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The Best Tripods For Canon EOS M50 – Which One Is For You?

Canon EOS M50 is a camera that is aimed at professionals mostly! It is a mirrorless camera which even though is used mos by professionals is very easy to be used. It is packed with an APS-C CMOS sensor that works combined with the DIGIC 8 image processor. The quality of the pictures is immersive and it also brings to you an amazing video resolution of 4K. The camera is a launch from Canon in 2018 and it is definitely one of the best cameras ever made!

If you need a tripod for your Canon EOS M0 seems that you are at the best place! In this article, you will find the best tripods for Canon M50.

Best Value
Manfrotto 055 Aluminum
Manfrotto 055 Aluminum
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Best Carbon Fiber
Zomei Z818C
Zomei Z818C
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Most Durable
Victiv Tripod
Victiv Tripod
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Best Budget
Amazon Basics 60-Inch
Amazon Basics 60-Inch
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Best Overall
UBeesize Tripod
UBeesize Tripod
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The Top 5 Best Tripods For Canon M50

5. Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3 – Best Value

Manfrotto as a company always comes with the best accessories for any camera! It is a great choice for photographers because it always knows its way through the market!

This tripod from Manfrotto is a great choice, especially for mirrorless cameras, just as Canon EOS M50 is! Besides them, it also works with DSLR cameras that are lightweight.

The measurements of this tripod are 24.02 x 5 x 5 inches and it has a weight of 5.5 pounds. The material that Manfrotto used on this tripod is aluminum, and that makes this tripod a very durable and long-lasting one. The extended version of this tripod measures 67 inches (170 cm) and the collapsed version measures 3.5 inches (9 cm). Based on its collapsed size the tripod could fit almost everywhere! As per its weight limit, meaning how much it could handle, the cameras that you use this tripod with shouldn’t weigh more than 19.8 pounds.

The stability of this tripod is based on its locks which are known as QPL (Quick Power Levels), they are very strong and with them, you can adjust the camera any way you want.

Once the camera is adjusted, it is ready to be used in the most precise form, because this tripod owns a bubble level, which helps you for the stability of the camera and the precision while shooting with it. In general, it can be rotated in any way possible for better use!

This tripod offers excellent image stabilization, and i definitely recommend it to everyone.

4. Zomei Z818C – Best Carbon Fiber

Zomei is a company that also deals with many camera equipment or camera accessories. The best thing about it is their tripods! I’m not saying that other things are good enough, but the tripods are definitely their thing! This tripod, the Zomei Z818C is a great tripod that works with many things! It is compatible with many cameras, camcorders, and it is a great choice for outdoor photography such as nighttime photography or landscape photography.

Zomei Z818C measures 0.67 x 5.04 x 5.04 inches and weighs 3.3 pounds. An interesting fact about this tripod’s design is that it comes in four colors such as black, blue, gold, and orange. Even though most of the tripods come only in black color this one comes in a variety of colors and lets you choose between them! The material that is used on the built of this tripod is carbon fiber.

It is not only durable, but it is the most durable material, that can ever be used on a tripod! The height of the tripod when it is collapsed measures 18.11 inches (46 cm) and when extended it can go up to 68 inches (174.5 cm). The capacity of this tripod allows you to put on it cameras that weigh up to 35 pounds.

The locks on this tripod are also very strong and the legs after locked stay just the way you want them to be. The legs are each and every one adjustable for a better view with your camera in any environment. On the top of the tripod, you can see the ball head handle that has a secure grip so that your camera won’t fall off! The stability of the tripod is also based on the locks and adjustment of legs and the bubble level for a more precise view!

We buy tripods because of image stabilization right? Well, this tripod has amazing image stabilization, and this makes it a great pick for your Canon M50.

3. Victiv Tripod – Most Durable

Victiv is a company that owns a specialization on tripods! It has amazing products that come with amazing quality! High quality doesn’t fall off on this tripod that is reviewed for you in this article either! It has amazing features, it is strong, and besides them, it is compatible with many different cameras from different companies such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony, and it is also compatible with smartphones and tablets!

The material that this tripod is made of is aluminum with a little combination of rubber! It is known and in fact, it is a durable tripod that can stay with you for a long period of time, besides that, it is also a travel companion for you which means that it is a portable one! The whole measurements of this tripod are 23. 39 x 4.33 x 4.33 inches and it weighs 4.19 pounds. When this Victiv tripod is fully extended it measures 72 inches (182 cm) and when it is folded or collapsed it measures 21.6 inches (54 cm). This tripod handles or works with cameras that weigh less than 12 pounds.

The motion with this tripod is great because it allows rotation on 360 degrees, which makes it an omnidirectional tripod. It captures every single thing, in the place that you want to take a picture, or to shoot a video. With its strong locks, you don’t have to worry at all about its stability and strength since it keeps the camera quite sturdy, remember once it is well adjusted. Besides being a tripod it can also work perfectly great as a monopod! On the side, it has a handgrip so that you can have control over it!

