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What is Candid Photography? Everything You Need To Know!

Photography doesn’t have an end with its genres and I think that I have covered some of the most important ones here. Well, guess what? Candid photography is one of those famous genres of photography, and by the way, while we are here, I would like to say in between friends that it is one of my favorite genres!

In this blog, I will tell you what this genre is about! I don’t want to waste time further, but instead, I am directly going to the topic!

Candid Photography

Candid photography is that type of photography in which the photographer captures a person’s or the subject’s natural and unscripted moments.

Once you capture it in the most genuine way possible, it becomes the coolest thing you’ve ever photographed.

As some people may say, candid photography is the one in which you can notice the unplanned emotions of a human being, and it doesn’t matter if they are happy emotions or sad emotions. Those unexpected emotions are the best thing that one can find.

What should be known and what is important in this type of photography is that the photographer must ensure that their camera does not surprise or take the person out of their moment, whether you are photographing them with or without their knowledge. It basically should be natural!

When to Use Candid Photography?

Even though it is a genre in itself you already know that it is an interesting one and it can be performed in different forms by photographers. I would like to mention which are the places in which you can use candid photography and capture some amazing photos. Those places include:


Street Photography

Street photography is a very famous type of photography and it is known as an “ancient” type. Anyways, streets are the best places in which a photographer can capture candid photographs and be sure that they will come amazingly in hand.

Just as you can notice in the picture that I added above you can notice different emotions in just one picture, plus it is a super colorful one that fulfills any need that a person may have. I personally love it.

At this part, I would like to mention something, though! As somehow said above street photography is an ancient type of photography and there are many famous street photographers that definitely should be known. In order to do so, I would advise you to check out my article that is dedicated to the most famous street photographers of all time and by that, you can have an idea of how those photographers worked.


Portrait Photography

Street photography is very famous but here goes the most famous type of photography which is Portrait Photography. Can we take candid shots during portraiture? We definitely can and it is easy.

Do you remember those pictures all over the internet, that many photographers shared, in which they told the people that they were beautiful? I am pretty sure you have seen at least one. Those photographers brought an amazing example of candid photography mixed with portrait photography and it is the clearest example that I can give.


Wedding Photography

Weddings and engagements are the times when we see two people more emotional than ever and that kind of eases the job for a photographer who wants to take candid photos.

A wedding photographer can easily become a super professional candid photographer since basically, that is what the job is and they should work fast enough to capture every moment. By the way, I love candid shots at weddings!

If you’re planning on getting in wedding photography, i’d recommend you get a camera for wedding photography.

Train Stations or Airports


I should have said crowded places instead of a train station or an airport but I have something else in mind. Yes, in these two places, a train station and an airport, we deal with a super crowded place but still, I am into the emotions that are noticed in these two places! What do I want to say? Have you ever seen a son or a daughter hugging their mom because they are going far away or a mom seeing their children after many years? Have you ever seen a long-distance couple say their goodbyes or their hellos That’s the point!

Even though you may find yourself in bad emotions don’t forget the great ones, they definitely fulfill your life and you as a photographer, besides getting emotional, will bring some great candid pictures of love.



Events are the times in which we find everyone. Some events are noisy while some are quieter than a person can imagine. Still, I would like to say that events are also great places or occasions in which you can shoot candid photography.

An event is considered everything that may come to your mind now! It can be a Christmas dinner, a birthday, a concert, and any other thing.

As a deeper example, I would like to mention the protests. Protests are “events” in which people are gathered in order to show an objection and they don’t have only one topic. Protests are everywhere and photographers are with them. If you take a look at the picture above, you will probably understand it better.


Nature/Animal Photographs

Nature and animals are basically the things that relate mostly to candid photography. That’s because we cannot say to a leaf or to an elephant to prepare themselves for a picture, or otherwise to tell them hey pretend you are not looking! Meanwhile, they are the most genuine things that we can capture with our camera.

Final Words

Talking as a professional photographer, just as mentioned in the beginning, a candid shot is indeed my favorite type of photography and I am pretty sure that it isn’t only my favorite.

Candid photography is a favorite type of photography for many people all around the world and they are more than right. Having a natural picture shot is better than trying to find the pose and everything that is needed in order to take a good photograph.

I really hope I wrote everything clearly regarding candid photography and you can notice how cute and magical candid photography is!

Have fun!