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Sony A7 IV Battery Life & How To Improve It

Sony A7 IV is the successor of the known Sony A7 III, which debuted back in 2018.

A7 III totally took the market by storm and completely changed how photographers viewed mirrorless cameras. It was a great all-rounder that appealed to every photographer be a beginner or a professional.

A7 IV is better in many ways, improving everything its predecessor was lacking.

It is a hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera, that at heart sports a 33-megapixel sensor and has improved video capabilities with updated AI-powered autofocus.

In today’s article, we will elaborate on the battery life of this flagship.

Sony A7 IV Battery Life:

The official Cipa rating of the Sony A7 is at 520 shots per charge, and this is when using the electronic viewfinder.

As for the recording capabilities, it can shoot 4k videos for at least 2 hours, which is quite nice not going to lie.

However, the battery life on the A7 IV is decent rather than spectacular. Why is that?

Because we see a significant drop from its predecessor, who could should up to 710 shots.

Yet again, 520 is still impressive for a mirrorless camera and nothing to worry about.

What Type of Battery Does Sony A7 IV Use?

The Sony A7 IV is packed with an NP-FZ100 rechargeable lithium-Ion Battery (2280maH), which is a great battery indeed.

Despite the painful price the A7 IV comes with, for some reason, Sony decided to include only 1 NP-FZ100 battery.

A single charge should accompany you through a day, that is only if you are a hobbyist. If your photography works conduct more, getting extra batteries becomes a must.

I would highly advise getting them from Sony officially, while you can save some extra cash when purchasing third-party batteries, it might cost you more in the long run since you risk of damaging your camera, which doesn’t come cheap.

What’s more, Sony itself tries to prevent third-party batteries, it even triggers a warning when you use, unofficial batteries on A7 IV.

What is the CIPA standard?

I am sure you have encountered the word CIPA at least once and mostly at the battery life part.

CIPA otherwise, Camera & Imaging Products Association is based in Japan and deals with technology related to photography. They have established a worldwide set of standards and those standards give customers the assurance that all the products are measured in the same way.

Simply put, they use the same methods on all the cameras to calculate the battery life.

They have some rules they follow when measuring the battery life, meaning that you can get more or less on a single charge than CIPA standards, it depends on many other factors how it takes.

But the CIPA standards give you a good overall idea.

Final Words:

Pretty much this camera ticks all the boxes, for a hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera.

Insane autofocus, great image quality, great video capabilities, and all that is accompanied by great battery life.

Yes, I am well aware that there are tons of cameras that offer more battery life, but considering the features, this bad boy brings and being a mirrorless camera, it is understandable.

Hopefully, this article added some insight to you, in case you want to buy or already own the nice A7 IV.