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What Is A PTZ Camera And How Does It Work?

PTZ Cameras, as a name or as a phrase, is kind of confusing! I know because when I first had to deal with them I didn’t quite know what they are.

Well, it turns out it is pretty simple, and they are normal cameras, but with some different qualifications and some different features, different from the cameras that we are used to seeing!

Stick at this article so that you can find out What is a PTZ Camera! There will be explained What is a PTZ Camera and also you will find some other information regarding PTZ cameras in general!

First of all, What is a PTZ Camera?

PTZ cameras, meaning pan tilt zoom cameras, are fully robotic cameras that are built mostly with mechanical parts. Those parts are able to pan, tilt up or down, as well as can be swivelled from right to left.

They are basically like security cameras that are mostly used in crowded places. I think that you have already seen PTZ cameras in different museums, churches, and supermarkets as well! They are able to record in very wide angles of view so that you can capture the whole scene, not only that but you also control most ptz camera remotely.

There are also some modern PTZ cameras that have the ability to live stream, for example, if you are having an important event and want to document it in the best way possible, what you should do is just mount a PTZ camera and it is more than ready!

Where should you mount PTZ cameras?

There are three types of mounting these cameras. The first one is that you can put them on ceilings so that it can have a view from the above. The next way to mount them is to put them on the wall for like side views.

And the last way of mounting these types of cameras is on any pole. The place that you mount the cameras is fully dependent on your preferences, it is only you who choose how you want the field view to be, it lets you choose!

It is important to note that also the way that they don’t take space and are easy mountable is what makes them great in a way. If you were to mount regular or even multiple cameras, not only they will be quite visible but also will take a huge spot.

What is the price of PTZ cameras and how long do they last?

Now, this can be considered as advice! Always keep in mind that PTZ cameras are very expensive. When I say expensive I mean that they are above 1000$, and I have once mentioned that PTZ cameras are those cameras that can be used for a lifetime!

Be careful when you choose them because they will definitely be your friend forever; that is a fact that PTZ cameras can last pretty long.

Which are the most famous PTZ cameras right now?

Even though it may sound a little bit weird, PTZ cameras are launched from different brands and those include the brands that we already know; Canon, Panasonic, Sony, and so on! If you are considering buying a camera PTZ camera for Church, check out our article best PTZ camera for church, and find the best one based on your preferences!

Can You Use PTZ Cameras as a Zoom Camera?

You sure can utilize a ptz camera for video conferencing but it is not something I would really recommend doing.

They are optical zoom cameras that have a pan tilt zoom technology on them, their zoom capabilities tell that those are cameras that are used best for surveillance purposes.

If something suspicious was going around, you can simply transfer the footage on video production software and use the zoom features of this camera to get the best out of the footage.

Final Words

If you don’t want to control multiple cameras, most ptz cameras will do a great job at offering you what you need.

A lot of camera operators will opt for ptz cameras when it comes to surveillance. The pan tilt and zoom technology is something really useful that you don’t find on a traditional camera.