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How Long Should Wedding Photos Take?

A wedding is basically a ceremony in which two people (a couple) unite their love into marriage! It is one of the most special days in the couple’s lives!

Finding a professional photographer to take photos at your wedding is the best thing that you can do! That way, you will have that day registered forever!

Some people are fans of weddings, and some aren’t, but still, a photographer is seen there definitely!

In this article, you’ll learn how long wedding sessions should take, and how long you’ll have to wait to get your hands on them!

Now, without further ado, let’s see what goes on in wedding photography!

How Long Should Wedding Photos Take?/Taking the Pictures

The Ceremony

The ceremony is basically the wedding itself! You already know that weddings nowadays are somehow divided into parts. The first look, the first dance, the cake, and so on!

Some wedding ceremonies take about one or two hours, while some others can last about four to five hours!

A photographer should be part of the wedding from the beginning until the end!

Tip for photographers: Try to be on time or as early as possible! You always have to know the place that you will be shooting and being there earlier will definitely help you analyze the whole location.

The Session

With the phrase the session, I mean the photo session that is fully dedicated to the couple! A session that mostly lasts about one hour or one and a half. Of course, you are thinking why does it take so long? Well, the main reason that the sessions may last is the details!

I am a wedding photographer myself and I love to shoot every tiny detail that may catch my eye! Always remember that the details matter and some details show the whole love that a couple has! 

Tip for photographers: It would be better if you first spoke with the couple and asked them if they had any idea what would happen throughout the session! Share your ideas with them and see if they like them! Also, another thing to mention: Take natural unexpected pictures! They look perfect!

The Family Members/Friends

As a photographer, you may find yourself gathered from a small family, a very big family, and also friends! They deserve pictures too because they are also the key, that makes the wedding better than it already is!

Photographing the whole family/friends may take only five minutes, but if they want to take pictures one by one, or couple by couple, this procedure may be prolonged to thirty minutes.

Tip for photographers: Family and friends are important things, that’s why you may want to take care of them too! When I have to take photos of a big family, I usually tend to gather them all together in a picture, and in a way, capture the love that surrounds them. If the family is a small one, do the same, but you will also have time to shoot portraits of them too!

How Long Should Wedding Photos Take?/ Getting the Pictures

Waiting for your pictures, after the wedding, is the most frustrating thing that you can wait for! It is always said that the couple and everyone who took part in the wedding cannot wait too long! However, there is a procedure in which the photos can be ready so that you can take them and see what has happened!

Getting the photos from your photographer depends on some things. Those include:

The Season

You may already know that spring and summer are the favorite seasons when it comes to marriage and weddings in general! That’s why getting back the photos may take longer than you expect. 

Many photographers say that giving the photos to the couple takes about eight weeks during spring and summer, and it can take only four weeks in the other two seasons.

The Number of Pictures

When finding a photographer, meaning before the wedding, you should always talk about how many pictures you want to be taken during the ceremony. It also has a main role in the price that the photographer will give to you.

If you need more than 500 photos, you may want to wait about two months, but if you have less than 500 photos, the ability to get them earlier is very much possible. 

The Editing Process

Personally, I love editing! When I have to edit pictures I look at the smallest details and choose what looks better on them! The editing process is a tiring one and you should definitely be patient!

The editing process can take about three to four weeks if the photographer works all day. Otherwise, it may last about six weeks.

The Preparation of the Album/Book

The book or the album is the ending part of getting the pictures from your photographer. Also, it is one of the most interesting parts because when it comes to the book, the photographer is always in contact with the couple. The last words always belong to them! They say the main things; meaning they tell the photographer what the album should look like. 

During this process, the couple definitely has a sneak peek of the photos that were taken, and the whole process takes about six weeks.

All in all, the time that you can get the pictures stands mostly among six to eight weeks!

Be patient and take care of your pictures! That way you will have your memories living with you always! A great example would be the picture below!

Final Words

If you are a dreamer and having a wedding is one of them, I think that you should definitely need a photographer! Especially, I would advise you to get the best photographer that you heard of. It is a once in a lifetime event, and you would want to remember every single detail.

Wedding photos will live with you forever and they are the cutest memory!

I really hope that this article, will help you have an idea of what happens with wedding photos, and how long should they take!