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Canon G7X Mark II Battery Life & How To Improve It

Canon G7X Mark II is an amazing compact digital camera that is very well built and has some amazing features within. It owns a 20.2MP BSI CMOS sensor which works in a pairing with the DIGIC 7 image processor. The ISO that the camera offers works from 125 to 12800.

The Canon G7X Mark II has great connectivity, it works with both WiFi and NFC and it has a super accurate flexible LCD screen.

However, there is an important thing to mention, and it is this camera’s battery life! In this article, you will find some more information about the Canon G7X Mark II battery life.

Without further ado, let’s see in detail what is the battery life of the Canon G7X Mark II camera!

Canon G7X Mark II Battery Life

The Canon G7X Mark II has a battery life that will allow you to take up to 265 shots, on a single charge. And that number is given according to Canon specifications as well as according to CIPA test results.

Even though it may be considered normal for some people, I would still say, in my opinion, the number of shots that it provides on a single charge can be in a way updated, since I definitely would want to take more pictures.

What Type of Battery Does Canon G7X Mark II Use?

This camera works with a very strong battery. It is the Canon NB-13L battery, which takes place in the lithium-ion battery series and it is one of the most used batteries on these types of cameras (digital ones).

The output power of this battery is 3.6V and it has a 4.5Wh rating. However, there is an important thing to mention, this battery works at a 1250mAh capacity of power.

This battery not only works with the Canon G7X Mark II, but it is also compatible with many more PowerShot cameras from the Canon brand.

The Canon NB-13L battery comes with the camera. In order to purchase it as a standalone, the price may be a bit expensive.

Can You Prolong the Battery Life on Canon G7X Mark II?

When dealing with cameras, people always want to prolong or extend the battery life, and in fact, it is the best thing to do if you are not satisfied with the battery life that it provides you with.

I am pretty sure that you may have already heard about the ECO Mode of shooting, which is found in the settings of many different Canon cameras. Well, in this one it is the same.

In order to work with the Eco Mode, what you should do, is just go to the settings of the camera and turn it on. As simple as it looks! Once the Eco Mode is turned on, it darkens the screen if you don’t use it for about two seconds. If you don’t use the camera for more than ten seconds after the screen darkens, the screen automatically turns off.

When using the Eco Mode, you will be able to prolong the battery life on up to 320 shots.

Final Words

In general, this camera is definitely one of the best ones in the way it takes pictures. However, there may be a type of confusion when you are trying to purchase it, and it all depends on the battery life. As mentioned, the battery life can really be updated.

If you are satisfied with the number of shots, that Canon G7X Mark II provides when in Eco Mode, the best thing to do is to go for it!