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Best Wide Angle Lenses for Sony A7III (Comparison)

While doing my routine tests with the Sony A7iii, i decided to test 13 different wide angle lenses, and i was able to shortlist 5 of them. Out of those 5, the Rokinon RK12M-E was the best bang for your buck, meaning it provided amazing value for your money. If you are looking for something that is more professional, then the Sony E 10-18mm, F4 OSS is a great option. I will talk about each of these lenses in detail in the following sections, and we will discuss their pros and cons.

Sony A7 III is a mirrorless interchangeable-lens digital camera that is the most useful full-frame cameras available in the market. It features a combination of value and efficiency. The camera can capture amazing shots even in low light conditions. One can also use this camera to capture wide-angle photos with specialized lenses.

Best For Low-Light
Sony FE 20mm F1.8 SEL20F18G
Sony FE 20mm F1.8 SEL20F18G
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Best For Portraits
Sony 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T FE ZA
Sony 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T FE ZA
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Best For Travel
Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM (SEL1635GM)
Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM (SEL1635GM)
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The Most Versatile
Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS SEL1018
Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS SEL1018
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Best For Landscapes
Rokinon 12mm F2.0 (RK12M-E)
Rokinon 12mm F2.0 (RK12M-E)
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Wide-angle lenses, as the name suggests, are the ones that offer a significantly broader view than that of other lenses. If you are interested in outdoor and landscape photography with your Sony A7 III, you must pick the right wide-angle lens. We have come with a list of 5 best wide-angle lenses for Sony A7 III and hope it will help you invest in the right product. If you are looking for the same, here is the list to explore.

Top 5 Best Wide Angle Lens for Sony A7 III

5. Rokinon RK12M-E

Rokinon’s 12mm ultra-wide lens can be the best pick for Sony mirrorless cameras in your budget. It is a prime super lens designed for wide-angle photoshoots. The lens is compatible with most of the Sony E mount cameras.

The lens comes with a nanocrystal coating system (NCS) that facilitates improved light transmission. The technology also reduces internal reflections during the shoot.

The aperture range of the lens is f2.0-22, while the ultra-wide focal length is 12mm. The minimum focusing distance of the lens is 7.9″. The lens has been optimized for outstanding optical quality. With this versatile lens, you will be able to capture excellent optimal quality images.

The lens provides accurate ultra-wide 110-degree coverage for an edge-to-edge photoshoot. The lens utilizes three high precision lens elements to ensure outstanding image quality and features a 67mm filter size.

The aperture is relatively fast, and it will help the shooter to capture beautiful images in low-light conditions. The lens helps to deliver extremely sharp images. Rokinon is one of the leading DSLR lens manufacturers globally, and their lenses are known for their unparalleled quality and performance. The lens features a compact design and is excellent as a travel accessory.

The lens makes low-light photography and videography unique. Its super-fast aperture will enable you to shoot indoor without using the flash. If you love traveling, this compact camera lens can be a perfect companion for you.

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4. Sony Wide Angle Lens, E 10-18mm, F4 OSS

If you are a professional photographer and love capturing landscapes or striking interior shots with your camera, this wide-angle lens is designed for you.

This versatile camera lens and it will allow you to capture stunning photographs without any distortion.

The lens will help you to capture great photos, even in low light conditions. The Sony F4 OSS lens delivers the best quality images, and seasoned photographers love it.

The minimum focal length of the lens is 10mm, while the minimum focus distance is 0.82ft/0.25mtr. The max magnification ratio of the lens is 0.1x. The maximum aperture is f/4, while the minimum is f/22. The super-wide zoom lens will make landscape photography amazing. The lens is suitable for both amateur and seasoned photographers.

The lens features circular aperture blades that cause a blurred effect in the background. Unlike the traditional optical glasses, ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass reduces chromatic aberration and ensures greater contrast in the images.

Besides, its aspherical lens elements will reduce spherical aberration. It features lens-based optical stabilization technology. It helps the users to deal with even the slightest movement efficiently.

The manufacturer has used a silent linear motor that makes the lens exceptionally quiet. Also, you will get a distance encoder and play a crucial role in flash metering. The lens component can detect the target object’s position and send signals to the CPU to analyze the distance of the target object. That’s why it’s considered to be a great lens for real estate photography.

The lens also comes with internal focusing as an additional feature. The short minimum focusing distance and quick autofocusing help the camera to capture stunning images. The lens features a filter threat in the front, and it does not rotate with the lens. If you use a polarizing filter, the feature will be an added advantage for you.

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3. Sony Zoom Lens, FE 16-35mm, F2.8 GM 

This versatile lens is meant for those photographers who work on action shoots. If you cover sporting events or any such situations where quick shots are required, you can prefer this lens. Manufactured by Sony, many professional photographers around the world love this lens. At 35mm, one can use the lens to shoot high-quality photographs.

If you like documentary style photographing, this lens will be an ideal choice for you. It will give you a semi-wide perspective required to capture some fantastic and distortion-free photographs.

The lens will also allow you to zoom out to 16mm when capturing the wide landscapes. The lens is intended to get 50 lines pair/mm ability.

Its features technologies like w/ high surface precision and two XA elements. The maximum magnification ratio of the lens is (x) – 0.19, while the minimum focus distance is 0.92 ft or 0.28mtr.

The lens features a constant F2.8 max aperture and ensures excellent exposure and depth of field. Its petal shape hood, bayonet type aperture blades make it one of the most stylish wide-angle camera lenses.

The lens comes with the G master design that ensures uncompromising quality, including smooth bokeh. The lens offers 107 -63-degree angle views.

