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Nikon Z9 Battery Life & How To Improve It

Nikon Z9 is an amazing and new camera that was launched a year ago by the Nikon brand! It is one of the best mirrorless cameras that were ever launched, again from the Nikon brand.

This camera is packed with an enormous 45.7MP Stacked CMOS sensor and the EXPEED 7 image processor. The pictures that you take with the Nikon Z9, will be super clear and will be shown in full detail, fully lifelike. The colours in the pictures are super accurate as well.

When it comes to video recordings, this camera shines there too! It is able to record videos in full 8K of resolution (7,680 horizontal and 4,320 vertical pixels). It indeed does a great job with the videos.

Besides bringing amazing pictures and videos this camera has a normal range and rating of battery life. Let’s find out more about the battery life of the Nikon Z9 camera!

Nikon Z9 Battery Life

When using the Nikon Z9 for pictures, you will be able to capture about 700 to 770 shots, rated by the CIPA standards.

Being a mirrorless camera, the number of shots that you can take seems more than normal since mirrorless cameras provide a battery life of 350 – 370 shots per charge.

What Type of Battery Does Nikon Z9 Use?

The battery that this camera owns is the Nikon EN-EL18d. It is a battery that works with a high voltage of 10.8 volts and a high 3300 mAh capacity.

How to Charge the Battery or the Nikon Z9 Camera?

In order to charge the battery of the Nikon Z9 camera, you should use the Nikon MH-33 Battery Charger which is specially made to charge the Nikon EN-EL18d battery and two more batteries that again are from the EN-EL versions.

What you should do, is just to take out the battery from the camera and put it on into the charger. The charger uses an EH-7P AC Adapter, plugged into a wall outlet.

What is special about the charging part is that the battery of the Nikon Z9 or the Nikon Z9, in general, can also be charged without having to take off the battery! You can use an adapter that comes with the camera and it is a USB-C cable. Just plug it into the USB-C port on the camera and it recharges the battery. 

In this part, I would also like to mention that this camera comes with its own battery grip and it allows holding multiple batteries in order to extend the battery life. (The battery grip makes the camera a bit heavy though).

Final Words

As an overall opinion about the camera, I would like to say that it is a great camera and if you are looking for a camera that takes great pictures and lets you record great videos it is one of the best picks!

The battery life may be considered normal, even though some people may say that it isn’t enough. The battery life of this camera depends on what you use it for and for how long you use it. For me, it is quite a normal rate of shots for an only charge!

I hope you like this article!