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Best Batteries For Trail Cameras: Which One Should You Buy?

If you are searching for the best battery for a trail camera, you probably know what a trail camera is. For those that don’t know, a trail camera is a type of camera, that is placed in a specific place, outdoors, and it takes pictures automatically.

In other words, a trail camera is also called a wildlife camera. It is called like that because these cameras are mostly used for wildlife photography. They document pictures of animals when the person is not around.

In order to make these cameras, in fact, all cameras, work, you will need batteries. Which are the best batteries for trail cameras, How do the batteries work, What are their features? You will find more information in this article!

Now, without losing too much time, let’s get this article started!

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The 6 Best Batteries For Trail Cameras

Before mentioning some of the best batteries for trail cameras, I would like to mention that all the batteries that I chose are divided into some of the most important types, alkaline, Ni-MH, and Lithium.

Best Alkaline Batteries

1. Energizer AA Batteries

Energizer AA Batteries

The Energizer AA is basically alkaline batteries that we are used to seeing in almost everything.

They are small, and they come in a pack. One pack of them includes 24 batteries but you can also choose between eight and twelve. They differ when it comes to the price tag though.

A specialty that these batteries have is that Energizer assures us that these batteries can stay up to 10 years. Of course, if they are not used every day.

The voltage that these batteries work at is 1.5. I know that the capacity of the batteries is important, but there is no information since they are standard ones.

When it comes to using, these batteries can be used with almost everything. Remotes, toys, flashlights, remotes, and many others. Most importantly, they work perfectly with trail cameras.

2.  Duracell Optimum

Duracell Optimum

Everybody has heard about Duracell once in a lifetime and you have probably used one of them. Well, they are amazing.

These alkaline batteries from Duracell come in an 18 count, but still, there are different packs that you can choose from. The highest number of batteries on a pack is 50 batteries.

The voltage is the same as the other ones mentioned above. They work at 1.5 volts, and there’s no capacity specified.

Duracell Optimum batteries are very durable and can be used wherever and whenever you want. These batteries work definitely with everything! Cameras, in general, work super fine, and when these batteries are used you can take more than 300 photos in just a single-use.

Best Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries

1. Tenergy Premium

Tenergy Premium

Tenergy batteries are very strong and commonly used batteries. They work more than amazing with trail cameras.

These batteries come in a pack too, and there are included 12 units in a pack. What is special about these batteries is that you can also choose the pack, that includes full 120 batteries. They are durable as well and can be used whenever you want.

The volts that these batteries work is 1.2 volts, which is lower than the alkaline batteries mentioned above but still, they work pretty fine. The capacity of these batteries is 2500 mAh.

Being Ni-Mh, these batteries are fully rechargeable and Tenergy says that a rechargeable battery is like using a single-use battery 1200 times.

These batteries are used with many different things, but they are created mostly for cameras. They work with any camera that may come to your mind.

2. Duracell Rechargeable AA

Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries

Here are some other batteries that come again from Duracell but with a huge difference from the ones mentioned above.

Now, this pack that I chose, is a bit smaller than all the ones that I mentioned above. They come only 4 in a pack. However, they are durable enough to be used in the most extreme conditions.

They are again batteries that work at 1.2 volts, but they have a capacity of 2500 mAh, just as the ones already mentioned. They are fully rechargeable too, and there is a fact that they can be recharged more than 400 times.

Use and trust these batteries with whatever device you want! They work perfectly with anything that you may want to. When it comes to trail cameras, these batteries do the job in the most perfect way possible.

Best Lithium-Ion Batteries

1. TENAVOLTS AA Batteries


Nothing is better than lithium batteries for trail cameras. Well, here are the first ones, the amazing Tenavolts batteries. A specialty that shouldn’t be left unmentioned is that these batteries come with their own charger since they are fully rechargeable.

On a pack, there are four batteries that have an AA size. The voltage that they work at is 1.5 volts and the capacity is 2775 mWh. Being rechargeable, these batteries are ready to be used after 1 hour and a half.

They can be used in different temperatures, from 0° to 40°C. Considering the fact that trail cameras are used outdoors, they are the greatest ones that can be used.

