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Best Speedlights For Nikon D5300 in 2022

Nikon D5300 is a very compact DSLR camera which is around the world for almost a decade now! It is an amazing camera that in fact is mostly used by professionals! With the features that are found on this camera, your pictures will be shown not only great but perfectly!

In case you already own a Nikon D5300 and you are looking for a speedlight to make it fully complete, you are at the right place! In this article, you will find the best speedlights for Nikon D5300.

Best Overall
Nikon SB-910
Nikon SB-910
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Best for Most People
Nikon SB-500
Nikon SB-500
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Best Portable
Neewer NW760
Neewer NW760
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Most Durable
Godox TT685II
Godox TT685II
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Best For The Money
Meike MK430
Meike MK430
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The 5 Best Speedlights For Nikon D5300

5. Nikon SB-910 – Best Overall

What could be considered a better speedlight for a Nikon camera than a speedlight that comes from the Nikon company? Here is the first one with amazing compatibility with all DSLR cameras from Nikon.

The measurements of this external flash are 5.7 x 3.1 x 4.4 inches and it weighs 1 pound. Its mounting includes a hot shoe and it stands sturdily on your camera without causing any inconvenience! The head of the speedlight, can be tilted down at 7 degrees downwards and at 90 degrees upwards. The horizontal and vertical movements both work at full 180 degrees!

The zoom range of this external flash adjusts to both FX and DX. While in FX it works from 17 to 200 mm, while in DX it works from 12 to 200 mm. The guide number is 34 when it is used at ISO 100, 35 mm.

The recycling time on this speedlight varies on what battery are you using it with, since in this case the review is with a Lithium-ion battery the recycling time works at 4.5 seconds and the battery promises 230 flashes.

4. Nikon SB-500 – Best for Most People

Here goes another version of Nikon speedlights from the Nikon company itself! Seems like nothing can go wrong with this one either! This speedlight is compatible with many DSLR cameras with an exception of the D1 and D100 series.

This external flash weighs 9.6 ounces which means that it is lightweight and it measures 2.79 x 2.64 x 4.51 inches. The placement or mounting is also via the hot shoe and its body, in general, is very strong so that the speedlight doesn’t move at all. The head of the speedlight can be tilted up to 90 degrees and the horizontal movements go left and right in a maximum of 180 degrees.

The guide number of Nikon SB-500 is 79 at ISO 100. The zoom range of this speedlight is adjusted with the lens that your camera owns!

Since this speedlight can be used with two types of batteries, such as Ni-MH with which the recycling time is 3.5 seconds, and with Alkaline batteries it works at 4 seconds. The Ni-MH batteries promise 100 full-power flashes and the Alkalines promise 140 flashes.

3. Neewer NW760 – Best Portable

Neewer as a brand cannot be left unmentioned! Some of you may know why, but for those that don’t, Neewer has brought to the market many camera types of equipment, that work with many different things! This Neewer speedlight has an amazingly wide range of compatibility with many Nikon DSLR cameras.

The measurements of this speedlight are ‎3.7 x 2.87 x 8.31 inches and it weighs 14.8 ounces. Based on its lightweight it is a full-portable product that is an amazing travel companion and it comes with you wherever you go! The vertical rotation angle works at up to 90 degrees and when moved horizontally it goes on to 270 degrees. It is a very sturdy speedlight, that when is put on the camera with the hot shoe mount it is very secure and sturdy.

The zoom range of this speedlight fully works and adjusts itself with the lens that your camera owns or works with. Its guide number on the other hand is 58 at ISO 100 on 180mm. The recycling time is 3 seconds when it is used with four pieces of AA alkaline batteries and also this speedlight works perfectly even with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries! The number of flashes that it brings is between 100 to 1500!

2. Godox TT685II – Most Durable

Godox is a very famous name for speedlights! It has many speedlights that work with many cameras from the most famous brands! In this category of course falls Nikon D5300 as an amazing camera! Besides working with this camera it also has amazing compatibility with Canon and Sony cameras.

Godox TT685II measures 8.03 x 3.62 x 3.23 inches and weighs 1.28 pounds. Made of very strong materials and then covered in plastic, it is a very durable speedlight which as many users say could last for a very long period of time!

Its tilting ability works from 7 degrees up to 120 degrees, and its full rotation works at 330 degrees! The mounting is very easy and very strong at the same time, while it also owns a quick-release lock!

The guide number is 60 at ISO 100 and the flash in general, because of its amazing power, covers or illuminates a range of 20 to 200 mm! The recycle time of Godox TT685II is from 0.1 to 2.6 seconds with the rechargeable powerful Ni-MH battery.

This is a very durable nikon flash, so if you are someone that takes your camera with you on rough weather conditions, this flash unit will serve you well.

1. Meike MK430 – Best For The Money

From lenses and speedlights to the smallest accessories that you may need for your camera, Meike is here with its staggering products! Meike MK430 is a real amazing speedlight, that is specially made for Nikon cameras and of course, it is compatible with many of them!

It has very compact built, measuring 7.24 x 3.43 x 2.95 inches and weighing 1.12 pounds. It is also a speedlight that is mounted via the hot shoe and it is really very strong on its built firstly and then it is very strong while staying on your camera. It is very flexible and it can easily be moved horizontally to 90 degrees and its full rotation angle is 270 degrees.

The guide number of this speedlight is 36 at ISO 100 and it works at 105 mm. The zoom range in a way is adjustable which makes you choose how much it should cover! With the amazing 4 AA size batteries, it allows you to use it for about 100 to 1500 flashes, and with these types of powerful batteries its recycle time is approximately 4 seconds.

Definitely a great external flash for your nikon camera.


Main reasons why you need a speedlight:

  • More Power – It is considered better than the built-in flash because of its power
  • Control – With a speedlight, you have more control over the flash
  • Portable – Speedlights are made and built for amazing portability
  • Affordable – Considering the fact that they are needed accessories for you, the price tags that they come with is very reasonable