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6 Headshot Photography Tips For Better Photos!

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As we may all know, people vary in different aspects, some visible and some not. We all have different faces, eye colors, and hairstyles, but we do have something in common where we display all of those assets, and that’s Headshot Photography.

Your eye is catching the perfect article about headshot photography and believe me, you want to continue reading the tips or should I better say, the tricks to a perfect headshot.

How To Take The Best Head Shot Photography & What to Consider

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When it comes to professional headshot photographs it is not as easy as we think, although it is only our face that is getting pictured, a professional headshot image usually speaks to our entire persona.

This means our clothes, our accessories, and the way that we carry ourselves need to be taken into account when creating a great picture.

When you are taking pictures for your website, client portfolio, or just for fun, it is important to always be aware of the three P’s: perspective, composition, and lighting.

When you are trying to get a shot that will look good on paper, it is helpful to think about how it will look on a large screen, in print, or in person. There are a few things you can do to help you achieve the perfect photo every time, such as using a tripod, setting the timer, and using a softbox.

Your head angle

Man, that angle! It is quite important to place your head on the best angle you know of yourself. How do you do that? Think about it! Which photos of yourself do you like best? Which photos of yourself do you feel most comfortable with? I can see you asking yourself what does comfort have to do with headshot photography?! The answer: A lot!

You have to be comfortable while taking the headshot, you can be sure that your scale of comfort will reflect on the headshot, and when you will be looking at it, you will definitely know how were you feeling at the moment the headshot was being taken. When you know that you are all fully comfortable, only then you will be able to find the most perfect head angle and smile at the camera.


You don’t want to look like a serial killer on your headshot, so, go on and move those lips towards your ears. I can already see you smiling! Hey, not too much, though! See, here the balance between a devilish smile and a cute one is quite important. Find that balance and you are good to go! I know I’m asking for a way too much but I just want what’s best for you.

Now, I know that what I’m going to say now will make the people with good teeth hate me, but I just have to say it – do not show your teeth in your headshot photography!

I know, I know, you want to show off those teeth, but you don’t want those extra wrinkles around your eyes, do you?! So, keep it low, keep it simple, give just a glimpse of your smile and you are one step closer to your perfect headshot photo shop.


Yes, stare! Stare at the camera, and I’m not talking about a cold stare or a sleepy stare, I’m talking about the kind of stare you give to a person you love or admire. That kind of gaze is where you can read the person’s happiness through the eyes. In this case, you have to be absolutely in love with the camera and admire it. Try to think of someone or something beautiful while taking the headshot photography. That will make your stare genuine and real and believe me, real stares never fail to look great in photos. 

And take your time, stare as long as you want, and enjoy the while, that way you will embody the belief that you are really looking at a beloved one and that will be reflected on the headshot photo. 


Hey, I know you think you know everything, but flash news, you don’t! Pay attention to the professional photographer, listen to what he/she is saying, and showing to you. I’m not saying you need to stay shut and say nothing, but it is important for you two to cooperate, and in order to do that you need to listen. Be a team with the photographer, guide him/her properly on how you want to look on your headshot, and then wait for his/her feedback and suggestions, after all, she/he is the professional there and she/he knows his job. 

This way, both, you and the headshot photographer will make the best out of the headshot and will be satisfied with the results. There is always space for improvements so you two cooperating will mean that the job is being done in a proper way and that both parties will be content in the end. 


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You are not on a picnic there, you are not watching a movie, you are not studying or whatever, you are there to take a headshot photo and a headshot photography requires a well defined posture.

Stand straight with your shoulders back, figuratively and literally speaking. Own yourself and the place around you.  Make the photographer see and feel your stamina there. Be confident and let that confidence reflect on the headshot. You got this! At the end of the day, you do matter as a person, so stand straight and make the photographer adore you too, while you are busy being yourself and showing that posture.


Ladies, I know you adore red lipstick, some mascara, some highlight on your cheekbones, but today is not the day, I mean the day you decide to take that headshot. Keep it low ladies, natural will always win, especially on a headshot. You do want to look younger in that headshot but, you don’t want to look older and using to much make-up will do just that, make you appear old. I’m not saying, take that headshot straight after you are out of bed in the morning, what I’m saying is, keep it moderate, try to look more like you original self and less like someone else.

And gentlemen, do not even think that I have nothing to say to you! Fix that neck tie, fix that shirt’s collar, after you have made sure that you have ironed that shirt, of course!

Being lazy is not an option here, is not the photographer’s job to make you presentable, it is your job, so get yourself in front of a mirror and make sure you have and you are everything you need for that headshot to be perfect.

Final Words

To move to the next level, get a photography backdrop, a good tripod and a few portrait lenses.

So, I bet you want to be the star of your next headshot session! Well, you already know what to do, follow the above mentioned tips and you are guaranteed to have the best headshot ever. You won’t be disappointed, promise that!