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Sisters Photoshoot Ideas & Photography Tips

Those people that have sisters will definitely say that no one is closer than a sister and that’s definitely more than true! Who wouldn’t want pictures with their sisters, right?

I know that everybody nowadays is into selfies and everyone does but how about you forget about the selfies and find yourselves in front of a professional photographer? Personally, I love professional pictures and I advise everyone to take some, especially, since I mentioned sisters at the beginning!

If you are already into that, taking pictures with your sisters, but still, have no idea how to do so, what poses to use so that your pictures could be better, let me say one thing: Welcome to CameraGurus, I am more than happy to help!

Let me get this article started!

Sisters Photoshoot Ideas & Tips

Now, everybody has their own ideas on how to take a picture, and basically, everybody knows themselves and when taking a picture they want to bring the best out of them. That is also the same with the photographer that is taking the pictures though. He or she brings the best.

However, I think I messed it up a bit since right now I am going to give you some simple ideas that you can perform while you are having a photoshoot with your sister or sisters!

Be Yourselves

As a professional photographer, I can easily say that there’s not a photographer in the world who doesn’t want his clients to feel safe and be themselves in different photoshoots.

When going on a photo shoot with your sister, you don’t have to feel nervous or stressed in any way. As I said above sisters are the closest people in the whole world and it would be funny if you are nervous around her, right? I think that she would use it as a weapon in the near future!

Take Candid Photos

Candid Photography

I love candid photography as a general type of photography and I think that I already mentioned it somewhere. Candid is the most natural form of taking a photograph and in the end, you will notice that you will love these types of photos more.

I would definitely like to mention that once I have to take pictures of sisters, and it doesn’t matter how small or big they are, they always love candid photos.

Just as in the picture above, you can see that those two little girls are totally unnoticed that their photograph is being taken.


Twin Sisters

When I say twinning I can think of two things: twinning as two identical sisters and twinning with the clothes while sisters can have a huge year difference.

Taking pictures of twin sisters is magical, and having those pictures in your hands, for the rest of your life is fun since life is a very mysterious place and who knows, when you will get older you won’t be identical anymore.

It is one of the greatest memories that you can have for your whole life and I personally think that twin pictures are the best indeed.

Childhood Photos and Now Grown-Ups

Everything differs when we grow up, but love keeps growing as well. These words are probably the words that you may hear from different women all around the world, of course talking about their sisters.

What I want to say with that is totally based on the picture that I added above. There are two sisters that were playing around in the kitchen when they were little, and now we have them all grown up but still, the kitchen is the place that unites them!

Do that too! You can find childhood pictures and of course, recreate them right now! It can be wherever you want and I assure you that those pictures will definitely make your parents cry a bit.

Big Moments

Whenever there is a party, a family gathering, an engagement, or a big wedding, don’t ever forget to take pictures with your sister.

There are the big moments that show love and emotions, especially taking hugging pictures. It would be definitely one of the best pictures that you have with your sister.


I mentioned above identical twins but didn’t mention sisters that look alike even though they might have a year gap in between. In order to show similarities and differences between sisters, close-up pictures are the best thing to do.

For New Moms and Dads

Those parents that already have children know fast they grow up and if they didn’t take pictures they are definitely thinking about it now and faulting themselves for why they didn’t. Well, how is that related to the sisters’ photoshoot? It definitely is!

When you have children, in this case, daughters, try to capture as many pictures as you can, and by that, they can use them in order to recreate them and have fun with them.

Don’t be scared to capture pictures of your daughters when they are fighting, playing, laughing, and even crying together. Basically, take candid photos of them. You should always know that it is one of the greatest memories for them.

Do you know what Temper Tantrum is? It is the time when children get angry and frustrated. Exploit that time and use it as the best one to take those pictures.

Final Words

Well, here it is! An article regarding some photoshoot ideas when it comes to sisters’ photo shoots of any kind!

Even though there are many different things that you could do during these photoshoots I tried in simpler words to show you some of the main things that should be done. If you follow the things that I mentioned, you can feel more than sure that the pictures you are about to take will be cooler than ever.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and it helps you gain an idea of what pictures to take if you go on a photo shoot with your sisters!

There’s nothing left to say besides enjoy that amazing photoshoot!