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Nikon Z6 Battery Life & How To Improve It

Nikon Z6 is one of the cameras that comes from the Z mount series of the Nikon brand.

It is a great mirrorless camera that is mostly aimed at professional photographers because of the features that it owns.

This camera works with a 24.5MP backside illuminated image sensor, and the EXPEED 6 image processor. Both, the sensor and the processor, are made of Nikon, and they bring to you very sharp and high-resolution pictures.

With the Nikon Z6 camera, you can also take great video recordings on 4K. There are also included some other shooting modes.

The features that it owns, even though great ones, are not the specific topic of this article! In this article, I will tell you more about the battery life of the Nikon Z6!

Nikon Z6 Battery Life

When the Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera is fully charged, you can use it to shoot up to 310 shots – rated by CIPA.

I would like to mention that when I tested this camera myself it provided me with approximately 450 shots. Full 140 more shots than mentioned above.

CIPA is an organization that deals with all the technologies that are related to photography in general. 

What Type of Battery Does Nikon Z6 Use?

In this camera, Nikon added a Lithium-Ion battery and it is the rechargeable EN-EL15b. It is a powerful battery that provides a power capacity of 1900 mAh.

The EN-EL15b can be charged via an MH-25a battery charger, or even easier with the Nikon EH-7p AC adapter.

In order to get fully charged, this camera needs to be charged for about two hours and thirty minutes. Once it is charged you will be notified by the led light that is added to the charger.

Tips on How to Extend the Battery Life

I would like to mention the three most important things that can extend the battery life of your Nikon Z6 camera.

Update the Firmware

The updates are the best ways that make your camera work properly. In case you didn’t update your Nikon Z6 for a long time now, take a look at that. It is important because the updates not only help with the working way of the camera but also help you extend or prolong the battery life.

Move the Screen

The LCD screen that is added to the Nikon Z6 can be moved easily! We all know that when a screen works nonstop, it can overheat the whole camera. That can make the battery of the camera drain.

What you should do is tilt the screen on the side. That way the cables that are added to the screen, don’t directly interfere with the body of the camera and won’t cause overheating.

Don’t Overcharge

If you overcharge a device you might cause some serious damage to its battery, in this case, the EN-EL15b. Try to avoid overcharging. It won’t do any good thing, plus it fully destroys the battery of your camera.

Final Words

So, basically, the Nikon Z6 camera is one of the best ones and it delivers to you great things. The camera isn’t a cheap one so trying to take care of its battery would be the best thing that you should do!

I hope the three tips mentioned above will help you!