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Canon RP Battery Life & How To Improve It

Canon EOS RP is Canon’s second full-frame mirrorless camera, this bad boy lowers the boundary of entry in the full-frame world.

While it lacks in some fields, it still doesn’t fail to bring great value to the table.

Big sensor, small price; under the hood it sports a 26MP sensor while having 4k video recording capabilities.

And at the same time, it is really portable, thanks to the lightweight compact design.

In today’s article, we will see if this cost-effective camera has a battery life that is worthy to accompany us through our journeys.

Canon RP Battery Life:

Canon EOS RP battery life is rated at 250 shots, that’s according to CIPA standard test results, which is not that good, I can’t lie or I would look like a paid reviewer.

The camera also gives you a little warning, when it is about to bite the dust. Not sure if that will make things better, but it’s something, right?

As for the recording times, it barely holds 30 minutes.

What Type of Battery Does the Canon RP Use?

Surprisingly enough the EOS RP doesn’t use the same LP-E6N battery that we are used to seeing on Canon DSLRs.

Instead, it is being driven by a less capable LP-E17.

Why is that?

There’s no other explanation besides this being a way for Canon to save manufacturing costs and space on the camera.

Battery Life is kinda “meh”, so I would encourage you guys to get some extras with you, just make sure you get the Canon ones, though.

I would avoid third-party brands.

Why is Battery Life Shorter on Mirrorless Cameras?

Not just with the Canon EOS RP, but in general mirrorless cameras, suffer from battery life.

First of all, they come in a compact form factor, meaning that there’s not much space in them, and the companies are forced to put smaller batteries.

Second, there’s the electronic viewfinder and the rear monitor that gives a live view of your screen. All that is done electronically, meaning the camera continuously is consuming some battery.

Besides that, the way you use the camera also drastically affects the battery life

Video recording


AutoFocus and Such.

Those 3 things play a major role in battery life, with the video recording draining the battery the higher the resolution and refresh rate is.

If the good quality is not a must, I would say go on and record the content on the one that offers more battery life in return.

Final Words:

With all that being said, this camera still remains a great pick for the price it comes with.

That’s it if you want to enter the full-frame mirrorless category.

Just get a charger or even a battery grip to cover for the low battery life.

As for the other things, I think it covers pretty much everything, great image quality for stills, great recording capabilities, and worth saying, it does all that in a compact lightweight form factor.

Hopefully, this article gave you some useful information regarding Canon RP battery life.