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Canon 80D Battery Life & How To Improve It

The Canon 80D is one of the greatest DSLR cameras that was launched in 2016, along with some other DSLR cameras but the brand of Canon.

DSLR on cameras or a DSLR camera basically means a digital single-lens reflex one. These types of cameras offer great versatility and also they are aimed at professionals that know perfectly how a picture should be brought.

The Canon 80D stands as the best one! This camera works with a 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a powerful DIGIC 6 image processor. On the camera is added the amazing Dual Pixel CMOS AF which works perfectly fine; it is able to track the subject that is being photographed.

Another thing that this camera is known for, besides the great sensor and processor, is its battery life! How many pictures can it capture, How much can you record, and what is important to know about the battery life of the Canon 80D.

Let’s dive deeper into those things!

Canon 80D Battery Life

According to CIPA (a measurement of the number of images on a single charge of any camera) on just a single charge, with this camera, you can take up to 960 pictures when using the optical viewfinder. When using the Live View, you can take up to 310 shots, which is a massive decrement of battery life in general.

However, there are some contradictions from Canon, since the specifications from the brand for this camera are 1390 shots.

The number of shots mentioned above is based on using the camera without the flash.

What Type of Battery Does Canon 80D Use?

This amazing camera uses an amazing battery as well. It is the Canon LP-E6 that helps you capture all the pictures mentioned above.

This battery is a lithium-ion rechargeable one and it is considered very powerful. The voltage of the Canon LP-E6 battery is 7.4 volts and its power capacity is 2000mAh.

How Does the Flash Affect the Battery Life?

Using a flash is a great thing especially if you are taking pictures in a low light environment. However, the flash is the worst enemy of any battery life on any type of camera.

The Canon 80D has a built-in flash and in order to work properly after pressing the shutter button, it uses power from the battery that is added to the camera, in this case, the Canon LP-E6.

Based on using the power capacity that comes from the battery, the flash is the number one factor that makes the battery go down or drain.

Final Words

Even though launched in 2016, the Canon 80D is one of the most used cameras to this day! Personally, I am a real fan of this camera, and I think there are a lot of people like me all around the world!

In a sentence, I would like to mention that the battery life is a great one when compared to older ones, but still, you should always have in mind that some newer cameras have better battery life and they definitely last more.

If you own a Canon 80D, i also recommend you read our article about the best lenses for canon 80D, because you might find something you might be interested in in there.

I hope this article is clear, and it is informational for those that want to purchase the Canon 80D or even for those that already own one! Enjoy!