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Canon R5 Battery Life & How To Improve It

Back when the Canon R5 and its twin brother Canon R6 debuted, they took the market by storm and many professional photographers were fluttering their eyelashes to them, or maybe they still do to this day. They are considered flagships and professional-grade, mirrorless cameras.

But we are not going to talk about how they compare to the competition and how well they are made, at least not in this article.

Today, I will take you through the Battery Life of Canon R5.

The Battery Type of Canon R5.

The Canon R5 is compatible with the Canon LP-E6NH/LP-E6N/LP-E6 battery types.


This type is the newest version or say an upgrade, to the previous LP-E6 and LP-E6n batteries from Canons lineup. The LP-E6NH debuted together with the release of the twins, EOS R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras.

Due to the high-resolution and demanding processing power in those new mirrorless flagships, they needed a higher-capacity battery; that’s when LP-E6NH kicked in with 14% more power than its previous versions.

With it being said, You can still use the LPE6n and LP-E6.


The LP-E6N was released with the debut of Canon’s 7D Mark II DSLR back in 2014 and it is to only a limited extent, more powerful than its counterpart, the LP-E6

The LP-E6N is compatible with most Canon DSLRs, but Canon also decided for this type, to be compatible with the EOS R lineup as well. But obviously, it will last less, than it does on the DSLR’s camera; due to the outside factors like an Electronic Viewfinder that is found on most mirrorless cameras, and it plays a big role in battery life.

How Many Shots Does It Take Until The Canon R5 Bites The Dust:

If you were to use CFexpress cards on the Canon R5 you can clatter 180 RAWs and 350 JPEGS. If you fail to nail the shots within those parameters, well, I don’t have a comment.

As for Battery-Life for a mirrorless camera, it is okay; and I’ll leave it there, it is not bad, but it is not great either.

The battery is rated 320 shots per charge, If you were to use the high refresh rate on the EVF it drastically drops to 220 shots.

But if you go full-on low-refresh rate, I am sure you can pull around 500 shots.

How To Prolong Battery Life on Canon R5:

Even though most of the cameras come with rechargeable batteries, sooner or later they are going to lose its power.

Below I will list some tips that can ease and increase your battery life.

  • Turn off Image Stabilizer
  • Do not delete pictures from your device, delete them from your PC instead, since deleting them from your memory card consumes power.
  • Don’t use the inbuilt flash often, just when it’s necessary
  • Avoid low temperatures
  • Turn off AutoFocus assist and other features
  • Use Manual Focus
  • Turn off Auto Review
  • Be polite with the shutter button
  • EVF/LCD, a high frame rate will give a more fluid appearance, but it will drain more battery life , if you aren’t shooting actions or fast movement in general, choose a lower setting.

To conclude, i’d say that it has a pretty good battery life which can get you through the day. If you already have the Canon R5, you should take a look at our canon R5 lens recommendations too.