Besides trail cameras, these batteries can be used with many other different things. Remotes, game consoles, and also they can be used in digital cameras of any kind.

2. Duracell CR123A 3V

Duracell CR123A 3V

Well, I cannot really go on without mentioning a Duracell Lithium battery. They are truly amazing. These batteries work amazingly with different types of devices, and that’s especially cameras and camera accessories in general.

These batteries have amazing durability when it comes to usage in general. It is a fact that they can last for up to 10 years. They are ready to be used whenever you need them. They come in a pack as well, with six batteries, but also you can choose between two, four, and twelve.

The voltage that these ones work at is 3 volts, higher than all of the batteries that I mentioned above in this article. The capacity is 1500 mAh.


Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Batteries for Trail Cameras – Buying Guide

Choosing the best batteries for trail cameras isn’t the easiest thing to do in the whole world. In order to make it easier, I chose some important things that you should consider before purchasing them.


The voltage of a battery is basically the amount of electrical potential that a battery holds. The battery voltage is measured in volts.

In other words, the battery voltage is the pressure that makes the battery bring power to your device. Well, in this case to a camera.


The capacity of a battery is the full charge that is stored by the battery. You may have noticed in different batteries some letters, for example:

  • Wh – watt-hours 
  • kWh – kilowatt-hours 
  • Ah or amp H – ampere-hours (mAh – Milliampere Hour)

The most commonly used measurement in most camera batteries is ampere-hours. It defines and tells the number of hours that a battery can perform. 


Another important thing is the durability of the battery that you are about to buy! Well, nothing says durability more than withstanding the weather conditions that you may find yourself in while using your trail camera.

Since trail cameras are basically designed for the outdoors, you never know in which weather condition it will take pictures or record. That way, you should choose and use batteries that are more durable.


A battery is something that can stop working faster than the device that you are using it with. Being like that you shouldn’t spend too much money on them.

Anyways, if you want a great one that can withstand especially weather conditions you should know that they can be more expensive.

Important Information About the Types of Batteries

As you can notice, the batteries that I mentioned above are all divided into some sections and are of different types. But what are those types and what are the differences between them? Let’s see!

What are Alkaline Batteries?

Alkaline batteries are some fully disposable and commonly used batteries. That means that these types of batteries are used only once, and they are not rechargeable.

If you choose to recharge alkaline batteries, you should know that it is a bit dangerous.

What are Ni-MH Batteries?

Ni-MH means Nickel Metal Hybride. The name basically tells what these batteries include within. They are fully rechargeable and they are mostly used in digital cameras and trail cameras as well.

What are Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Lithium-Ion batteries are the most famous batteries that you can find on different devices. Especially in cameras in general. They are fully rechargeable.

Are Batteries Safe?

Safety is always one of the most important things that any person should look for. Well, we’ve heard a lot of accidents that have happened because of the batteries.

Anyways, alkaline batteries and Ni-MH batteries are safe to be used. When it comes to the lithium-ion ones, even though the most used ones if they aren’t used properly can catch fire.

Battery Sizes

When choosing batteries or when researching about batteries you will always notice some letters for example AA, AAA, and also YYYY. What are exactly those measurements? Let me tell you the exact measurements of these confusing letters!


AA batteries measure 14.5 mm x 48.0 mm and they weigh 26 g.


AAA batteries measure 10.5 mm x 45.0 mm and they weigh 13 g.


YYYY batteries measure 8.4 mm x 40.5 mm and they weigh 6.5 g.


F batteries measure 33.0 mm x 71.0 mm and they weigh 230 g.


D batteries measure 32.0 mm x 61.0 mm and they weigh 140 g.


C batteries measure 25.5 mm x 50.0 mm and they weigh 72 g.

Based on the measurements you can clearly see that the smallest and the lightest in weight are the YYYY batteries and the biggest ones are F batteries. However, you should know that the most commonly used ones are AA and AAA batteries.

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this long article! I’ve added many different informational sections so that you can have a better idea of what you are dealing with.

As mentioned above, batteries are a necessity for trail cameras, but they need to own some features. However, you should know that all the batteries that are listed work more than fine with your trail cameras.

I really hope that this article will help you choose the best batteries for trail cameras!

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