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How Far Can Nikon P1000 Zoom?

If you are wondering how far the zoom of Nikon’s prominent camera, Coolpix P1000 can go you will find it out in this article:

Nikon Making the Impossible, Possible with the P1000, A bridge camera that steps into the telescope territory.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 made its debut back in 2018, and it took the market by storm. 

The competitors such as Panasonic, Canon, Sony were shivering in fear when they witness the capabilities of the P1000.

It is a superzoom digital bridge camera that is known for its monstrous zoom, it has a whopping 125x optical zoom.

Such a powerful zoom is capable of shooting distant objects without a sweat, it can go even as far as filming satellites and the moon.

As I am writing this article in 2022, no other camera has come close to achieving that kind of digits, let alone surpass it.

What is a Bridge Camera?

Bridge cameras are the type of cameras that let you experience both worlds, they are a combination of an SLR and point-and-shoot.

They often come in the size and weight of the smallest DSLRs but lack interchangeable lenses and most of them don’t come with a viewfinder.

Instead, they employ two types of electronic screens as a viewfinder, the LCD screen and the electronic viewfinder (EVF).

They also pack features like phase-detect autofocus an advanced autofocus system that is found on DSLRs only.

 What’s more, they even offer 4k video content on their fully articulated LCD touchscreen.

But perhaps the killing feature of bridge cameras must be the enormous zoom range they offer on a fixed lens.

They only compromise on a field, which is the image sensor; a lens with this much zoom range wouldn’t be possible with a large sensor and that’s why bridge cameras are forced to use 1/2.3 inch sensors, the kind of sensors that are found on most smartphones.

How Far Can The Nikon P1000 Zoom?

As I mentioned above the Nikon P1000 has a 125x optical zoom, meaning it starts wider than your standard smartphone camera lens.

The 125x lens has an equivalent focal range of 24mm to 300mm. To get a better idea of it, for example, you have seen telephoto lenses that have a focal length of 400mm and 600mm; those kinds of lenses have a better quality glass, wider apertures for more light, and more advanced motors. However, in terms of pure zoom, the P1000 is leagues above.

With all that being said, this vigorous camera has the ability to make faraway objects, like the moon that is 238,900 miles away, appear close.

I recommend you to get a tripod for your Nikon P1000 for the best shots, and in a way to make it as a telescope.

People like to refer to smartphones, as point-and-shoot or compact camera killers, but I dare you to try and compare a smartphone to the Nikon P1000, yeah go on pick the newest flagships from the big dogs, Apple and Samsung – they still won’t stand a chance.

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