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Nikon D750 Battery Life & How To Improve It

Nikon is one of the most famous brands when it comes to the field of photography and cameras in general. I’ve been able to use many Nikon cameras and I am more than satisfied with them.

A great camera from Nikon is also the Nikon D750. It works with a 24.3 MP CMS sensor and the EXPEED 4 image processor.

This camera owns some other great features which are fully built-in and what may be considered a great battery life.

In this article, I will tell you more regarding the battery life of the Nikon D750!

Nikon D750 Battery Life

This camera has great battery life. On just a charge it provides you with 1230 shots! CIPA and Nikon both give a specification that this number is when you use the flash.

In case you don’t use that flash of this camera, it arrives at an immersive number of shots, and it is almost 4000!

If you use a battery grip, it brings to you even 800 shots more!

What Type of Battery Does Nikon D750 Use?

The battery that Nikon added to Nikon D750 is the EN-EL15. It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and it works at 7 volts. The power capacity on the other hand is 1900 mAh.

What Should You Do to Improve the Battery Life?

Check the Batteries

You wouldn’t want to use a super old battery, right? If your Nikon D750 has been staying for a long time in the drawer and you didn’t use it, check carefully if the batteries are old or even if they are not clean enough.

Dirtiness plays a huge role in the draining of battery life.

Lower the Brightness

Nikon D750 has an amazing vari-angle LCD screen. It can be used for many good things, but still, it is one of the main reasons that drain the battery life on this camera. When in use, it is better to darken the screen, so that it won’t use much power from the battery.

Try to not Delete Anything

When I take a bad picture, I want to delete it immediately! However, using your Nikon D750 to delete the pictures you just took, drains the battery life faster than you can ever imagine.

Take your pics, and once you are done, then take care of the ones that should be deleted!

Be Careful with the Image Stabilization

The Nikon D750 has an impressive built-in image stabilization feature! It is one of the best ones and it fully reduces the shake that appears blurred on your pictures. When the image stabilization feature is turned on, it takes power from the battery, in this case, the EN-EL15.

Try to use it only when needed!

Final Words

I consider myself a super fan of Nikon cameras in general. Especially when I have to work with a Nikon D750, I am super excited! The reason is that this camera is very easy to be used, and still, it allows me to do whatever I want.

Let’s not forget the battery life, which in my opinion I think is more than great in this camera!

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