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How To DIY Boudoir Photography – 5 Tips

Boudoir Photography is one of the greatest opportunities that you can show confidence and how amazing and good you feel with your body! All the boudoir photos that you may take during this session are mostly personal since it is quite an intimate session.

In case you don’t feel comfortable taking a boudoir photo shoot in a professional photographer’s studio, what you should do is find some DIY ideas in order to take your own pictures instead.

The DIY boudoir photos might turn out just as good if not better; sometimes own boudoir photos can turn out better than a boudoir shoot done by a professional.

I am very glad to say that in this article, you will find the answers to the question: “How to DIY Boudoir Photography?”. Stick until the end of the article so you can have a clearer idea!

5 Tips For A Great DIY Boudoir Photography

Do it yourself is what the abbreviation “DIY” stands for, which you likely already know because you hear and see it everywhere. It sounds like a fairly simple notion. In this case, we have to do with DIY photography; taking pictures on our own.

So yeah no need for boudoir photographers, when you can do it yourself.

Find a Place Where you Feel fully Comfortable

The most important component of taking a Boudoir photo is the location or place! As mentioned above, you may not feel comfortable when taking pictures in a studio, and since a boudoir means a lady’s private room, what could be better than taking these [ictures in your bedroom? Also, you can think outside the box! You can take these pictures anywhere in your house; bedroom, kitchen, and also bathroom.

Choose a Great Background

During Boudoir sessions, people care more about how they look, without carrying about the background that will be seen in your picture. I would advise you to choose a simple and good background that includes neutral colors. I mentioned neutral colors because they are the best choices for a shot like this and they will make the pictures definitely perfect!

If you want professional boudoir photos, consider buying yourself a photography backdrop.

Take a Look at the Lighting

If you chose indoor locations, now it is time to find the best lighting! If you chose to take your pictures in your bedroom, then it is better to take your shots near a window. It will definitely provide more light or a normal sufficient amount of light. Plus, while taking pictures in front of your window you will fully eliminate unflattering shadows. Also, you should pay attention to the direction of light.

Choose an Outfit and Choose the Boudoir Poses

What you can wear during Boudoir Photography was never limited. Even though it is known as an intimate shooting, keep in mind that You can wear whatever you want! Also, I would like to say that you can also choose more than just one single outfit. The boudoir pose is naturally done. However, you can also research a little bit in order to find which ways you will look better!

Find a Camera and any Accessory

I know that nowadays the higher percentage of people worldwide use a smartphone in order to take pictures. It is not said that you cant take pictures with a phone during these types of sessions, but still having a digital camera would definitely be better. They are keener when it comes to specific types of photography. With accessories I mean you can use a tripod so that you can take your pictures from any angle.

Final Thoughts

So, these were all the things or the “tricks” that you can do regarding the question How to DIY Boudoir Photography. Another thing that I would like to add, is to ask experts when it comes to the editing, of the pictures. That way the pictures that you took will be shown perfectly!

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