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Why is Your Camera Blurry on Zoom and How to Prevent It

If you are wondering, why is your camera blurry on zoom?

Then you came to the right place, we will elaborate that why and some tips that will help on fixing the camera.

The Main Reason Why is Your Camera Blurry on Zoom Meetings:

The quality of a video call on zoom can make a huge difference, a poor quality video not is only frustrating to you, but the opposite too. It will limit productivity and will downgrade your professionalism.

Poor Lighting is the main factor that gives us blurry content. If there is not enough light to go through the sensor, the sensors will try to compensate automatically on the exposure settings, which results in a blurry quality. What’s worse the video noise will also pop up and make the quality look grainy.

Below you will be greeted by some tips to avoid grain and blurriness.

3 Ways To Prevent the Blurry Webcam

Outdoor and Natural light

Being outdoor is the best solution to get good camera quality, it doesn’t cost anything since the sunlight naturally supplies the lightning your camera needs.

If you can take your zoom call outside that is even better, not only you will have a cool and aesthetically pleasing background, your camera will consume more natural light.

Sadly, for the night there’s no solution and you might struggle unless you have a LED light to contribute.

So basically, as I mentioned above, the zoom video is blurry due to lack of lightning, your camera needs a light source to provide the best quality.

Using an extra LED

If you lack windows in the room that you are using as a workspace, or not enough light in general, the best way to provide light for your camera would be an extra LED light. 

For example, a Ring LED light or any device that includes a LED light, will emit enough light to your camera so the quality doesn’t go blurry or grainy.

Clean Your Camera Lens

Another main reason besides lighting, that makes your camera blurry is the dirt on the lens. 

We all know that small objects like cameras are quite prone to dust.

You can use different things to clean your lens, there are tools made for cleaning your lens, or just use a cloth or whatever you have nearby and you should be fine.

A simple clean might save you a lot in return. 

Wrap Up:

Cheap webcams or cheap cameras, in general, produce bad-quality footage. 

And the main reason is the small-sized image sensor that can’t collect enough light.

So if you have bad quality and cheap camera, even with enough light you won’t get wow performances out of it.

The only solution is to invest in a good camera or just accept your current quality and move on. 

If Zoom meeting is a thing that you do daily, I would highly advise on spending on a high-end camera because cheap ones will cost more in the long run.

If you happen to have a Nikon camera around, I wrote an article on how to use your Nikon camera as a webcam.