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Canon Rebel T5i Battery Life & How To Improve It

Everybody has heard already about the EOS Rebel series that comes from the Canon brand. In that particular series, an important place is divided to the Canon Rebel T5i, as one of the greatest compact SLR cameras.

As the most important things of a camera always stand the sensor and the processor. Therefore, this camera is packed with an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and the superb DIGIC 5 image processor that comes from Canon.

With the Canon Rebel T5i, you can take amazing pictures, and also, you can shoot great videos in Full HD and HD.

What is the battery life of the Canon Rebel T5i, which is the battery type that drives the Canon Rebel T5i, and how to improve the battery life of Canon Rebel T5i in case needed? To answer these questions, and more, stick until the end of this article!

Canon Rebel T5i Battery Life

The Canon Rebel T5i allows usage on up to approximately 440 shots when it is fully charged. The battery life also depends on different factors that are included. For example, if you use the camera with the built-in flash turned on, the number of shots that you can take may drop a bit.

When it comes to video recordings you can record approximately 29 or 30 minutes specifically.

What Type of Battery Does Canon Rebel T5i Use?

This camera comes with its own battery and it is the LP-E10 which has a power capacity of 860mAh. The voltage of the battery is 7.4.

It is important to mention that the LP-E10 battery not only works with the Canon Rebel T5i, but it is a versatile battery and can be used with different types of Rebel cameras.

How To Improve the Battery Life in Canon Rebel T5i?

Live View

An important feature of the Canon Rebel T5i camera is the Live View Mode that appears on the LCD screen. In order to see an improvement in the battery life, try avoiding the usage of the screen in general.

However, if you cannot avoid that, lower the brightness of the screen in general.

Use Manual Focusing

The autofocus system, in order to work properly, takes the power from the battery that is added to the camera. In case you notice the battery life of your camera going down faster, you should use manual focusing. It requires power too but still, just not as much as the autofocus.


As you know, the Canon Rebel T5i camera has a built-in flash which is one of the greatest features that this camera owns. However, it is known that the flash works with the battery as well, and it is better for you to take a look at whether you really need the flash or not. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

Bring Extra Batteries

If none of the things mentioned above doesn’t help you, what can be better than bringing some extra batteries? If you see that the battery is draining put a new one in there and start from the beginning!

Final Words

Even though it is launched in 2013, the Canon Rebel T5i  stands as one of the best DSLR or compact SLR cameras that can be found in the market. It has great features within, and most importantly, the battery life that it owns is considered at a normal range.

Take a deep look at the ways of improving the battery life if you are in need of more, and then the other thing that is left out is to have fun using the camera!