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How To Change Shutter Speed on Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 is one of the most famous and mostly used DSLR cameras from the famous brand Nikon. It works pretty well while used in any type of photography. Still, most of the time, it is the shutter speed that differentiates the types of photographs in a way. But how can one change it?

In this article, you will find the easiest and the best way how to change and adjust shutter speed on Nikon D3500! Firstly you will find the way on how to change it, and also down below will be listed some of the types of photographs, that you can take with this camera, and of course, how to use the shutter speed based on that.

Let’s get this guide started!

What is a shutter speed?

Just by having a look at the word itself, a shutter speed is just as it sounds! It is the speed at which the shutter of the camera, in this case, Nikon D3500, closes.

There are times when you will need a faster shutter speed and even slow shutter speeds. 

Different conditions and types of photography require different shutter speeds, so I can’t tell if you need a fast shutter speed or a slow one.

How to change the shutter speed on Nikon D3500?

If you just got a Nikon D3500 and you want to change the shutter speed, here are the easiest steps on how to do so!

Put your camera in Manual Mode

First of all, you should put your shooting in manual mode, by rotating the mode dial that is located on the upper part of the camera. Rotate it until you see the letter M. While doing this, once you turn on your camera, you will notice that on the LCD screen of the Nikon D3500 will appear a display in which the shutter speed will be included aperture and ISO.

However, if that display doesn’t appear, just press the info button which is as well placed on the top of the camera next to the mode dial. Now that your display is ready, let’s move on to the next step!

Rotate the Wheel

Since Nikon’s screen isn’t a touchscreen, the next thing to do is to use the wheel that is clearly seen on the rear side of the camera. This wheel is used in order to have full control, not only on the shutter speed but also on the aperture, and the ISO. Moving on, you just rotate the wheel that I mentioned.

When moving the wheel to the right you will notice that the shutter speed increases and the fast shutter speed that the Nikon D3500 can achieve is 1/4000 of a second. When moving the wheel to the left, you are able to decrease the shutter speed in order to reach the slowest, which on this camera is 30 seconds.

These were the easy steps on how to change the shutter speed on Nikon D3500. Therefore, let me tell you how the shutter speed should be set in order to take the best photographs!

Best Shutter Speed Settings

  • For General Shooting – While taking some general normal shots, it is perhaps better to use your Nikon D3500 camera on its automatic mode which you can turn on by using the mode dial again.
  • For Portrait Photography – When it comes to portraits, you always want to make the best of it! The shutter speed that captures the best portrait pictures on Nikon D3500 is when used in 1/200 of a second.
  • For Landscape Photography – Landscape photography is one of the most flexible types when it comes to the setting of the shutter speed. When taking landscape photography, just set the shutter speed in between 1/10 of a second and three seconds. Everything in between these two would do the job perfectly. To get the best shots, i also recommend you get a tripod for Nikon D3500. While you’re at it, check out the best lenses for Nikon D3500 too.
  • For Action Shots – Now, action shots are one of the trickiest shots that you can take and the shutter speed should work to its fullest way. Therefore, you should always avoid blur while taking action shots. The best shutter speed that you can use on action shots is between 1/500 of a second which is the minimum and the 1/1000 or above as the maximum.

Final Words

There are a few things you should keep in mind when shooting in low light conditions, you want to use a slow shutter speed with a higher ISO so you can get the best out of it.

A slower shutter speed, for instance, might capture the subject in motion for about 0.5 seconds. The exposure time for this will thus be up to 0.5 seconds, which is longer than the exposure time for the image taken with the fastest shutter speed.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot adjust the aperture when using the AF Assist beam if you are using the Aperture Priority mode.

After you are done shooting in a particular setting, just make sure to restore default shutter speed and then repeat again for the desired shutter speed.

Well this pretty much covers everything, hopefully I was helpful and you enjoyed this blog.