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Where to Look When Taking a Selfie + Selfie Tips

Selfie is a phenomenon all around the world! Hence the name, a selfie is basically a picture of yourself taken again from yourself! It is one of the most famous words all around the world, not only by adults, but children know the selfie name too!

If you just purchased a camera for self-portraits or you want to take selfies with your phone, but somehow feel confused about where to look, I am here to help!

In this article, you will find the answer to “Where to Look when Taking a Selfie?”.

Also, you will find some selfie tips that may help you upgrade the “selfie game” and by that, you will definitely look way better!

Without further ado, let’s be straightforward, and let’s start this article!

Where to Look When Taking a Selfie

As mentioned at the beginning, it is a bit weird when it comes to the where to look part! There are some people that look at the camera screen or the phone screen. It doesn’t mean that the selfie will look bad but still, there’s a rule that in a way tells where you should surely look at!

When taking a selfie you shouldn’t look at the screen! You should look at the camera lens, it doesn’t matter what you are taking your picture with, your eyes should be focused only on the lens.

It is in a way called “eye contact” with the device that you are taking the picture! 

Can I look to the sides?

Of course, you can! There are some times, you don’t feel like looking straight at the camera lens, and looking at the sides, would look better! You can freely do so! It will make the selfie look a bit mysterious, and mysterious nowadays is definitely a look!

Can I close my eyes?

This question has a lot to do with the notion of the picture! For example, you may be in a very sunny environment and if you want to show “the audience” that is hard to see, you can close your eyes.

Even though it may sound funny, it is the most basic example, that I can give to you.

Selfie Tips

You may want to just take out your camera or your phone and take the selfie at that moment, but you may want to know some things or tips for a selfie!


With lighting, I would like to mention that the natural one is the best one! The natural light will bring a perfect view of the skin, and the whole face. 

In the market you can find artificial lightings that are made especially for selfies, you can use them too! 

Still, the natural one doesn’t cost and that’s way better!

For the ladies: If you are not wearing make-up and you feel like you don’t want to take a selfie, the natural lighting will bring an amazing perfect glow!

Selfie in Natural Light

Find the right Angle

An unfortunate thing about selfies is that if you take one from a “bad angle” the selfie may not be worth it. A good selfie is one that is captured at the right angle, and a right angle is one that shows the best features of yourself!

There are a couple of ways that you can find the best angle for your selfie, but if you go on Instagram and search #selfie, you can take a better and deeper look at how you should take a selfie.


Never ignore the background of a picture! That’s definitely a fact! When taking a selfie you should take good care of the background.

It is said that backgrounds with softer colors always bring a better selfie. Otherwise, if you are in a very pretty place, try to capture it too!

An Amazing Background

Eyes Matter

In a selfie, the eyes play one of the biggest roles! Personally, when I see a selfie I directly look at the person’s eyes. To bring the best selfie picture get focused and try to tell with your eyes that you are the best!


When you smile on your selfie, I assure you that the picture is definitely going places! Faking a smile is not the best thing that you can do, and if you don’t feel like it, you shouldn’t do so! However, if you want to have the best selfie ever, a genuine smile will do its job perfectly fine!

Take A Lot of Selfies

There’s no such word as too many selfies! You should never feel ashamed to take more than three or maybe even more than five selfies. Take as much as you want to!

When you take more selfies you clearly see the differences between them, and you can easily find which one is the best one, of course, that’s in case you want to post it.

Have Fun

You may ask yourselves how to have fun? Well, nothing says have fun more than trying different funny faces while taking a selfie. It is a SELF-IE, you can be more than yourself while doing whatever you want. It is definitely your thing!

Edit Your Selfies

You are more than free to do whatever you want with your own pictures! As you know many different applications will help you edit your selfies in the best way possible.

What deserves to be mentioned here is that you shouldn’t exaggerate! Always stay yourself!

Take Selfies With Your Friends

I get the part that selfie means self-portrait photography, but still, there’s no such rule that you shouldn’t include more people on it! Personally, I love to take pictures with my friends, and most importantly, selfies with friends look way better, there are more feelings and emotions included.


Final Words

So, as we came to the end of this article, I would like to mention that there is not a perfect selfie! You just should know some tricks that you can do, and the selfie becomes the best one.

I really hope that the information that I wrote in this article will help you find the right place to look when you take a selfie, and also I hope the selfie tips that I mentioned will help you capture the best selfie ever!

There’s nothing left to say, besides don’t forget to have fun while taking a selfie!