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The 5 Best Light Boxes For Jewelry Photography (Reviewed)

A light box really can take and improve your photography to the next level.

If you are looking for the best light box for jewelry photography, you came to the right place.

Fortunately, the market is more crowded than ever.

From budget-friendly light boxes to high-end ones that improve the quality drastically.

To cut the chase and make things easier for you, I have rounded up what I feel are the best light boxes for jewelry photography.

Before pulling the trigger to the first lightbox you spot, you want to check some things first. And just for that, in the end, I have prepared a buying guide to benefit you, if none of the lightboxes I am about to list, won’t.

Best Durable
Amazon Basics Studio Light Box

Amazon Basics Studio Light Box

Check Price On Amazon
Easiest To Setup
Travor Photo Studio Light Box

Travor Photo Studio Light Box

Check Price On Amazon
Best For Most People
PULUZ Mini Photo Studio Light Box

PULUZ Mini Photo Studio Light Box

Check Price On Amazon
Best For The Money
FOSITAN Photo Light Box

FOSITAN Photo Light Box

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Best Overall
Neewer Photo Studio Light Box

Neewer Photo Studio Light Box

Check Price On Amazon

Without further a doo let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Light Boxes for Jewelry Photography

5. Amazon Basics Studio Light Box – Best Durable

If you need a portable lightbox to take your jewelry photography to the next levels while at the same time you want something that you can establish in a minute, this option from Amazon Basics could be it. 

It sports a really convenient design, it has a front three-door system that maximizes the image angles while at the same time it reduces reflections that are coming from outside. You will also find a top hole that gives you free doom to take images from above

What’s more, the diffusion material will assure your jewelry doesn’t reflect the light.

At the same time, it is really portable, thanks to the carrying case with a handle that makes it easy for you to move it around.

It features an integrated LED light that makes it possible and easy, for capturing high-quality content even with a smartphone.

There is optimized lightning, the main light will fill the box while the second one provides directional highlights, and the inside walls fill the bouncing light inside the object.

Why Should You Buy It?

This is a brilliantly constructed light box and on top of it, it comes in a reasonable price and portable form factor.

While it has its drawbacks like no dimmable LEDS no on/off switch for LEDs and such; those are understandable compromises for a cost-effective light box. It is simply set out for simple light box photography.

4. Travor Photo Studio Light Box – Easiest To Setup

The next option comes from Travor, the Travor Light Box.

Travor is a company that specializes in making photo equipment, to help photographers make the most out of the photos with affordable yet effective tools

Whether you need more light, dark, or soft light, this light box promises to create the desired lighting effect, that you are seeking for jewelry photography.

It measures 32 inches (80cm) and comes in an iron frame finish that is combined with oxford cloth.

The silver fabric inside diffuses the light evenly while avoiding vignetting and minimizing the shadows as much as possible.

This also makes it a great box to take pictures with your smartphone and not only with your professional camera.

It is super bright thanks to the 126 pcs high-quality light beads that come with 13000 LM. At the same time, they offer a really high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95+, in order to provide an adequate light source.

What’s more, you can adjust the angle of the light to your likings and the light bar has aluminum shell protection that provides good heat dissipation.

Worth mentioning is that it also comes with four color cloths, so you can have a different shooting experience

The included colors:

  • Black: Good choice for strong contrast photos
  • Red: Shooting fashion themes in general
  • White: A color that is suitable for almost anything.
  • Blue: Would recommend blue on things that have to do with technology more.

Why Should You Buy It?

This is a really well-made light box, that is easy to set up and can be placed almost anywhere.

No doubt, that your photos will look way better than before, especially jewelry photography.

However, they might be some drawbacks to the build quality and such but we are not allowed to whine due to the price it comes with; plus to not forget the generosity the Travor includes on the package.

3. PULUZ Mini Photo Studio Light Box – Best For Most People

Coming in third with have a compact mini Light Box from Puluz.

The Puluz portable light box is specially made for artists and online sellers, so if you are a jewelry seller, open your eyes – this one might be for you.

Whether you are a professional or entry-level. Puluz will make things easier for you, and yes, your photos more professional-looking.

It has a size of 25 inches and can easily be put on a table. Its folding design will help with easy storage and portability. Don’t worry about setting it up, it’s really easy to assemble and disassemble.

It has a smooth background cloth that is waterproof and quite easy to clean. To get more professional and beautiful pictures, it includes 6 background papers and 12 color backgrounds.

The inner reflective fabric contributes to minimizing the shadows as much as possible while the built-in stone texture fabric on good light effect.

