider are:


The material that the photography gloves, in general, are made of not only tell how they look! I’ve heard that some people cannot stand every type of material directly on their skin, and I think that it is an important issue. Check carefully what material is added to the gloves that you are about to buy, and then choose the one that doesn’t bother you.


Many gloves are designed for the winter season but still, they can get wet pretty fast and they don’t allow you to do the job that you are supposed to, in this case, to take pictures. You should see if the photography gloves that you are about to buy are waterproof so that you can work without any worry.


Prices always vary on different things. Since on the photography gloves, are added features like touchscreen ability, the Thinsulate 3M, and some others, you should expect the price to be higher.

As I always say, the higher the price, the higher the features.


Now, the colors of the gloves fully depend on you and on your preferences. As you can see above at the gloves that I mentioned, some come in different colors and some come in only one color. However, it is a thing that is only based on you.

FAQ about the Best Photography Gloves

Do professional photographers use gloves?

If you are interested in my opinion as a professional, I do love to wear gloves when I shoot, especially when the weather on that day doesn’t really cooperate with me. They really are a big help.

Why do I need gloves for photography?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, and as mentioned above, the weather is not always great and when you shoot outdoors you would definitely need a pair of photography gloves that would help you do the job easily, besides keeping your hands warm. However the warmness of your hands is the most important thing in this case.

If you practice winter photography, then you probably know that winter photography gloves are extremely important. You don’t want your hands to freeze while trying to take the perfect shot, do you?

Are there special photography gloves?

Even though you may encounter many gloves when looking in the market, there are some special gloves that help you during outdoor photography. They are warm first, and then they help you take pictures in the easiest possible.

Should my photography gloves be waterproof?

In my opinion, I would say yes! Especially when it is raining or snowing and your camera is already built to withstand any weather condition. Most of the gloves listed on this are winter photography gloves, so you can’t go wrong with any of the glove models i listed here.

Do photography gloves have a touch screen function?

You should always know that different types of photography gloves come with different types of features! There are photography gloves that come with a touchscreen function but still, there are some that don’t. However, I think that the gloves that have this feature are better since most of the new cameras that are on the market nowadays have a touchscreen. You should look for a pair of great photography gloves that also have finger caps.

Are photography gloves unisex?

Even though basic gloves are separated when it comes to women or men, when we deal with photography gloves, as you can see above, they are mostly unisex. It only depends on the size and sometimes on the colors of the gloves.

Final Words

Before we end, i would also suggest you read our recommended weather sealed camera article, because shooting during the winter requires a pretty strong camera.

Finding the best ones is the easiest thing to do! At least that’s what I think. However, as you can see above, there are many features that make basic gloves special and usable during photography.

After some hours of researching, I was able to find some of the best photography gloves that I mentioned above, and I definitely assure you that they are the best ones!

Further Reading

Basically, photography gloves are a necessity during the winter season, especially if you already own a camera for photographing a sunset or a camera for photographing the landscapes These are the types of photography that you should definitely be outside in order to capture the best picture ever.

However, if you already chose the photography gloves but need something else that would help you carry on your camera equipment or accessories, I would advise you to check out my article regarding the best action camera cases & bags, of course, if you own an action camera.

What can I say more besides have fun!