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How to Look Taller in Photos?

This article starts with my experience because I’ve always struggled with height. It has always been my fate to look the shortest in photos or be the shortest among my friends. You can’t escape who you are, especially if that attribute is noticeable, such as height.

However, in this article, I will mention some tips and tricks on how to look taller in photos so that you will never complain about height anymore!

Key Takeaways

  • Height is one of the main concerns and worries that many people have when taking a photograph!
  • There are three things that you should know in order to make height your ally!
  • Legs are the parts of the body that you can manipulate mostly in order to look taller!
  • Photographers should also have in mind different things about people that have insecurities regarding height!

How to Make Height Your Ally – Tips and Tricks for You

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Everybody wants to have a great picture of themselves until the time comes, and you don’t know how to help yourselves regarding the height part because, as I said, I have been there too, and I always tried to look taller. There are a few things that you can have in mind so that you can look taller. Let me get into deeper details!

Choosing an Outfit

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Before going on a photo shoot, you should never forget that the outfit you choose plays one of the leading roles in looking taller or shorter. Always remember that the outfit you wear has a significant impact on how tall you will look because it is related to the preposition of your body.

If you are a lady, you probably know how cool high-waisted jeans are, and if you like them too, you should remember that they will help you look taller, especially if combined with a crop top. For the gentlemen, you should know that choosing shoes the same color as your pants/trousers will help you a lot with the height issue that you may be insecure about.


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I am sure you know what makes you look better, taller, and cooler! The posing part is up to you! I don’t doubt that the photographer will help you choose poses, but still, as I said, it is primarily up to you!

Legs are one of the main things you should have in mind regarding the posing part, and that’s because they are the extremities you can manipulate mainly. As an example, you can cross your legs while being photographed. This act will make the legs look leaner meanwhile the upper part of your body looks smaller.

When in Motion

There is nothing better than helping yourself out when it comes to taking a picture. In case you want to take pictures while moving, especially walking pictures. Considering the way that we walk, once you have one leg in front of the other, it will always look leaner and longer because it gives an extra dimension to the picture.

However, you don’t need to really walk; you can just take a step and let the photographers do their job. If you choose to do this version, you also free the job of the photographer that is taking a picture of you so that they don’t move backward/forward too much!

If you choose to walk, don’t walk too fast, so you won’t have to complain about those blurry pictures afterward.

How to Help “Your Subject” – Tips for the Photographer

I never leave my fellow photographers without extra content, because I know how hard it is, especially if you are a beginner! That’s why, if you are a photographer and your client has some specific request from you, especially if they want to look taller, there are a few things to have in mind!

Comfort is Very Important

For me, and this is my own opinion, comfort is one of the main things every photographer should provide their clients with! I am well aware of the fact that getting comfortable with the camera isn’t the same for everybody, and it is a photographer’s “thing” to bring comfort wherever they may be working.

This tip can also be considered distractive as you will help your clients not care about anything else. They don’t care about the camera, their outfit, and even their height. You will be bringing to your client everything they need.

Showing the pictures to the client is never bad unless they are too judgy! If your client trusts you, you can easily show the pictures and talk about them together. Never be afraid to speak in a friendly way with whoever you are working with!

Shoot at Eye Level

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Something else I would like to mention for my dear photographer colleagues is the shooting part and how they should do so!

Even though many people have heard that shooting at lower angles will make the subject look taller, that is very obvious, and a professional photographer would never say yes to this! I know because I have denied this version of the act many times.

What you as a photographer should do is shoot at eye level! You should discuss this part with your client again, as they should look directly at your camera’s lens. You can move around and capture different angles of your client or “subject,” yet again, you will notice that the pictures you have taken at eye level will be better, for not saying perfectly!

Final Words

I would love to finish this article by saying, love yourself the way you are, but I also know that we all want to look at our best while taking our pics, and I guarantee you that by following the tips mentioned above, you will make height your ally.

What I hope here at the end is that this article has provided you with everything you needed to know regarding the way how to look taller in photos! 

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