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GoPro Max vs GoPro Hero10: Which Is Better?

Go Pro cameras are around the world since 2004! Imagining how many years passed, it becomes easier to think about the updates that may have been done on those cameras.

As some of you may already know, GoPro is one of the most famous brands that brings amazing action cameras to the worldwide market. It definitely deserves all the credits for bringing great products to those that love action cameras in general.

Their cameras are very famous, and besides that, they are very good ones, which deserve a place on any list as some of the best action cameras overall.

In this article, I will try and find some differences and why not similarities between GoPro Max and GoPro Hero10!

Without losing too much time, let’s get to the main topic!

GoPro Max

GoPro Max

GoPro Max was launched by the brand GoPro in 2019 and it stands among the best action cameras ever created. GoPro Max differs from other action cameras in that this one is not only an action camera but it is a 360 camera. It means that you have control over the whole thing.

GoPro Max has different features that can be used whenever and wherever you want.

GoPro Hero10

GoPro Hero10 1

GoPro Hero10 is the newest action camera from GoPro launched in 2021. It is not a 360 camera, but it is one of the greatest action cameras that was ever made, and it has some great features within. Just like the GoPro Max mentioned above, this camera can also be used whenever and wherever you want. It’s also a great slow-motion camera.


GoPro Max vs GoPro Hero10

As I mentioned above, both of the GoPro cameras are quite great but still, here are some things that make them different from one another. I would like to mention some of the most important things that they have, and you can see how each of these cameras works!

Let’s start the “battle”!


Every GoPro camera is known for the rugged design that they have! Both the GoPro Hero10 and the GoPro Max are super strong and do amazing work in any environment that you may want to use them. You may have noticed that some cameras need an extra case that would protect them, especially from water, but these two cameras, GoPro Hero10 and GoPro Max are waterproof without needing any extra thing.

There’s a similarity in the material that they are made of too! In fact, GoPro cameras share the same material. It is polycarbonate, which is known for its outstanding strength and resistance. That’s basically the main reason why these cameras are pretty strong.

As long as the body dimensions and the weight are concerned, the GoPro Max measures 2.52 x 0.98 x 2.72 inches and weighs 5.4 ounces, while the GoPro Hero10 measures 3.2 x 4.8 x 9.4 inches and weighs around 15.8 ounces. GoPro Max is lighter, and whenever anything is lighter it makes it a bit more portable. It doesn’t mean that GoPro Hero10 isn’t portable. It is small in size as well.


When having these two cameras in front of you, besides noticing the weight and size, there’s another thing that catches our attention super fast. That thing is the screen, but why and how?

Well, the GoPro Hero10 is an action camera that owns two screens. One is located in the front, and the other one is on the rear part of the camera. When it comes to GoPro Max, it uses only one but it can be faced front easily so that you can use it like that too.

The screens are touch ones, and they work accurately for whatever thing you may need. I especially love them when I want to record myself for a blog or for just taking a selfie, just as in the picture above.


As already mentioned these cameras have two years in between the dates that they were launched. Well, that somehow depends and is related to so many things that these cameras own and work with.

The processor is the main thing that should be considered in any camera, right? The two cameras we are more interested in, GoPro Hero10 and GoPro Max, both own important processors, but they are somehow different.

The GoPro Max, being older than GoPro Hero10, owns an older processor, and it is the GP1. On the other hand, we have the GoPro Hero10 that uses the GP2 processor.

The GP processor or the GP chip comes from the GoPro brand, and it is fully related to the videos resolutions that the camera brings.


Let me tell you the differences between these cameras in the photography field. The GoPro Max brings you 16.6MP photos, and it has a Hero mode in which you can take pictures at 5.5MP. Meanwhile, the GoPro Hero10 captures pictures at 23MP, and it has not only one but three modes: the SuperPhotop, HDR, and RAW.

Since the photography part is clear, we all know that action cameras are the cameras that we need when we think about video recordings, and that’s why GoPro cameras are very famous, they bring some great video recordings to everyone.

The GoPro Max is able to record 5.6K videos of anything and the clarity is more than great. Based on the 360 degrees that it captures the scene, this camera is great at the video.

The GoPro Hero10 is also a great camera for recording, and it brings 5.3K videos which is a resolution a bit lower than the one at the other camera but still, it works fine enough to bring amazing videos.


Modern cameras bring amazing pictures and amazing videos without a blur of any kind! How do they achieve that if a person’s hand is most likely to shake, especially when tired? The GoPro Max and GoPro Hero10 both own amazing stabilizers that have the name Hyper Smooth.

In GoPro Max, we deal with Max HyperSmooth and in GoPro Hero10 we find the amazing HyperSmooth 4.0.

For every video that you will take and also, every picture, that you might capture, the stabilization on these cameras is more than perfect, and they do a better job than you can think of.


Everybody loves devices that can be connected with different other devices that one can own. Well, I am going to say again that modern cameras are great at the connectivity or the pairing features.

These two cameras, GoPro Max and GoPro Hero10, own can be connected easily, and both of them use WiFi as the main connection.

A specialty that should be mentioned is that the GoPro Max brings to us Bluetooth as well, and it makes it go “one step further” but it is more than okay!

Battery Life

The worst thing to happen to someone, especially if you are a photographer or a videographer, is turning off your camera because it doesn’t have enough battery! That’s why every time you need a camera, of any kind, you should check out the battery that a particular camera uses or how much can it stay with you. 

It goes the same with GoPro Max and GoPro Hero10!

The GoPro Max uses a 1600mAH Lithium-Ion battery and it depends fully on that when staying with you for about 85 minutes when using it at a 360-degree aspect. The battery that it uses is fully rechargeable. 

The GoPro Hero10 uses a rechargeable 1720mAh lithium-ion battery but differing from the GoPro Max, it is able to record for about 55 up to 1 hour. 

Both batteries are tested based on the recording resolutions mentioned above (5.3K- GoPro Hero10 and 5.6K – GoPro Max)

Price Tag

Buying expensive products has become like a hobby for some people but still, I am talking professionally and personally, I think that everybody first goes at the budget prices that can first be affordable. These cameras are super professional action cameras, and it would definitely be weird if they come cheap, but there’s a slight difference.

The GoPro Max is a bit cheaper than the GoPro Hero10, but still, there is not much of a difference because the price is only 50$ cheaper. However, if you think that 50$ is enough when choosing one, I think that you will love GoPro Max.

Final Words/Conclusion

Here we came at the end of this article in which I mentioned some of the most important things that are included in these two amazing GoPro cameras.

As you can notice, dividing into sections is easier for you in order to understand how to do these two cameras work.

At first, these cameras are similar in many ways, but still, there are some slight things that make them differ from one another. The main difference still stands in the video recordings in which the GoPro Max is a bit more powerful.

There are other different and similar things at the same time, but still, I would like to mention that both of the GoPro cameras in this article are amazing ones, and they definitely deserve to be purchased.

There’s nothing left to say besides I hope you can distinguish easily between these two cameras and find out which one fits you better!