2. Amazon Basics 60-Inch – Best Budget

These types of tripods come in many different sizes, and in this article, we chose the one that is 60 inches, just as the name supplies. It is a great tripod that works with many cameras such as DSLR, action cameras such as GoPro, and of course, mirrorless cameras just like Canon EOS M50 is. Plus, this tripod comes in with a very affordable price tag!

The measurements of this tripod are 24.21 x 4.4 x 4.1 inches and it weighs about 2.72 pounds. Its height is also adjustable like every tripod, and when this one is collapsed measures 25 inches (63 cm), and when its height is extended it goes high up to 60 inches (152 cm). The tripod in general is lightweight and could fit everywhere, and even though it is lightweight it can carry cameras that weigh up to 6.6 pounds. It is made also of aluminum and is a long-lasting tripod.

With the two built-in bubble levels on this tripod, you will have full stabilization and no crooked pictures or video recordings. Its 3-way head can be tilted and swiveled so that you can have better movement with the tripod as well as with your camera.

On top of it is the placement of the camera, of course, it uses a quick-releasable plate and it is very easy to use. The locks are more than strong, they keep the camera very sturdy so that you don’t have to keep an eye on it every time unless it is adjusted on the extended height since it may wobble a bit! The legs are a little bit made of rubber at the bottom so that the tripod won’t slip even in the most slippy areas or places.

Overall, it’s a great budget friendly tripod.

1. UBeesize Tripod – Best Overall

This tripod is all in one! When I say all in one I mean that it is a tripod that works with many devices! Devices such as cellphones, webcams, tablets, projectors, Ipads. And for sure, different types of cameras such as the smallest ones which are action cameras, DSLR cameras, camcorders, and mirrorless cameras! It will definitely be a great fit for your Canon EOS M50.

The BeeSize on its name doesn’t really mean that it is a small tripod! It measures 17.4 x 12.56 x 4.41 inches and weighs 3.76 pounds. The material that this one is made of is aluminum alloy and ABS resin. These two are very strong materials, and the tripod, in general, is considered as a very durable tripod, as well as one that can accompany you wherever you go, and stay with you for a long period of time. The extended version of this tripod measures 60 inches (152 cm) while the collapsed version or the minimum height measures 4.5 inches (11 cm). The capacity of this tripod allows you to put on or carry on it cameras that weigh up to 11 pounds.

The tripod is also an omnidirectional one that can be rotated on 360 degrees. It captures the whole environment that you are in. The locks are perfectly fine, carrying and securing the camera or any other device in the best way possible. There is a bubble level also for stability and a better shot of a video or a picture. An important and great detail about this tripod is that it can be used in landscape mode for landscape photography which is normal since every tripod does that, but this one, can also be turned into a portrait mode for portrait shootings!


Advantages and disadvantages of using a tripod

As you all may know, everything that we use from things for everyday life to things that have to do with our professional lives has its advantages and disadvantages. Well, the same thing goes with tripods too.

Advantages of using a tripod:

  • Stability – Tripods are very stable, and keep your shots stabilized too!
  • Flexibility – If you need flexibility then a tripod is the best way to achieve it!
  • Can be used for many things – You can attach to your tripod everything! A flashlight, a light ring, and many other things!
  • Great for long exposure shots – Using a slow shutter speed is difficult when you keep the camera in your hand, the tripod works perfectly with it!
  • Great for Low light Photography – When shooting in low light you need more light, increasing the ISO of your camera will have flickery images, and since a tripod stays still and with a slower shutting speed, low light pictures will be perfect! All you need is the correct Canon M50 zoom lens and you’re good to go!
  • Great for shooting videos – Videos are important too! If you want to shoot time-lapse videos then a tripod is definitely necessary!
  • Adjustable Height – Don’t lay on the ground and most importantly don’t climb on high places! A tripod with its adjustable height setting does it for you!

Disadvantages of using a tripod:

  • They are somewhat expensive – Even though there are tripods that come with a reasonable price, there are some that may be too much!
  • Some may take time to be set up – This means that they are clumsy! Find the best one, and the easiest one to use so that you won’t have any issue with it and don’t waste your time! Look for a tripod with a quick release plate for your convenience.
  • Some of them are heavy – Heavy tripods lose your time too! Since tripods are mostly used for outdoor photography you will need one that is lightweight and of course, portable!
  • When extended may be wobbly – As you can see, height is both an advantage as well as a disadvantage! Do not extend the tripod as much as you don’t have control over it because it may be a problem!
  • They might mean that you are stuck – When shooting with a tripod, it means that you should stay in one place! In case you want another angle, besides moving the camera angle, you should move the whole tripod!

What are the three most important things about a tripod?

Even though there are many things that you should consider when purchasing the best tripod, there are still the three most important ones that photographers seem to care about. And, those are the weight, height, and stability. They all work combined with each other!