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The 5 Best SD Cards For Sony A6000

Sony A6000 is an immersive mirrorless camera that is definitely worth it! The camera is perfect in many ways based on its very powerful Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor and the BIONZ X image processor. The camera is fully an Alpha with the perfect features that it brings to you!

Of course, the amazing Sony a6000 needs an SD card, in order to memorize in a way the pictures that you take with it! Sony cameras in general support SD memory cards with these storage types: SD, SDHC, and SDXC. In this article, you will find the best SD cards for Sony A6000. Let’s get straight into it!

Best Overall
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Best Runner-Up
SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO
SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO
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Most Affoardable
Netac Micro SD Card
Netac Micro SD Card
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Best Value
Transcend TS64GSDC500S-E
Transcend TS64GSDC500S-E
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Best For Most People
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Let’s take a closer look at the SD cards!

The Top 5 Best SD Cards For Sony A6000

5. Sony TOUGH-M – Best Overall

A Sony camera definitely needs an SD card that comes from the same company! What could be better? This SD card is a Class10 and it comes in three options of capacity as 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Since we tested the one with 64GB, let us tell you more about it!

This SD card in general is very durable! It is dustproof with an IPX6 rating and also waterproof with an IPX8 rating, meaning that it works amazingly even in the harshest weather conditions and at any temperature! Just as the name already tells, this SD card is a very tough one that means that it could last a lot! With a ribless design, the SD memory card has a minimized risk of losing data.

As already mentioned at the beginning, we tested the SD card that has a capacity of 64GB. The memory type or the hardware interface of this SD memory card is SDHC and that means that this Sony SD card has a high capacity. It is capable of keeping high-quality pictures as well as 4K resolution videos that are shot at 60MB/s!

The SD memory card in general is very fast! It has a reading speed capacity of up to 277MB/s and a minimum writing speed of 150MB/s. With this SD memory card you take faster pictures, record faster, and the file transferring process is very fast too, thanks to the UHS-II which works at 312 MB/s!

4. SanDisk Extreme Pro – Best Runner-Up

SanDisk is a very powerful SD card that s used with very powerful cameras, just as the Sony a6000 is! With its name, it tells us that it is really an extreme SD card. It is also a Class10 card and comes in many capacities and those are 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and also 1TB so, you can easily choose between them, based on what your camera accepts!

Just as the first one already mentioned, this SD memory card is also extremely durable! It can withstand a lot because it is waterproof, X-Ray proof, shockproof, and temperature proof! It is indeed an SD card that can be used wherever and whenever you want to! Its durability is related to the period of time that you can use it!

It comes with many capacities but we’ve been able to test the 64GB one! The hardware interface of this one is SDXC meaning that it has an extended capacity. With this SD memory card, you can shoot easily 4K UHD videos and Full HD videos at 30MB/s, as well as high-quality images!

The minimum writing speed on this SD card works at up to 90MB/s and the reading speed works at 170MB/s. In case you want to transfer your files to any other device, you are more than free to do so because the SD card is a UHS-I meaning that it works on 104MB/s. This SanDisk SD card includes a RescuePro Deluxe, which fully helps you to restore any data that you may have lost!

3. NETAC MICRO SD CARD – Most Affordable

Since Netac as a brand for SD memory cards is around the world for two decades already, the products that it brings to us are more than amazing! This card is Class 10 too and it is a Micro SD card that makes it differ from the other two mentioned above! It needs an SD card adapter in order to work perfectly with your Sony A6000. It comes in with many capacities but still, we need 64GB for this camera!

Durability is also its specialty! It is an SD memory card which is IPX7 waterproof rated, it is shockproof, x-ray proof and also it works in a perfect way on any temperature or weather condition, plus, it is anti-magnetic!

As already mentioned at the beginning this SD card is a MicroSD meaning its hardware interface! It is amazingly capable of keeping 4K and FHD videos that are shot at 30MB/s because the video speed class is V30. As per its highest speed, it can work on up to 100MB/s. The transfer of the files in between devices is very fast as well based on its UHD-I (104 MB/s).

2. Transcend TS64GSDC500S-E – Best Value

Transcend is a well-known name for SD memory cards. It has amazing products that besides working amazingly with cameras, also work with many different devices! This SD card also comes in different storage capacities that include 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. It is also an SD card that takes place on Class 10 and it will work more than grat with your Sony A6000.

The SD card in general is strong and durable! It is waterproof with a rating of IPX7 and it can be used underwater for up to 1 meter in 30 minutes! Besides being waterproof, it is also shockproof, X-Ray proof, and temperature proof from -25 degrees to 85 degrees!

This SD card’s hardware interface is SDHC which already tells the amazing capacity that it owns! We tested the 64GB and it was an amazing one for storing 4K videos with a video speed class of V30. The reading speed on this SD card works at 95MB/s while the writing speed works at 60MB/s. With the help of

Exclusive RecoveRx software, you can restore data that have been accidentally deleted! Since it is an SD card that has a UHS-I interface the transferring data in between devices is very fast! For the money, i would say that this is the best sd memory card out there right now.

1. INLAND PREMIUM SD CARD – Best For Most People

This SD card comes from Inland and it comes as a full size, meaning that you don’t need any extra adapter in order to use it with Sony A6000. Besides Sony, it is an SD card that can also be used with many other devices! It is also Class 10, just as the other ones mentioned above, and this one too comes in many capacities of storage starting from 64GB up to 256GB.

It is a durable SD card and it is fully waterproof, shockproof, X-Ray proof, and also temperature proof meaning that it can withstand from lowest to highest temperatures. In simpler words, this SD card is fully weather-sealed. Besides being durable it securely keeps your data and brings to you the ability to restore them.

The hardware interface of this SD card is SDXC which is extended capacity. It storages perfectly 4K videos and Full HD videos with a video speed class of 30MB/s. The reading speed and writing speed work from 35MB/s to 80MB/s. Transferring files is also very easy and fast based on it that it is a UHS-I SD card.

Overall, if you’re a casual photographer, this SD card will be for you. It has good transfer speeds for the price and gets the job done pretty well.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about SD cards in general, and SD cards for Sony A6000

What storage capacities should I get for Sony A6000?

As you can notice, all of the SD cards mentioned in this article have a capacity of 64GB! The reason that they are all the same, is because the Sony A6000 camera accepts SD cards that go up to 64GB.

Can I use Sony A600 without an SD card?

This is the biggest mistake that you will do! A Sony A6000 can never be used without an SD card and you definitely shouldn’t ever try it!

Does an SD card affect the quality of pictures or videos?

Picture or video quality is not affected by the SD card in any possible way! But, it is important to know that if the card doesn’t match the camera performance there may be some problems, during shooting!

The number of pictures that you can shoot with different storage capacities of SD cards:

  • 16GB SD memory card – you can shoot about 1200 images
  • 32GB SD memory card – you can shoot about 2400 images
  • 64GB SD memory card – you can shoot about 4800 images
  • 128GB SD memory card – you can shoot about 9600 images
  • 256GB SD memory card – you can shoot about 19200 images
  • 512GB SD memory card – you can shoot more than about 38000 images

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you need a general opinion about all the cameras mentioned in this article, our advice for you would be to keep an eye on the capacities and the speed that an SD card offers or works at! Based on them you will definitely be able to choose the best one for your camera, of course knowing with what your camera works!