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Sandisk Ultra vs. Sandisk Extreme: Which Is Better?

Whenever you are searching for new memory or SD card you will notice that Sandisk stands as one of the most famous names in this category. For example, if you check out what are the greatest SD cards for Nikon D3300 you will notice that the name Sandisk figures there.

However, Sandisk has different memory cards and it doesn’t mean that if they come from the same brand they are the same. Not every Sandisk memory card is the same, just as not every Nikon camera is the same for example.

Still, cameras are easier to be noticed when it comes to the differences and the similarities between them. A memory card is a bit harder!

In this article, you will find the most important things that should be known about the Sandisk Ultra and Sandisk Extreme and what each one of them includes.

However, I don’t really like to waste your time, I would like to directly go at the main topic of this article!

What is Sandisk Ultra?

sandisk ultra

The Sandisk Ultra is launched in 2020, and it stands as one of the memory cards that is used by many people all around the world. It is one of the first choices for different things. However, this memory card is mostly used in smartphones, tablets, and mirrorless cameras. If you own a photo editing tablet, you will love this sd card.

The capacities that this memory card comes in and it lets you choose are 128 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 200 GB, 256 GB, 400 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. It has a wide number of choices.

What is Sandisk Extreme?


Differing from the Sandisk Ultra, the Sandisk Extreme is two years older but still, just as the name implies it is an extremely amazing memory card that is used by different photographers all over the world.

The capacities that Sandisk Extreme has and offers to us are 128 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 200 GB, 256 GB, 400 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB.


Sandisk Ultra vs Extreme

Since the important features of both the memory cards are explained and hopefully clear to you, I would like to make a deeper comparison between Sandisk Ultra vs Sandisk Extreme.

Let’s see what are the main things that make them different and why not similar!


Before going deeper into the details about these memory cards, I would firstly like to start with the bodies. Well, with the bodies, I mean how much can these memory cards handle! 

The brand of Sandisk says that their memory cards, each memory card, that is launched by them can withstand many things as they are waterproof, shockproof, magnet proof, and temperature proof. 

Sandisk Ultra and Sandisk Extreme both own the specialties mentioned above, and besides them, the Sandisk Ultra works with some applications with which you can recover the data that you may have deleted accidentally.

Storage Capacity

When it comes to the storage capacity, I’ve already mentioned how the capacities that these memory cards provide. Well, as it seems, the Sandisk Ultra comes as a winner at this part since it provides us with 8 capacities, overall, meanwhile the Sandisk Extreme doesn’t include the 200 GB of capacity.

An extra thing that I would like to add to this part, for my fellow photographers, here are the numbers of photos that can be captured in different storage capacities:

  • 16GB – you can shoot 1200 pictures
  • 32GB – you can shoot 2400 pictures
  • 64GB – you can shoot 4800 pictures
  • 128GB – you can shoot 9600 pictures
  • 256GB – you can shoot 19200 pictures
  • 512GB – you can shoot more than 38000 pictures

Another thing that should be mentioned in the capacity part is videos! Not everybody in the world, that has a camera in their hand is a photographer, he or she may be a videographer as well! Well, right now, to my fellow videographers I would like to mention that both of these memory cards work perfectly fine when holding video recordings, especially if those videos are recorded at 4K.


Both the memory cards that we are interested in, the Sandisk Ultra and Sandisk Extreme are the same type of cards, they are SDXC. SDXC means Secure Digital Extended Capacity which is the smallest kind of memory card that you can ever find. If you are thinking about whether you have seen these types of memory cards, yes you have! We put them on our smartphones!


I am a person who can really stand slow things, and whenever something happens to my camera, or it starts running slowly, it messes up my anger to the highest level. If you are like me and speed is something you like, I would like to mention here the speeds at which these two great memory cards work.

First of all, both of these memory cards come from the class C10, in which you can find the fastest memory cards ever created.

The Sandisk Ultra is a memory card that works at up to 120 MB/s for the read speed, and for the writing speed, it works at 90 MB/s.

The Sandisk Extreme, on the other hand, works at 150 MB/s (megabytes per second) for the reading part, and the writing one is at 70 MB/s.


There is the price tag of each and everything that shouldn’t be left unmentioned in any manner. These memory cards come with different price tags.

There’s a difference of 5$, and the Sandisk Ultra is the cheaper one.

Final Words

Comparing two cameras or two other bigger things is easy, but when comparing two small little things such as memory cards the things become a bit harder.

However, in this article, I tried to mention some of the most important things that should be known bout them and the most important things that everybody should have in mind when we talk about memory cards in general.

As somehow mentioned, Sandisk is a very well-known name, and besides that, they are very powerful in this field. When I talk with any other photographer, they say that Sandisk is the number one choice when needed.

I would also like to mention that whenever I have to take pictures outdoors, I love to use Sandisk memory cards. They seem to fit with almost everything!

I don’t think that there’s anything left to say besides the Sandisk memory cards that I mentioned are great ones!