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Canon T5 Battery Life & How To Improve It

Everybody has heard already about the Canon brand, as it is one of the best ones when it comes to cameras in general. On the groups of those great cameras takes place the Canon T5, one of the best cameras ever launched.

The Canon T5 is a super-compact SLR camera that works in the best way possible. It features an amazing 18.0 MP APS-C sensor and the DIGIC 4 image processor.

With this camera, you will be able to capture amazing images as well as great Full HD videos on 1080 pixels. Some other features that this camera includes are the scene intelligent auto mode, the amazing creative filters, and the built-in flash.

However, besides having great features within, everybody would like to know how is the battery life on this camera! That is the reason why I chose to write this article.

In this article, I will try to explain more in detail how is the battery life of the Canon T5 camera. Let’s see!

Canon T5 Battery Life

Canon T5 is able to capture up to 500 shots without the usage of the flash, and up to 410 shots when you use the flash.

Since the camera owns an LCD screen, it uses the Live View mode. In that mode, you can take up to 180 pictures without the flash or 170 if you use the flash on 50%. When it comes to video, you can record for almost 2 hours!

What Type of Battery Does Canon T5 Use?

In order to bring the number of shots mentioned above, this camera works with a very strong battery. It is the LP-E10 battery that works at a voltage of 7.4 volts. The power capacity of the battery works at 860 mAh. Even though it may be considered a low one, does the job properly. 

To charge the battery, you should use the LC-E10 charger.

The camera comes with both a battery and a charger.

What are the main features that take place in the battery life of the Canon T5?

Even though the Canon T5 camera owns many features built-in, the three most important ones are related to battery life. Those are:

Optical Viewfinder

An optical viewfinder (OVF) is used to compose a shot and it shows you what the lens somehow sees. It works by using a system of mirrors and prisms to bounce the image up. The effect of the optical viewfinder in the Canon T5 camera is fully positive and it is considered a pro.

Optical Viewfinders in a way save the battery since while in use when looking through them they don’t require any power. An optical viewfinder also allows you to see what you will be shooting even if your camera is turned off.

LCD Screen

Differing from the viewfinder the LCD screen that the Canon T5 owns is considered a con when used to take pictures. As you can see mentioned above, when using the LCD screen to take pictures the number of shots goes down and it provides you with fewer shots than when used with the OVF.


The flash is the main component that works against the battery life of any type of camera. In Canon T7, the flash can be easily switched on and off, and of course, when it is on it has to do a lot with the battery life since a flash needs the power to work. To avoid this issue you should analyze a bit if the flash is needed. If not, disable or switch it off.

Final Words

All in all, the battery life of the Canon T7 is considered normal, but still, the LCD screen and the Flash use a lot of power and as seen, they are the main reason for the draining of the battery life. I would advise you, if not needed, don’t use those two things a lot, try to use the OVF more.