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Sony A6000 Battery Life & How To Improve It

Sony a6000 comes from the alpha series of cameras from the Sony brand. It is indeed an alpha camera, and not only! It is also known as one of the best mirrorless cameras worldwide.

This camera is packed with a 24 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and the Bionz X image processor. The combination of the sensor and the processor, help you capture lifelike images will every detail and it also has a great ability to capture images in low light.

The most eye-catching features on this camera are:

  • Retro Design
  • Image Quality
  • Full HD Videos
  • Tilting LCD Screen
  • OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • Autofocus Accuracy
  • WiFi and NFC

There is also an important detail that photographers need to know and also is very important. The Battery Life!

How long is the battery life on the Sony a6000, what batteries are added, and how to work with the improvement of the battery life? Stick to the end in order to know all of these things!

Let’s get started!

Sony a6000 Battery Life

The Sony a6000 camera, has an average battery, just like many other mirrorless cameras. The rating of the shots when this camera is fully charged is 360 shots when it is used with the LCD screen, and when it is used via the electronic viewfinder it provides 310 shots.

What Type of Battery Does Sony a6000 Use?

In order to work properly and bring the number of shots mentioned above, the Sony a6000 camera uses the strong Sony NP-FW50 battery type.

It is a battery that comes from Sony; it works with 7.2 volts. The power capacity of this battery is 1020mAh. The battery is a lithium-ion one and it is fully rechargeable.

The charger that you should use to charge the battery is the Sony BC-TRW.

The camera comes only as a base, there is not included the battery or the charger.

Factors that Take Place on the Battery Life of Sony a6000

Being a feature-packed camera means that the Sony a6000 can work with only one of them or all of them combined. When those features are combined they may cause a little bit of battery draining. However, being able to shoot 300-360 shots for some people may be enough. But what are the factors that can make the numbers go down and even up?

The main factors that have to do or somehow are related to the battery life are:


The viewfinder that this camera owns is an OLED electronic one. Its job is to project the scene electronically into a miniature display and it does the job perfectly fine. However, as seen above the viewfinder plays a huge role in the battery life, and you can take up to 310 pics with it.


Beating the OLED electronic viewfinder, the LCD screen of the Sony a6000 does a great job giving you the ability to take up to 360 shots. It is a bit weird when you think about it because the screen should give less, but still, the alpha series is the alpha series. So, with this, I tell that the LCD screen has an important role, in this case not draining but going above the viewfinder.


As mentioned above, the Sony a6000 camera has both WiFi and NFC connection. It is known that the connections on a camera especially WiFi, drain the battery of a camera faster. In this case, we also deal with NFC.

The connections are quite good. 


The focus even though one of the greatest ones in this camera is a tracking one. The AF tracking drains a bit the battery life.

Final Words

Now, first of all, I would like to mention something! Since the Sony a6000 is a mirrorless camera, you shouldn’t wait for the best battery life ever. However, for mirrorless, the number of shots is normal and acceptable.

I hope the article that I wrote is clear to you!