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Sony A6400 Battery Life & How To Improve It

Sony A6400 is an APS-C mirrorless camera that is known for its industry-leading autofocus and without a doubt, for its modest price.

Since its release back in 2019, A6400 skyrocketed every chart online and it keeps remaining a strong contender to this day.

It is a great midrange mirrorless camera that sports a 24mp interchangeable lens with an APS-C sensor, it is best used for sharp photos, 4k videos, and its autofocus system sets it far ahead of the competition; making it great for sport, action, and wildlife photography.

In this article, we will find out if its battery life, holds up with the rest of the great features.

Sony A6400 Battery Life:

Sony photographers weren’t happy with the battery life of Sony A6300 and A6500 both of them had overheating issues and very poor battery life

Lucky for us with the release of the A6400, Sony drastically increased the battery life along with many other flaws.

For example, you go from 20 to 30 minutes with the A6300 or 50-60 with the A6500, with the A6400 you get 80-125 minutes and no overheating at all.

As far as CIPA standard goes, it is rated to take up to 410 shots or with the EVF on 360 shots.

What Type of Battery Does Sony A6400 Use?

Sony A6400 is driven by Sony NP-FW50 Battery, it is has a 7.2V maximum charge voltage and a minimum capacity: 7.3Wh (1020mAh).

You will get it along with the camera, but if you want to buy extras you will have to purchase them separately. Also, it is up to you if you want to stick to the original, NP-FW50 or buy from third-party options.

However, it is worth mentioning that the original Sony batteries will hold their charge better, way better than the third-party ones.

External Battery Chargers:

You should be aware by now that the Sony a6400 does not include a battery charger in the box, you can buy one separately from third-party brands.

However, the A6400 has a built-in micro USB that is used to charge the battery directly.

3 Tips For Prolonging the Battery life of your Sony A6400.

1. LCD Screen and ViewFinder

Have you noticed that if you turn your phone into “Battery Mode” it lower the brightness of your phone?

You want to do the same with your A6400. Sony offers a manual screen setting, where you can dim the screen and make it less bright, in order to save battery.

2. Airplane Mode

Yet again, just like smartphones, Sony cameras have airplane mode.

Pretty much it has the same functionality, it will stop all Wi-Fi activities and some other stuff along the way, you want to turn this ON, to save some juice.

3. When You Don’t Use the Camera

Don’t leave the camera on when you’re not using it.

Also, make sure to remove batteries when not in use.

This is something videographers have done for a while now and it is obvious why it saves battery.

Final Words:

To wrap this up all I can say is that, the Sony A6400 meets all requirements needed for good battery life.

It can’t compete with the likes of DSLRs, yet it still holds great for a mirrorless camera.

Hope you liked, this article regarding Sony A6400 Battery Life.

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