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Canon T8i Battery Life & How To Improve It

The Canon Rebel lineup has endured the test of time.

Day by day, mirrorless cameras are improving and trying to exceed their DSLR counterparts in many ways.

But companies like Canon and Nikon are answering back with great DSLRs like in this case, Canon T8i.

DSLRs are not going anywhere, not for a few years at least.

The T8i inherited some high-end features and combined them with an easy-to-use platform, providing a splendid balance between quality and affordability.

With that being said, whether you are a fledged photographer or an entry-level one, the T8i is here to deliver.

In today’s article, we will elaborate on Canon EOS Rebel T8i battery-life, and see how it compares to mirrorless counterparts.

Canon T8i Battery Life:

Battery Life is excellent, as expected from a DSLR made by Canon. It is rated 800 shots per charge with OVF and 310 with Live View.

What’s more, Canon promises up to 1240 shots without flash (OVF) and 360 with Live View on a single charge.

However, if you record or shoot a lot using the live view, the LCD can really burn and drain the battery quickly.

Make sure you take this into consideration.

What Type of Battery Canon T8i Use?

The T8i is powered by a rechargeable LP-E17 battery that is found on its predecessor and it operates at 7.2V with a capacity of 1040mAh.

You can charge it with a Canon LC-E17 charger, which should be purchased seperately.

Nevertheless, I don’t think it is quite necessary since 800 shots are more than enough to take you through the day.

800 if we go by CIPA standards, with some tweaks in real life, I can guarantee you can go further than that

Tips to Prolong The Battery Life:

Although there’s nothing at fault with the Canon T8i battery, it is worth mentioning some tips that will benefit the battery life on a DSLR camera in general.

Do not overcharge: The more you charge your battery, the more it loses efficiency and it gradually decreases the maximum capacity of the battery cell.

Switching on and off: while this might be a good thing, to turn off the camera to keep the battery safe, some photographers do it to clean the sensor. However, this ends up putting too much load on the battery and it weakens it.

Deleting Images: Please do not delete images rapidly, but just wait to do it later and delete everything you don’t need. If you keep deleting them right away it will put more drain in the battery and at the same time, it means you are using the LCD more.

Turn off unwanting features: By this, I don’t mean only connectivity features, they should for sure; but also things like image stabilization, in-built flash. Just use them when it is a must.

Final Words:

Canon T8i is a great camera with great battery life, if you own it holds to it; especially if you are a hobbyist, it will reward you in many aspects.

But you should also know your camera and avoid using unnecessary things that put a strain on the battery; after all, the battery is the lifeline to your camera.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and managed to learn a thing or two, out of it.