I am Robert Garland, a very enthustiastic photographer based in Cottonwood, California. I love traveling 3rd world countries and documenting my travel experiences through photos and videos which i occasionally share on this website.

I’ve chosen photography as my profession because it was one of my biggest hobbies growing up. I’ve worked with cameras for my whole life, and I’ve received a lot of questions from beginners.

Since i was in their shoes 10 years ago, i decided to start this blog and review different cameras & camera equipment to help them get what they need. 

Back in the day, internet wasn’t so advanced, and we had to ask people that owned the equipment on their opinion before buying, and most of the information was biased which in the end, left all of us unsatisfied with our decisions.

Thanks to the rapid improvement of technology, now we can research and see thousands of reviews from people that own and did the things we want to own and do, whether its negative or positive.

Since I’ve handled almost any camera known to the market, i decided to start this blog and make my readers life easier when it comes to choosing the needed things.

You can check out some camera comparisons below. Whether you just want to say Hi, or you want to ask me anything, i’d be happy to help you. You can contact me through this page.