As for LED quantity, it has 96 pcs led beads and a CRI of 95. As far as Dimming goes it sits at 1% up to 100% and has 10 gear adjustments, with a USB port included as a power supply.

In general, it provides near sunlight quality light with no shadows and true color rendering, so you can take pretty photos even with your smartphone, let alone a professional camera.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are selling jewelry products or charms and things like that, this light box will get you great quality photos to advertise your products online.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to photography is really beginner-friendly and a no-brainer.

2. FOSITAN Photo Light Box – Best For The Money

Yet another brand that seeks fame and knowledge. Fositan has all the rights to seek worldwide recognition due to them offering splendid photography products.

Fositan is committed to providing valuable devices like ring lights, softboxes, and light boxes. It doesn’t fail to do so, the light box that we have here is enough proof.

It sports high quality, yet convenient design. It comes at 20 inches (50cm) and it is really easy to use and set up. It should take you around 10 seconds to be ready and hit it off with your jewelry photography.

There’s a velcro connection installed in the photo box meaning there’s no need for additional brackets. What’s more, the light is fixed on the box, so you won’t have to set it up by yourself.

It sports High-Quality SMD LED brads with an excellent CRI index that goes up to 92+.

The brightness can dim from 1% to 100% while the diffuser softens the light in order to protect your eyes and meet all kinds of shooting needs.

Fositan also decided to be generous with its packaging and it includes the following things:

  • 1X Photo Studio
  • 1X Brightness Dimmer
  • 1X Power Adapter
  • 1X Diffuser Cloth
  • 5X Background Paper
  • FOSITAN 12-month worry-free warranty.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking to set up the game of your photography, not just your jewelry photography but product photography in general, this lightbox from Fositan is a bang for the bucks.

The amount of light it produces, the construction quality, pretty much everything, is on point.

The value this light box brings to the table is simply unbeatable.

1. Neewer Photo Studio Light Box – Best Overall

Day by day Neewer is getting more and more recognition, and it is something they deserve.

Neewer was established back in 2010, and by offering photographers wonderful photography equipment they are taking a lot of spots in online charts.

They pretty much cover any device or say accessory a photographer needs. Not just for professionals but they tend to make them easy of use to welcome even entry-level photographers.

On top of all that, they do it at a cost-effective price, so is the case with their studio light box.

The Neewer light box is a convenient photo box that doesn’t take space at all and can be folded easily for easy transport.

It is suitable for commercial photography, indoor/outdoor, without leaving jewelry photography behind.

Inside it is as well built as outside, the reflective interior and the diffusion cloth reduce shadows and offer a clean background and even lightning. The open front panel has 2 opening ways for horizontal shooting and there’s also a top opening for bird’s eye shooting.

It sports 80 brightness-adjustable LED lamps that change light brightness gradually and steady by simply using the knob. It also has a 6000-6500k temperature and a high CRI of RA 85+ that promises an adequate light source that will satisfy any photographer.

The package also includes 4 background colors like the above options, standard colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Orange

Why Should You Buy It?

It is a well-made light box and at the same time it is moderately priced for the features it brings to the table.

It has wonderful lightning and the cloth that attaches to the light surround for diffusing is splendid.

If you are an online seller, I would highly advise putting this on your wishlist, it won’t disappoint for sure.


What to Look For When Buying a Light Box:


A light box basically is a box that uses a closed environment to effectively diffuse the light. Meaning that the bigger your subject is the bigger the box should be.

For jewelry, at least a 16-inch box should do the work.


You want the light box to be as portable as possible.

When you move it around, it should be easy to set up in order to give you more flexibility and not waste time.


The ideal material for a jewelry box would be dense white paper that prevents shadows and unappealing lines.


Q: How Does a Light box Work?

A: A light box uses a light-reflective surface to surround your subject in a smooth and even lightning environment. Basically, it will help in producing enough light and eliminate unwanted shadows.

Q: Which Type of Light Box Is The Best For Jewelry Photography?

A: While it all boils down to preferences, soft lighting one or say diffuser, would suit the Jewelry photography mostly.

Q: How do you use a light box for taking photos of jewelry?

A: First of all Set-up the light box, make sure everything is fine, the lightning and all that. Then set up your camera in a stable and well platform. Lastly, ensure that the environment is reflection-free.

Final Words:

If you are a product photographer in general, you should be well aware that lightning is the most important thing to optimize and get the best result.

This tends to get even more serious when you have jewelry as a subject.

Jewelry reflects light, and that is not something we want. Diffused consistent lightning without shadows is what we want.

Hopefully, I have covered everything you guys need to know regarding the best light box for jewelry photography.

If you want to improve your camera gear arsenal, i also recommend you take a look at our recommended flash diffusers.