The wide-angle lens for Sony A7 III will enable you to capture great images uniquely irrespective of the zoom setting and focus distance. The lens will help you to capture high-resolution photos always with spectacular bokeh in the background.

If you are a landscape or architecture photographer, or any other professional subjects for that matter, this lens will help you achieve extreme quality resolution. The lens comes with a lot of versatility, and you can call it one of the best for wide-angle photography.

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2. Sony 55mm Full Frame Prime Lens, F1.8 Sonnar T FE ZA

If you own a Sony Mirrorless system, you must carry a 50mm prime lens for ultimate photography experience. Sony’s 55mm full-frame lens is the professionals’ choice due to its performance, size, and price. The lens weighs only 281 grams, and it will set well with your Sony A7 III.

The lens features f/1.8 aperture, but it is lighter and smaller than other 55mm lenses. The lens works well in low light photography and you can make it your travel companion any time.

The maximum focal length of the lens is 55mm, while is filter diameter is 49mm. Apart from this, the lens Diaphragm blades 9, lens elements, or groups is 5/7. The minimum aperture of the lens is 22, while the maximum limit is 1.8. The angle view of the lens is 43″ or 35mm. 14x magnification and Carl Zeiss quality and resolution will give you ultimate photography experience.

The lens wears an innovative optical design that reduces internal reflection to deliver 100% satisfactory solutions. The lens comes with a circular aperture that ensures the perfect bokeh effect. Traditional aperture lenses cannot match the advantages of a circular aperture.

The aspherical lens elements will help you to reduce aberration. The lens features Carl Zeiss T* coating. Its high-quality coating removes lens flares, light scattering, and internal reflection. T* coating plays a major role in capturing stunning images.

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1. Sony Ultra Wide Angle G Lens, Full Frame Large Aperture, 20mm F1.8

Whether you plan to shoot photos indoors or outdoors, a full-frame ultra-wide-angle lens can help you capture outstanding images. Sony has brought another wide-angle lens for high-quality photoshoots. The maximum focal length of the lens is 20mm. It is a solid ultra-wide prime G lens that delivers images with wide-open resolution.

The maximum aperture of the lens is F1.8, which will help you capture images with extraordinary field and exposure depth. The lens can be an excellent choice for APS-C2 and full-frame cameras.

Its compact and lightweight design will help you to carry it anywhere. It can be a great travel companion for you. The 20mm lens comes with advanced aspheric elements required for natural and lifelike photography.

The manufacturer has also added two XD extreme dynamic linear motors that ensure quick and accurate autofocus. Its fast F1.8 maximum aperture will help you to capture amazing photographs in scenarios like starry nights, streets, environmental portraits, and landscape.

The 20mm ultra-wide-angle lens from Sony is an excellent choice for photographers who love outdoor photoshoot. It helps to deliver photos with outstanding bokeh. The lens comes with advanced optical design and aspherical elements and three extra-low dispersion elements.

These elements help the lens to reproduce an excellent point light source. The 20mm F1.8 G ultra-wide lens comes with a switchable click stop. You can turn it ON for stills and OFF for video shooting.

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Things to Look for Before Buying A Wide Angle Lens for Sony A7 III

Whether you plan to buy a wide-angle lens for your Sony A7 III or any other camera, you need to take care of some factors before selecting one. Before picking a lens for your camera, you need to figure out what kind of lens will suit your need best. For example, if you plan to shoot landscape, then a wide angle lens will do just fine. However, if you want to take macro shots or portraits, then you need a portrait lens for your Sony A7iii.

Hence, you need to look at the abbreviations and specifications to purchase the right lens for your need. Here, we will highlight some important aspects you need to consider before buying the best wide-angle lens for Sony A7 III.


Each brand mentions the maximum aperture of the lens in the product description section. If you are buying such lenses for the first time, can find the aperture details stated like f/2.8. The smaller the number is the greater light the sensor will receive through the lens.

If you are looking for a zoomable lens, the aperture of such lenses will be between f/2.8-f/5.6. The smaller aperture signifies light for the widest angle, while the large figure suggests the light your sensor will get when at the maximum zoom mode.

Focal Length

The focal length is another important factor you need to take care of when buying the best wide-angle lens. You will find some figures expressed in mm like 18mm, 20mm, 50mm, and more. The higher the focal number the powerful its zoom will be. The lower focal length indicates its ability for excellent wide shoots. If the number is below 50-30mm, it will be good for wide-angle photo shoots.


The format is also an important aspect you need to be careful about when investing in a lens. When buying the lens, make sure it can capture images big enough to cover up the sensor. The sensor’s size varies from one camera to another, which is why you need to ensure that the lens you have chosen can cover up the sensor.

For example, Nikon DSLRs feature full-frame sensors, and they are compatible with F-mount lenses. Sony cameras like A7 III are mirrorless, and they are compatible with E-mount lenses.

Ultra Wide Angle

If you are buying the lens for wide-angle photoshoots, make sure the lens has been designed for the same. To identify the best wide-angle lens, you must look at its focal length.

Lenses that come with a 17-20mm focal length range are considered right wide-angle or ultra-wide-angle lenses. With such lenses, the target object close to the camera will look huge but distant objects will look prominent.

These are some of the critical aspects of a camera lens you need to be careful about when buying the best wide-angle lens for your Sony A7 III camera.


If you are interested in outdoor and landscape photography, you must buy the best wide-angle lenses. You need to pick the right lenses to capture 100% satisfactory images. With the list of the five best wide-angle lenses for the Sony A7 III camera, you can choose the right one. Compare the features, read user reviews, and make an informed decision. Happy Clicking!

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