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Nikon D7500 Battery Life & How To Improve It

Nikon D7500 is a great, compact, lightweight, and crop sensor camera that has really fast-tracking capabilities.

Besides that, it also offers great image quality and at the same time great video content too, in 4k UHD format.

All this makes the D7500 a great option for landscape, action, and wildlife photography.

In today’s article, we will elaborate on Nikons D7500 battery life.

Nikon D7500 Battery Life:

Nikon D7500 is rated to last 950 shots, and that’s according to Nikon and CIPA standards.

This is indeed a great number and something we should expect from a DSLR.

Those are the numbers Nikon and Cipa promise us, with some tweaks I think that it can go even further than that.

However, with that being said, it goes drastically if you are using the back screen a lot and some other features that it has to offer.

What Type of Battery Does Nikon D7500 Use?

Nikon D7500 comes in with EN-EL15a and it’s the same model that we used to see in most Nikon cameras, like the known D850.

The older version of EN-El15a will work just fine if you have any of those, it just doesn’t have the extra letter “a” on them.

But if you are buying them new, I would suggest getting the “a” version. Since they are more efficient and have better protection.

While those batteries work so well, they don’t come that cheap.

And that’s when third-party companies step in to offer good quality batteries at a lower price.

You can go on and purchase third-party batteries, just make sure you pay attention to details and reviews from other photographers who have been using them.

7 Tips on Improving the Battery Life of Your Camera:

While 950 shots are a lot, some extra more shots won’t hurt, right?

And those tips not only will benefit your Nikon D7500 but all cameras in general.

  1. Turn off all of your camera connections, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or you can simply go in airplane mode
  2. Turn off stabilization and other alike features, unless you need them
  3. Turn off automatic sensor cleaning
  4. Turn off image review and do not over-review your images, since that consumes battery
  5. Turn down your LCD screen’s brightness
  6. Turn off your camera when not shooting
  7. Replace batteries, not only when they run out, but also when they get weak and are not capable enough.

Final Words:

While the camera market is crowded, and there are many options to choose from, the Nikon D7500 remains a great value camera.

It can do almost anything an aspiring photographer needs, from taking good quality stills to recording in 4k.

While its battery life is a key strength, 950 shots are enough to take a photographer through the whole session without needing extra, but just to feel safe, so your work doesn’t get interrupted in the middle of the process, you can take some with you.

Worth mentioning that some high-end mirrorless cameras can’t even achieve half of those numbers.

Hope you liked this article and you managed to pull something out of it.

Until next time,