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Newborn Photography Tips & Ideas

In my opinion, there’s nothing cuter than pictures of newborn babies! I think that most of you agree with me, right? Well, what should be known is that parents don’t take pictures only because the babies are cute, but also because they grow up very fast and the memories are the best thing that one can have!

There are lots of photographers that work with these types of sessions, and they are all professionals. Still, you can also take these pictures by yourself. Of course, while knowing some tips and some ideas.

You might be a really talented photographer, but newborn photography will put your talents to the ultimate test. 

Creative newborn photography props and ideas can make all the difference when it comes to taking great newborn images.

Yes, photographing a baby is just as challenging as caring for one.

This article is divided into two parts. On the first one, you will find some tips and on the second one, you will find some ideas, regarding newborn photography in general.

Now, without losing too much time, let’s get to the topic and make you a newborn photographer!

When to Take Pictures?

Before starting to tell you tips and ideas about newborn photography, I would like to tell you when is the best time to take a picture of a newborn.

You cannot take pictures of babies, the next day after they are born, right? Normally, most people, wait about two weeks. It is the perfect amount of time to wait before taking the session.

A two-week-old newborn baby is kind of adapted to the world already, but still stays sleepy! It is the cutest thing that you will see when you take newborn photos.

Newborn Photography Tips

Before taking pictures of a newborn there are some things or some tips that should definitely be known or that you may want to consider. They will help you capture a better picture!

Schedule/Choose Time and Place

The schedule is quite important when it comes to newborn photography. Most couples choose the time and the place of the session even before the newborn baby is born. That way they have a better idea regarding everything.

Some people choose to take newborn photos in studios while some others want to take a newborn photo shoot outdoors.

Everything is up to your preferences!

Prepare Your Newborn

After you know where you are going to take the pictures, you should have an idea of how to dress up your newborn. Try to choose clothes that will look good when combined with the things that may be in the place where the pictures will be taken.

Overall, the newborn photography outfits should be kept as simple as possible, while avoiding anything overkill.

Lighting, Angle, and Background

The lighting, the angle, and the background of a picture are some important things that should be known while taking pictures of a newborn. 

This fact is mostly aimed at the photographers since they should take care of it depending on where they are taking the pictures.

If you are planning to take pictures of your newborn baby, you may want to have a look at the lighting and the angle at that you are taking the pictures.

While we are at lighting, let’s not forget that you shouldn’t use flash in any way!

Newborn Photography Ideas

If the tips are clear I would like to give you some ideas that will look very good when taking newborn photography sessions and will bring very pretty pictures.


Including the parents in the newborn photography session is the best thing that can be done.

Newborns are loved but when the parents are included in the picture, it will definitely make the picture look way better than you think!

Just have a look at the picture below, it feels like the whole picture is made with love.

Don’t be afraid to take pictures of siblings as well unless they are jealous! Jokes aside, besides parents, siblings can also be included in the picture and it looks pretty beautiful.

On Tummy

Tummy poses and side poses are the most famous ways of taking a picture of a newborn.

Just as in the picture down below, you can notice that the on-tummy pose, brings another view of the picture.

The newborn looks cuter than ever trying to hold himself up!


A sleeping human being is one of the cutest things ever, and a sleeping newborn is definitely the cutest! Try to take pictures of your sleeping newborn even if you are taking pictures with your phone, it will be the best thing to do. Your newborn will probably look like an angel!

Lying On Back

Sometimes, the simplest the picture the better it looks! Take the picture of the newborn as he or she stays still while lying on the back.

It is a simple and very cute picture.

Yawning Newborn

You may have seen a lot of pictures of yawning babies! It somehow makes me yawn too! Those pictures are some of the greatest ones too!

What should be considered during this pose is that you should be quick enough to capture the best one ever!

Use Baskets or Blankets

Nowadays, or better to say the last four or five years, we have seen pictures of newborns on a basket. Don’t worry it is not a normal basket, it is one of the prettiest that you have ever seen.

What photographers aim with this pose is how small the baby is while taking the picture. After some months and some years, while parents will be looking at the pictures, will notice this fact.


Personally, I am in love with details on a picture! As a professional, when I have a picture on my hands the details are the things that draw my attention, mostly.

Since a newborn is a detail of love, it brings some other smaller details. Try to capture everything that you see, lips, nose, feet, ears, hands. Everything will look perfect!

Final Words

Having a full session with your newborn is the best thing that you can do! You can choose to work with a professional photographer or you can take the pictures by yourself.

The only thing to do is to follow the tips and maybe use the ideas that I gave you and mentioned above.

What deserves to be mentioned is that these sessions are really enjoyable and every photographer has fun when shooting!.

There’s nothing left to say besides enjoy the newborn session!