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How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight? Tips For Hiding Inside & Outside

Hiding a camera in plain sight is considered a system on its own. But why? What is that important?

Well, everything deals with security. Security is something that every human being is concerned about, and everyone wants to be as safer as possible.

Being in 2022 technology is greater than ever, and cameras are better than ever too! Some cameras are specifically made for security, and if you don’t want them to be seen, you are probably asking yourself: ” How to hide them?”

In this article, I will tell you some tips or tricks to help you hide a camera in plain sight!

Without losing too much time, let’s get to the topic!

How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight?

Being watched by a camera is the most uncomfortable thing ever! If a person knows that he or she has a camera in front they definitely change the way they are talking. However, there are lots of different ways to hide a camera.

How to hide a camera outside?

Firstly I would like to tell you some ways how to hide the camera outside of your house:

1. Use a Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras are the most famous things these last couple of years. They do the job they are supposed to, as a doorbell, and they also can show you who is there! This way you are already informed who is coming and be more sure whether to open the door!

2. Use a Birdhouse

There is a special thing that can help you a lot in having control over your house in general. You can definitely use a birdhouse! They stay in their place and they give you an amazing field of view. The higher the better!

It is not necessary to build a big birdhouse, there are also decorations that you can put on trees! Just as in the picture below.

3. In Trees (as trail cameras)

You may know what trail cameras are! They show everything that is happening around you when you are not there, and they are amazing when it comes to camouflage. Camouflage is the best way to hide a camera, it is basically the meaning of the word hide.

4. In Walls

While outside, you can easily put the cameras on your walls. What would be better is to match the color of your wall with that of your camera. Also, you know those walls that are fully covered in plants, it would be amazing!

How to hide a camera inside?

Hiding a camera inside is a little bit trickier than inside because the place is smaller and it is more critical because it can be noticed easier. However, there are some ways that are known as the most used tricks inside:

1. Kitchen or other Cabinets

Cabinets that are in your rooms are the simplest way to hide anything! Well, lots of people use them in order to hide speakers and also, it is one of the most commonly used places in order to hide a camera. Of course, as long as the camera has a view.

2. Plants

The next simplest thing to do in order to hide a camera inside your house is by using plants. For example, you can use a fake pot so that you don’t have to water it. That way you won’t destroy your camera and you don’t have to move it.

3. Different Accessories

If you are a person that loves to add lots of things in their living room, or any other place, it is more than easy to hide a camera. For example, I’ve noticed that lots of people ask me if they can hide a small camera with a handkerchief. Of course, you can! Just have a look at the picture down below.

4. Smoke Detectors

In order to find out if your smoke detector can become a camera, you should look if the smoke detector has an opening through which the camera can have its visual view.

If it does, you are more than free to put your camera on it and it will do the job properly!

5. Put it in a Picture Frame

What needs to be done? Literally nothing, you should just put your camera behind the picture. It is definitely to get the best view, mostly in living rooms.

Is Hiding A Camera Legal?

It is one of the most important questions that can be answered in this article! When it comes to one’s possession or property, a person is more than free to do whatever you want. So, that’s basically it is legal, but there is something else that shouldn’t be unmentioned.

It becomes clearly illegal when you put it in a bathroom. You have to be careful, and respectful. Also, you have to have an important fact why you are doing this.

Why Do People Hide Cameras?

Hiding a camera is not the easiest thing in the whole world, but it may somehow sound weird when someone would ask “Why are you doing this?” Well, many people worldwide tell us some of the most important situations in which they are kind of obliged to do so.


Most of the time, a camera is hidden inside because of the two most important things. There are moms that had problems with babysitters and also, there are those that take care of elder people, but in fact, they mistreat them.


When it comes to the outside environment of a house, we deal with different people! Mostly thieves. It is basically a person’s job to be careful who is moving around their house, and that’s basically the main reason why anyone hides a camera outside.

Final Words

Here we came at the end of the article that I prepared for you!

Hiding a camera is somehow an important thing, especially if you live in a suspicious area or neighborhood. However, you may want to look at more details.

The things that I mentioned in this article are more than enough I guess, but still, you may want to consider more!

I really hope that this article will help you!